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StressNon - Liquid Pregnenolone

  1. Any idea on what the ptoentiation effect of steroids in dmso is? I take 6 drops of stressnon and feel a pretty strong effect from it... feels more like 50mg orally
  2. I think doing 10 drops twice daily would be a good split. I actually find topical pregnenolone on its own, even without any added DHEA/androsterone, still makes my muscles hard so it seems to be converting into something potent in the skin.
  3. Cool, thanks. I have seen some posts suggesting that it can potentially effect sleep, when taken close to bed time. In that case, I would probably opt for breakfast and lunch as good dosing times.
  4. Haidut - Is there a MCT version of just your pregnenolone, the Stressnon? I don't get the option of choice when I click it, like I do with things such as Pansterone.

    Edit: I saw your posts on the last page discussing this. I take it there was not enough demand for it?
  5. No, we don't have it currently. Also, Ray told people in recent emails that around 100mg DMSO is not likely to hurt anybody, and using the entire 12 drop dose StressNon provides about 200mg DMSO so not far off that mark. In other words, there is probably no reason to worry about the tiny amount of DMSO in the new version of our supplements so there is not much need to add options especially considering they do not sell as well as the DMSO ones.
  6. @haidut,
    I received some of your stressnon about 2 weeks ago. This is the first time I've used pregnenolone so I don't have anything to compare your product to. I will say that it is fast-acting though. The first few times I tried it I was rubbing 3 drops total onto my arms and within 1-2 minutes I was feeling a "buzz". For this reason I enjoy using it in the evening to help me relax. The first few days it seemed to give me really vivid dreams and deeper sleep. I've used it everyday since I received it and it does seem as though I'm having to increase the dose to get the same effect, but it's probably too soon to tell and it may depend on other factors. I tend to be anxious most of my waking hours so this has been interesting to experiment with.

    Also, I've never experienced a product with DMSO in it either and wasn't sure what to expect. I've been pleasantly surprised. I haven't noticed any odor or skin reaction.
  7. Thanks for the great feedback!
    Peat recently said that the liver gets very efficient at metabolizing steroids when they are used every day so cycling may help restore efficacy, or maybe using every other day instead of every day. I know that when I use a single dose Pansterone I can use every day without diminishing effects. If I use the full daily dose (single dose x 3) then I have to take a break every few weeks to restore effectiveness. Using every 2 days also helps even if I use the full daily dose.
  8. I used 1 drop stressnon orally (ethanol % seems to be a lto higehr ) , 1 drop pansterone on scrotum (new solvent too) and experienced some nausea. Could the SFA have an effect on lowering BP with such low doses? I had not tried oral pregnenolone before.
  9. More likely to be the steroids than the SFA ester. Both pregnenolone and DHEA can raise insulin and lower blood sugar. Man, I really with we had these non-invasive glucose monitors available for buying. It could have removed a lot of doubts about whether something is hypoglycemia or not.
  10. Ok, I did it again (once) without experiencing nausea so go figure.
  11. Anyone know if stressnon is now the sfa esters version instead of DMSO? @haidut
  12. The bottle I got a week or two ago is labeled as having SFA esters.
    When I ordered it, I didn't know which version I would get; but, after piecing together posts from hither and yon, I was reasonably certain it'd be the SFA version.
  13. It is.
  14. I applied topically 4 drops just about 3 hours ago. I took my blood pressure, pulse, and my temps. Temps went down from 36.2 to 35.9 C. Blood pressure from 200/117 to 186/115. Pulse from 76 to 70. I feel a little different also, not sure what to make of it. It feels like a bit of pounding going on, but it's not my heart rate. Maybe a slight beat light-headed?

    @haidut, what do you think is happening?
  15. A day after, my temperature has gone up to 36.6C at the armpits, which should be 37.1C if taken orally. Pulse has increased to 82. So it seems that the 4 drops of StressNon was making my body go thru an initial adjustment before kicking into high gear. However, I woke up today to a lower low of 35.5C, but during the day my temperature steadily increased.

    I'm going to apply 4 drops of StressNon again. It's 6 pm now. I'll take temps again at 8 pm. And before bedtime. And whenever I wake up at night, and note the time as well. And when I wake up tomorrow. Before breakfast and after breakfast. And during the day tomorrow. Temp and pulse.

