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StressNon - Liquid Pregnenolone

  1. As a "reset" for metabolism I will use stressnon. As per Haidut results should manifest in abou 2 weeks; can I add 6 keto prog for added benefits or is that too much and just wait until the two week reset is over then add 6 keto prog?
  2. I would use StressNon on its own for a week or so just to separate their effects but adding 6-keto should not hurt.
  3. I found I need to take multiple doses a day for constant stress reduction. About 30mg works for me. The same goes with 6 keto p4. Can they be taken all at once or should I continue with multiple dosing?
  4. Tjey are quite similar. Should I worry about the anti gonadotropic effects of pregnenolone at a 30mg/day topical dose?
  5. I don't think pregnenolone has antigonadotropin effects. That is why it used for a "reset" after steroid abuse - i.e. because it does not suppress endogenous synthesis. HUman studies showed no suppression even from 500mg daily doses but I find lower doses in the 30mg-50mg daily range to work best for optimizing steroids.
  6. 30-50mg topical as in stressnon or an oral pill? Must have mixed the anti gonadotropic effects of progesterone for pregnenolone.
  7. I meant as an oral pill. With StressNon, probably even 5mg-10mg are enough.
  8. Wow! I've been taking stressnon at 30mg a day. Do you think I should lower the dose?
  9. I'm doing the same^^^
  10. No need if you experience good effects. Some people need higher dose to get the full benefit. You can try lowering the dose by 5mg every day and find out what is the lowest dose that gives you the same benefits.
  11. I am experimenting with Stress-non for the 2nd month now. Previously, I took HealthNatura pregnenolone up to 3g a day, and didn't notice anything beneficial from it. Last month I tried the StressNon with camphor, and I was so impressed. I rubbed it on my skin, and noticed an anti-stress anti-depressive effect right away. With other substances from IdeaLabs that were meant to be antidepressive (androsterone, 5a-dhp, diamant), I could only experience this effect the first time I used it. Not sure what this is related to, but my body just stopped responding to it in a positive way. With Stress-non, I had this experience each time. It was especially noticeable at night, when I was waking up because of stress. 20-40mg stress-non and I enjoyed the bliss, was falling asleep right away. It was especially noticeable when I was also taking progesterone. The new version has FEMA, and I don't have the same experience with it. I can see that there is no residue on the bottle, which proves pregnenolone indeed dissolves better in it, but it doesn't hit my brain the same way the camphor version did.

    Also, initially when I tried Stress-non, my body released so much water, I didn't even realize I was that swollen. I always thought it was fat, which I have plenty, but suddenly I was able to feel each muscle with my fingers. My masseuse said it was finally easy to find all the trigger points, and whatever I was doing, I should keep doing it. My skin is better, and along with gonadin, this came to be my favorite supplement. Thanks, haidut!
  12. nice feedback....
  13. Can you share, have you only used this topically?
  14. Yes, so far just topically on the chest, neck and face mostly. It is more effective for skin plumpness compared to great scincare products I'm using.
  15. Do you not get the same water releasing effect with the new formula, or was that just with the Stressnon in camphor?
  16. Appreciate the feedback—thank you. I’ve used it recently, orally, with pretty good destress and energy results. To compare, I may try it topically.
  17. Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!
  18. Hey @haidut , I am pretty disappointed in my recent purchase of this product. I ordered two bottles and when they arrived they both sounded crunchy when I shook them, so I poured one of them out into a shot glass and it seems as though the Pregnenolone is completely crystallized out of solution.



    Also, the smell of the solvent is nauseating, it smells like super glue. You should update your product description page to show that it contains FEMA, so people actually know what they are buying/wasting their money on.
  19. @haidut What pathway will prefer to go if apply Stressnon on testicles?
  20. Bro, literally all you have to do is let the bottle sit in luke warm water for several minutes and it's good to go.
  21. Thanks for letting us know, and apologies for any inconvenience. Not all of the pregnenolone has crystalized out of the solution. If it did, the glass would be 1/3 full. The crystalization is rare and usually only happens in the winter when the packages get prolong exposure to cold. But I can send you a replacement bottle if you want. Send me a PM with your last order number.
    The FEMA 2415 really helps transdermal absorption so that's why we added it, not to just have another annoying solvent. The website and label are updated but I will change the shopping cart as well to show the solvent so people do not get confused.
  22. A few days ago i started stressnon on top of 8.75 mg pansterone.
    I only do 3 drops (5.1 mg pregnenolone).
    The effect is so significant. I have such a marginal boost in ambition and excitement. Im sometimes thinking that i am raising my dopamine too much.
    Anyway phenomenal masterpiece @haidut . And very cheap too.
    I might try doubling the preg; but i will do so later.
    P.s. my stored fat in the love handles is melting away. Theres some real stuff happening with a bit of steroids. Life is just better.
  23. "I have such a marginal boost in ambition and excitement."
    Huh? Don't understand this sentence...sorry.
  24. Awesome, thanks for sharing!
  25. Observation:
    After 5mg of stressnon, I feel calm and driven.

    After 5mg of pansterone, I feel more aggressive and driven.