    I wasn't able to take my before and after breakfast temp and pulse today because a piece of cookie got in the way. So I wasn't able to tell if I was running on cortisol while asleep.
  16. The high blood pressure before points to adrenaline/cortisol being high, so StressNon lowered them (which is good). Similar things happen with food in stressed people - i.e. eating can lower pulse and temps. Based on your second post things seem to be now improving metaboically, which is what I would expect after the initial period of "de-stressing" caused by StressNon. So, I guess good effects overall??
  17. There could just be something else going on affecting my response to StressNon. After a second day of the same 4 drops of StressNon, I was hoping to see better results, in terms of higher metabolism with higher temperature, at the very least. I didn't get higher temperatures. Yesterday, at 6pm, I got 36.6C, whih was a high I seldom get at the armpits, but today I only got 36.1C, which was lower than I would usually get at around 36.3C. I also took my waking temperature, and it also went down to 35.5C, where I normally would get 36.1C.

    Here's my temp and pulse from 6pm yesterday to 6 pm today:

    6 pm 36.6/82
    10pm 35.5/67
    2am 34.8/61 (slept at 11 and woke up to pee)
    5am 35.2/76 (woke up to pee)
    7am 35.7/59 (waking temp)
    2pm 36.3/88
    6pm 36.2/71

    This is the first time I took temp and pulse reading during sleeping hours, so I don't know really what to make of it.

    I don't know why my waking temperature would go down, but I'm certain that it's not because of cortisol. My before breakfast temp and pulse were 35.7C and 70 bpm, and after breakfast was 36.1 and 77 bpm.

    I have on hand Progestene and Tyromix. I had used Progestene and a dab would already make my metabolism go up with increased temperature amd more focus and endurance with thinking. As far as Tyromix goes, I'm hesistant on using it because I'm not hypothyroid (from TSH/T3/T4, and verified also by the Achilles tendon reflex test and ECG QT wave, and waking temperature).

    Would a combination of these be worth trying? I'm just tweaking my metabolism, otherwise I feel fine.
  18. I think combining Progestene and StressNon would not hurt. It seems to give people more endurance but without the sleepiness pure progesterone tends to induce.
  19. Thanks haidut. I'll try that combo!
  20. What is the point of changing the formulation to SFA esters if the selling point is supposed to be the 10× potentiation with DMSO? Makes the product much more expensive than basically every other pregnenelone available. I'm sure it's high quality, but it just doesn't make sense.
  21. It makes a lot of sense, there have been a lot of discussions and reports of side effects with dmso and haidut decided to change it, although he may bring it back as an option.
  22. @haidut I am really concerned about how to dose this, especially since I'm pretty stressed and there seems to be no reviews of the SFA esters version of this supplement.
    I do not want to be overloaded with allopreg, since this causes some pretty horrific side effects for me. In order to achieve the optimal dose for androgens synthesis, it looks like I would need about 30 mg, but Im not sure if I should take this all at once, throughout the day, topically or orally. I know it's all individual, I just don't want to make myself worse. Is there any potentiation with the SFA esters version of this product?
  23. The selling point for DMSO was not only the 10x potentiation. It was also the almost 100% absorption effectiveness through the skin. That latter effect should still be present with the SFA/ethanol formulation. And we don't know if there is no potentiation, studies on this are being done right now. It might turn out there is.
  24. The absorption through the skin is close to 100% and the studies I have seen were with progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA. So, pregnenolone should be pretty much the same. There are some studies being done right now about whether these SFA esters potentiate steroid effects but until they are done I cannot say either way except that it certainly it does NOT decrease steroid effectiveness as some solvents like propylene glycol are known to do.
  25. If the SFA esters are 60% as effective as DMSO when used topically according to your estimation, then could we conceivably achieve blood concentrations equivalent of 100mg pregnenelone when using the SFA esters version of this product? How likely is that to happen? And would it be possible for you to do blood tests to confirm it?
  26. The estimate of 60%-70% effectiveness is for functional effectiveness based on subjective evaluation when comparing the effects of both versions (DMSO and SFA). As I said before, the absorption should be equal, so blood concentrations should be the same. DMSO seems to somehow potentiate steroid effects inside the cell and whether the SFA ester does the same is not yet known.
  27. So Just to confirm for the sake of simplicity, would you still expect 20mg (12 drops of Stessnon) to achieve 200mg concentration in the blood?
  28. No, I would expect 20mg topical StressNon to achieve the same concentration as 200mg oral pregnenolone. The better absorption and higher equivalence discussed in the past was in regards to oral steroids, at least that was the case with pregnenolone.
  29. Yes, sorry, I meant to say topical. So the SFA esters version and the DMSO version can both achieve the same concentration when used topically. My mistake, I thought the 10x potentiation referred specifically to topical use, not the other way around.
  30. Yes, the studies show a mixture of SFA ester + ethanol to match the DMSO/ethanol for topical absorption effectiveness.
  31. In that case, I apologize for my initial criticism regarding the change in formulation. I misunderstood.
    I did try the full dose in divided doses topically over a period of a couple hours the other night. I have been suffering from insomnia lately. I did notice some good, interesting feelings, kind of a feeling of "fullness" and 3 dimensionality reminiscent of when I was healthy. When I finally crashed, I slept 9 hours. I will continue to experiment with it.
    Do you think some of the depersonalization and mania that people report with other pregnenelone products is a result of the estrogenic impurities that Peat talks about? Some people have reported borderline psychotic reactions, and that's what scared me away from trying preg at first.
  32. The depersonalization could be from conversion into progesterone/allopregnanolone. Never seen any reports on pregnenolone causing mania. Do you have some links?
  33. Not sure about mania specifically. Probably the wrong word to use. But words like "psychotic" and the depersonalization are what some others on this forum have described. In fact, if you search for pregnenelone, most people seem to have an overwhelmingly negative reaction to it, which is what led me to believe Peat was using a different product altogether when he was taking grams of the stuff years ago.
  34. Very powerful compared to oral, notice effects rather immediately.

    Working outside mowing grass am sometimes fatigued and can barely function due to metabolism being low as well. Sometimes very weak feeling when trying to move mower boxes full of grass etc.

    However when taking one drop pregnenolone topical, I notice a feeling of strength, and almost like muscle hardness, pretty interesting, as I am usually on autopilot at work and just going through the motions, I will notice that this feeling wasn't there before.

    Brain activity soars on pregnenolone as well as androsterone and I love this, I notice all I want to do is expand my mind by watching lectures or learning something new, I just want to devour knowledge.

    One drop usually does the trick for my system and have to space out between days as too much can cause palms to get sweaty and also stress like reaction. My pregnenolone was also a little high on previous tests.

    I also can become very animated on this substance and full of life :D.

    Sleep quality increases and becomes much deeper and refreshing.
  35. Awesome, thanks for sharing! In lower doses pregnenolone probably goes down the DHEA route quite a bit so it seems to have androgenic effects, which explains the muscle hardness. But this is the first time I am hearing about such great effects from even 1 drop topically! Great news all around!
  36. Where do you apply the one drop topically? wrists, neck, feet etc.,
  37. Anyone know likelihood of sublingual Pregnenalone conversions ? Never tried topical, but I pour open capsule under my tongue.
  38. I heard sublingual is similar to topical but not sure. What do you feel when you do that? Do you get anxiety?
  39. Well, I've recently began introducing Pregnenalone again. Initially, off the bat, I'd take 10mg oral. It created too much stress feelings/headaches, only used for 3 days. So started slowly in applesauce, then under tongue. Got nice calm but alert feelings, voice deepening, no anxiety.
  40. Also extremely horny, it must be converting to DHEA since the voice got deeper right away. Skin gets thicker/oilier. No headaches as I take it with sugar
  41. Nice! Maybe the route is the most important factor in the downstream hormone conversion from pregnenolone. I will try to give pregnenolone another go.
  42. Don't they also claim micronized vs non-micronized effects conversion? Or is that really not as important as route ?
  43. I was taking MRM pregnenolone for a long time and on the bottle it says micronized. That's all I know about these words and pregnenolone :)
  44. How'd you like the MRM ? I'm taking the Pure Encapsulations 10 mg capsules
  45. MRM was nice in opposing estrogen when I was experimenting with GNC DHEA capsules. It helped me when I ate food that increases serotonin. It helped me sleep better and made my mood good.. The problem with it was the too much conversion to progesterone even at low doses. When days pass with taking MRM pregnenolone frequently, I find myself lose sensation down there and sex doesn't enter my mind. Also, I think I gained weight from it although that could be from overeating and taking many supplements with questionable ingredients at the same time. But it was a good supplement overall. It contained rice flour at the time, and I think they have changed their formula now by adding microcrystalline.
  46. Right on my main vein above opposite of elbow, think its called the medial cubital vein
  47. Picked up Douglas Labs 5mg Pregnenalone sublingual tabs while in FL. Unfortunately, the giant bottle of Pure Encapsulations 10mg capsules I left in NY. I’d like to report any differences noticed with each. Took 1 yesterday and noticed nothing. This isn’t a bad thing though. Also not proof that it isn’t doing anything. Usually 5 mg oral of the Pure Encapsulations product yields effects though. We shall see.
  48. Is this effects from oral or topical? How often are you taking and how much?
  49. So I’ve never used topical. I’ve used oral 5mg -10 mg of the Pure Encapsulations brand. More often than not, got DHEA voice deepening effects. I’ve taken DHEA years ago, so I kind of see similarities.