    Tbh, i believe i like stressnon more. I am wondering which one has more androgenic potential; in terms of male strength, erections etc.
    I might do an experiment with pregnenolone only. And play with the dosage up to 15-20 mg.
  26. Understood, thanks for sharing. If you do any blood tests before/after please report how they changed.
  27. @haidut if preg converts to dhea as well, does that make pansterone somewhat reduntant? I use them both now; but wondering what if i did around 12-15 mg of preg per day? Without dhea.
    Taking just stressnon, without pansterone or androsterone make my sleep better than ever, great mood, insane libido, and a slight fat gain.
    If i take some drops of pansterone on top of stressnon, i stay leaner.
  29. Thanks for sharing. Could you please confirm that you’re still using this topically on your wrists? Also, morning, night, or both?
  30. Wrists at 6pm and 3am..i sleep twice a day)
  31. In many people, and especially with advancing age, pregnenolone does not convert much into DHEA. The human trials with 500mg pregnenolone daily found either no or only a small increase in DHEA-S, and big increases in steroids from the progesterone pathway - allopregnanolone, 5a-DHP, progesterone, etc.
    So, a small amount of DHEA seems to help a lot. That's why even Peat recommends small doses DHEA while in the past he was recommending pregnenolone-only, especially for males.
  32. :chaplin
  33. There’s also the Aldosterone inhibition from Pregnenalone right ?
  34. Pregnenolone blocks aldosterone receptors (MR), but I don't thin it inhibits aldosterone synthesis.
  35. @haidut thank you for your inputs. I read in some thread u saying that u believe pregnenolone has higher potential of raising T than dhea. Do u still believe that?
  36. There used to be several reports online of people showing blood tests with very high T from using pregnenolone + AI, and it was much higher than when using an AI alone. DHEA, when used in lower doses, favors the DHT pathway as shown by many human studies measuring metabolites down both the T and DHT pathways. A combination of pregnenolone/DHEA probably offers the best of both worlds for people not willing to mess with AI or other pharma chemicals.
  37. It probably wont matter if Pregnenolone and the AI are taken at the same time , given the long half lifes of Pregnenolone and sth. like Exemestane ?
  38. Probably yes. Exemestane has a half life of 24h and a suicidal inhibitor. So, after a few days of taking estrogen levels will come down and then it won't matter exactly when the pregnenolone is taken during the day.
  39. Thanks! Thats what I thought.
  40. How much pregnenolone? Isn't pregnenolone already an AI? Wasn't it shown that pregnenolone mostly increased just pregnenolone and progesterone? Or does resulting testosterone get converted to estrogen and cleared out? But then again isn't pregnenolone already an AI preventing such conversions? Would a "natural" AI work as well? That is, would serum estradiol be primarily/all that matters or are there other effects?
  41. I think they used 50mg-100mg daily together with an AI. Not sure why they got better effects by combining with an AI. Maybe estrogen needs to be suppressed beyound a certain level in order to allow the gonads to use the pregnenolone for T synthesis. There has been no comparison so far between pregnenolone and an AI in terms of aromatase inhibition potency.
  42. Is this still in sfa esters and alcohol ? Only about 50% of it dissolves.
  43. Yes, it still uses those solvents and it also has some ethyl aceatoacetate. What do you mean by only 50% of it dissolves?
  44. there is powder left in the bottle that is not dissolved
  45. How much, and how did you come up with the 50% estimate?
  46. Would you say that 1mg topical is still equivalent in effect to 10mg oral in the current solvent?
  47. Hi @haidut got a quick question here. Want to give stressnon to my mother (50) and sister (22). Purpose is wellbeing; coping with hypothyroidism and not so good of a diet.
    Is this a good supp to offer given they would take 1-2 drops daily? Or is this dangerous to give in the absence of bloodwork?
  48. Pregnenolone is probably the most benign of steroids to try. I would try 5mg-10mg daily and see how they feel. It would be great if they can do some blood work because I think something CortiNon could be much better for your mom if her doctor agrees. Given your sister's young age I would stick to pregnenolone for her unless the blood tests show some deficiency that progesterone or progesterone/DHEA can correct.
  49. If a make has essentially no progesterone when tested, would he benefit from pregnenolone? As an added extra this person is also on testosterone replacement. Social anxiety is also a symptom. Thanks!
  50. Presumable yes, because the only known way to synthesize progesterone is from pregenenolone as a direct precursor. Also, pregennolone may potentiate the effects of T and maybe limit risk of suppression, as described in a study in the main Pansterone post.
  51. I've started using pregnenolone (specifically this product) in an attempt to lower inflammatory markers, specifically IL-6 and tumour necrosis factor, which correlate negatively with levels of noradrenaline transporter. Low levels seems to be a problem in POTS, which features orthostatic tachycardia and also often palpitations. After having success with a regime of progesterone and niacinamide, I wanted to see if there could be any further improvement with pregnenolone. I took three drops, each spread out about 12 hours apart from one another. A few hours after the third drop, I had a strange sensation in my heart. It felt like it was beating oddly, palpitation-like but nothing I had yet experienced (it wasn't accompanied by the feelings in my nerves that I usually get when I have a palpitation). It last for maybe five or ten seconds and dissipated. I haven't use Stressnon since, and haven't had a recurrence of this phenomenon. I'm concerned it was an arrhythmia.

    I'm reading online that people with tachycardia or other heart problems shouldn't take pregnenonlone, because it can cause palpitations and arrhythmia. Are these claims unfounded? Is there anything I can do to avoid those side effects? Why might they be happening? Is there a safe alternative for lowering levels of inflammation?
  52. Is this the same as bio identical progesterone cream that Dr Platt advocates tolower adrenaline? Does this also low adrenaline? My recent sailiva hormone test indicated I actually have slightly elevated progesterone
  53. No, it is not. As the product label and thread indicates, this is pregnenolone - a precursor of progesterone. While their effects somewhat overlap, it is not at all the same steroid.
  54. Why are there crystals at the bottom of the bottle ?

    Healthnatura pregnenolone powder dissolves 100% in pure rubbing alcohol.