    Started the Douglas Labs 5mg, They’re sublingual tablets, but I’m swallowing them whole. I took 10 mg today and get really relaxed from it. I’m going to use it under the tongue and see how different the effects are.

    I think both of these brands are from reputable manufacturers, and high quality. Still can’t say how they differ in effect at the same dosages, orally. I think I need more time to elapse with this experimentation.

    I’ll keep posting here, but I’m glad to report toleration to these doses without headaches or anxiety. I remember when I tried Pregnenalone for three days when I first began, and got so discouraged from the stimulating effects.
  50. Yeah, took the 10mg today and wanted to go to bed. This has to be a progesterone Effect right ? It’s funny too, I had very low cigarette intake. Also seems like I don’t care to drink much alcohol either.
  51. Okay, I feel out of my mind on this Pregnenalone stuff. Took 10 mg today, under the tongue, and 5 at dinner orally. There must be a cumulative effect, began 5 days ago. Never exceeded 15 mg in any route. I’m super anxious now, it’s intense. Only had 3 cups of coffee, but 100 cups of that don’t have as profound an effect as this stuff. I’m circling my room, too listless, almost feels like akathisia from SSRI. Never again, I keep looking for a different result from the same behavior, I deserve it. Foolish and idiotic.
  52. Stop using it then.. Pregnenolone alone makes me lose interest in almost everything..
  53. what causes this response ??

    I can no longer tolerate DHEA and need just pregnenolone
  54. The low doses cause anxiety due to the NMDA agonism. Ray Peat said that most of pregnenolone's benefits are due to the progesterone conversion, which happens more significantly at higher doses. I do not understand why people are taking <50mg and expecting it to do anything therapeutic. It has NO calming effect on the HPA in low doses.
    In my experience, pregnenolone is difficult to dose. I now use low dose progesterone only. I think it may always be best to use pregnenolone and low dose progesterone together.
  55. The dosing of pregnenolone has been very conflicting on here. There were many posts from @haidut and others who spoke of the problematic feminizing side effects that can come from too much preg. I think like anything else, context and the individual is everything.
  56. The human trials with pregnenolone on depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and even autism found benefit only from doses in the 30mg - 50mg range. Actually, another schizophrenia study found benefit from 500mg daily dose as well, but most found benefit from lower doses and no benefit (and no harm either) from the 200mg+ doses.
  57. I think pregnenolone in low doses like what I was taking makes me lose my fun personality around friends and family. I don't know personally why it's doing that but @Dhair brought a good point. It's almost like I become a different person, anxious and tired at the same time and I don't like that. I like the effects of DHEA and progesterone much better. Even though I like progesterone almost too much, I make sure not to overdose it (around 10mg a day). When I come from work stressed mentally from looking at two big screens 8+ hours, I take extra of it.
  58. Hi there, that was earlier experiences with Pregnenalone. It no longer does that, now it just makes me blah. So + 1 to your quote. Five to twenty milligrams will elicit utter numbness. There’s no great memory or cognitive enhancement effect like some websites market it. I’ve never dosed it at 40-100, so cant say what that’s like. I’ve never used it with Dhea either. I suspect 5 mg dhea with a little Progesterone May be better
  59. What are the effects you feel from progesterone? I have heard so many reports on here of it being feminizing. @haidut interested in your experience as well.
  60. I don't take it alone; I usually take it with DHEA. Plus, I make sure I don't take too much per dose (3 - 5mg). I think those two things help reduce its feminizing effects. In fact, haidut posted a study that low doses of progesterone might be androgenic.

    When I take it, I see very bright colors and I get clear and peaceful mind. I smile and interact with people socially with ease and I like to go out and do some activities. I become super cooperative at work because I can handle the extra stress from the additional work. Overall, I think of it as a superb stress reduction tool.
  61. What I like about progesterone is that it gives consistent results, while pregnenolone gives random results due to going different paths down the steroid chain. But still I think it can be feminizing if taken in large doses for subsequent days.
  62. I can’t disagree if you paid me
  63. Straight DHEA has different mental effects I’d assume than Pregnenalone’s girly ones ? The Progesterone with DHEA would simply counter anxiety ?
  64. I have seen Ray's recommendation being consistently in the 100-150mg range, with some exceptions. I know that the lower doses have been proven to be more androgenic, but the unbearable anxiousness that so many people describe is always from the low doses, and I think that is because of the NMDA agonism and the lack of progesterone conversion. People are also using low quality brands. From Healthnatura: "Beware of cheap pregnenolone. Cheap pregnenolone is often pregnenolone acetate and companies are not required to disclose that."
    I haven't really seen you comment on why pregnenolone is so hit or miss with so many people. I would actually like to see you make a post on what you think the ultimate HPA dysfunction "cure" might be for people who can't handle pregnenolone, and if thyroid is required to fix it. I'm assuming cortisol would have to be as low as possible, and then thyroid should be adjusted accordingly.
  65. It would be interesting to hear about people' results from higher doses (for those who did not enjoy the low doses). I posted a study (on the "progesterone is androgenic thread") which suggested 5-ar activity was actually what protected against the anti androgenic effect of progesterone, so that may be one thing to consider when supplementing progesterone.
  66. Personally I've used a few different brands of pregnenolone. The key for myself is using a bio identical brand as opposed to synthetic; the first two I used (Swanson and source naturals) caused anxiety and left me feeling spaced out. Healthnatura pregnenolone is the one I used now. Took 150mg last night topically and orally and had zero stress reaction.
  67. I don't agree with the statement that pregnenolone sold by other vendors is usually pregnenolone acetate. They are considered different chemicals by the FDA and have different regulations. Pregnenolone acetate is allowed in cosmetic as a solution of up to 2% and has to be explicitly disclosed as being the acetate ester. Some vendors may put a label that says "each capsules contains 10mg pregnenolone" but then they have to list the actual "pregnenolone acetate" in the "other ingredients section". So, I am pretty sure it is illegal (in the US) to sell pregnenolone acetate labelled simply as pregnenolone. If the vendor is selling pregnenolone acetate they have to disclose that somewhere on the container.

    Pregnenolone is not a simple NMDA agonist. In fact, its effects on this receptor are not currently well known and at least one study shows mixed agonism/antagonism.
    Inhibition of the NMDA response by pregnenolone sulphate reveals subtype selective modulation of NMDA receptors by sulphated steroids

    Furthermore, it is pregnenolone sulfate (PS) that has the highest affinity for NMDA. Pregnenolone itself is possibly an antagonist, hence the rapid antidepressant effects in rodent studies (similar to ketamine - an NMDA antagonist)). In lower doses part of pregnenolone stays as pregnenolone and other parts get converted to downstream steroids like progesterone, DHEA and a number of pheromones which are only beginning to understand. Lower doses of pregnenolone are sedative in humans. There is an old study showing 1mg - 5mg pregnenolone dose improved sleep in stressed out people and most people on the forum using doses of 10mg or less reported sedative/calming effects. User/admin @charlie is one of them. The higher pregnenolone doses convert mostly into PS and as such should be much more stimulating. This is confirmed by using HED in the range of 50mg - 100mg to reverse benzodazepine sedation and HED around 1,000mg to reverse/block alcohol intoxication and addiction.
    So, the exact role and effects of pregnenolone are far from known but the human studies so far show that steroidogenic enzymes have a fixed capacity to process pregnenolone, so lower doses will likely act as a precursor to downstream steroids, while higher doses will be shuttled to the long-term storage form PS. As far as HPA, an in vitro study I posted on the forum shows that a 500nM/L concentration prevented glutamate toxicity in the brain and blocked translocation of the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) to the nucleus (which blocks cortisol's genomic effects). That concentrations is achievable with doses of way less than 100mg. Higher concentrations in that study did not have beneficial effect, so yet another study suggests there is a sweet spot for pregnenolone.
    Anyways, I am not saying I have all the answers but I am saying that low and high doses clearly have widely different effects.
  68. Could I have your permission to email Ray this quote from you? I know that everything you are saying is backed up by studies, I just want to see if he has anything to add to this. Given the research, pregnenolone seems to be a much more complicated substance than he would have us believe.
    Anyway, like I said before, this stuff has had a profound effect on how I experience the world. Colors brighter, and sometimes everything seems to become "hyperreal," which can be uncomfortable, but this effect is transient. Stressnon has such a powerful effect that I can feel this effects for days after taking just half a dose. If I take too much several days in a row, I tend to hold water and feel more bogged down, which is to be expected. My question to you is, would you take this as a sign that my brain/body needs more of this stuff and the neurosteroids it produces in order to start functioning normally again?
    Ray once said that in healthy young people pregnenolone will likely have no effect at all.
  69. wow this is powerful stuff when done topically on the wrist,

    It sends a very strange calm throughout my body, and has wonderful synergy with glycine.
  70. @haidut is there a way for someone like me to create their own topical pregnenolone at home for initial testing? I have a bunch of pure pregnenolone powder leftover and I'd like to try the topical route to see if I get better reactions. I have a very high proof alcohol but does it need a fat source too? Do you need to reach a certain temp to create a solution?
  71. @haidut I have asked this before, but is there a non DMSO stressnon available or planned? Thanks
  72. WHAT IS?
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  74. ............the pregnenolone
  75. Do you think pregnenolone in vitamin E could be applied to the gums like Progest-E?

    Also, do you know the maximal solubility in vitamin E, say the amount of pregnenolone powder that could be added to a bottle of TocoVit?
  76. Supposed to be highly insoluble in oil, from what I understand - Idea Labs sells the topical stuff, which you can put on your gums.
  77. Yes, if pregnenolone is dissolved in vitamin E it can be applied to the gums just like any other steroids. Pregnenolone is very hard to dissolve in anything except chloroform, and this is why we don't have bigger amounts per ml in our products.

    We are testing some solubility enhancing trick but those likely won't increase the solubility of pregnenolone more than say 50% (in ethanol or oil) so it may help avoid precipitation in our supplements but won't allow one to pack up as much pregnenolone in vitamin E as say progesterone in Progest-E. Progesterone is much more soluble than pregnenolone, regardless of the solvent.
  78. @haidut

    You've said that pregnenolone applied to the gonads can enhance steroidogenesis, but do you think topical StressNon (pregnenolone) applied to the temples, jaw, and penis would have a a similar effect as Pansterone (pregnenolone and DHEA)?

    Also I'll post this since it answered one of my questions:
    "You can raise steroid production to the point where the negative feedback mechanism kicks in. Apparently it can be triggered by either high estrogen (from DHEA conversion) or high androgens (again through conversion from pregnenolone or DHEA)."
  79. If the pregnenolone dose is low enough (under 10mg) I don't think you will end up synthesizing that much of the suppressive steroids. The pregnenolone itself seems to become suppressive when taken in higher doses. I don't know what the limit in vivo is but the in vitro sudies said 2 - 3 uM/L is the suppression cutoff.
  80. Thank you.

    Anecdotally, I've reported similar effects from ~2 mg topical pregnenolone from 1 mg DHEA + 1 mg pregnenolone topically, albeit not as noticeable. I'll try a larger amount.
  81. I wanted to ask you something. I recently bought 20grams of pregnenolone from healthnatura. I used up to about 500mg with no effect whatsoever. When I used your product topically, even 6 drops would be enough to give a noticeable and powerful effect. The only thing that I'm doing different now is using testosterone. Do you think the route of administration is important here? Obviously healthnatura has real pregnenolone; I am just completely shocked that I notice nothing from such a high dose orally.
  82. I think the route matter. A large dose could still be sequestered by the liver and very little of it could be making its way into the systemic circulation. I personally like pregnenolone and DHEA topicaly for that reason, unless there is a liver issue that can benefit from oral use.
  83. I think you have said before that preg can be used "on cycle" or with TRT to prevent testicular shutdown. If topical is much more effective than transdermal, then do you think 20mg of your product would suffice for this purpose compared to say 100mg orally ?
  84. Hi Blossom,
    I'm a real newby here and would like to buy some pregnenolone, and I'm at a loss as to which one, could you recommend one for me please.
    Also as I need to order some more progesterone would you go with RP progest E or Haidut's progestene? I can see that a few years have passed by since you posted the comments above and would love any input you may have experienced on the way.
    Thanks alot
  85. I think any dose in the 5mg - 50mg range should be good. Capping it at 30mg may work even better as it does not seem to inhibit 17,20-lyase and thus DHEA synthesis.
  86. Did these results continue for you?

    Do you still take it in this dose?
  87. my daytime fatigue has just disappeared and I don't know how or why

    it could be something else, such as red light, aspirin, caffeine, or progesterone or the vitamin d, but yes my chronic fatigue has somehow disappeared

    But at the moment I am much better , so something has worked
  88. Any point in splitting the dose?say half am half pm?or does it matter?
  89. I think it does not matter but for some people pregnenolne is stimulating so if the same effects happen for you then it is better to use it in one dose earlier in the day to avoid affecting sleep.
  90. Hi Haidut,

    I’m 4 days into using StressNon. I’m using 2-3 drops which seems to be having good effect. I was primarily looking to overcome morning fatigue which has plagued me for years now. Happily, I find this supplement has definitely addressed that and I am so grateful. However, I have noticed a real impact on my hair. Not hair fall, but man, this stuff is making my hair really dry. Over night! Nothing else has changed for me in terms of diet but I have added in Estroban in low doses as well. My hair is typically and reliable healthy, so I’m wondering what could be inducing this change. Any thoughts that you could offer?
  91. I am not aware of any reports or studied on pregnenolone drying hair. Vitamin A in EstroBan may do it, especially in higher doses. Not sure how much you are taking but the 8 drops daily dose is probably enough for most people.
  92. Well, I’m using 2 drops of estroban cosmetically in a homemade face cream that uses ghee—-already high in vitamin A. Admittedly, I sometimes use it in my hair as well. I also consume quite a bit of dairy. Maybe I’ve tipped the scales somehow and wrongly assumed it was the Preg, when it’s really the vitamin A. I think I’ll at least refrain from using it in my hair, and see how it goes. Thanks for your help Haidut.
  93. I'm incredibly interested in this as well, pheromones are real life love (and status) potions! I love the sound of those effects that guy was describing, with everyone getting in a more fun, happy mood around him! I was thinking about buying a pheromone cologne for a bit but it seems like using this stuff will work just as well, if not better. If anyone has experience with the pheromone effect of this stuff, I'd love to here about it.

  94. pheromones and body odor from hormones has been discussed before on the forum, however people are generally using them to improve health, the pheromone effect is an added bonus
  95. maybe you don't have to

    I just found it interesting such a low dose worked
  96. Yeah, so did I -- that's a tiny dose.
  97. It has been recommend, if one uses Pregnenolone daily, to take a week off every so often to restore its effectiveness.

    I was wondering if taking Progesterone during this week off would produce the same restoring effects for Pregnenolone supplementation, or is Progesterone too close to Pregnenolone on the hormone pathway for this to work?
  98. To be honest, I am not sure. So, please try the progesterone in the off week and let us know.