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StressNon - Liquid Pregnenolone

  1. Please take a look at the link below for more information on dosing pregnenolone.
    Optimal Dose Of Pregnenolone For Androgen Synthesis

    Note: This product contains raw material(s) meant for external use only, in cosmetic or other formulations designed for such external use.

    StressNon is a dietary supplement containing pure, pharmaceutical grade pregnenolone. This product, while consisting entirely of food-grade ingredients, is sanctioned for external use only.

    Drops per container: about 360
    Each drop contains the following ingredients:

    Pregnenolone - 1.7mg

    Other ingredients: add product to shopping cart to see info

    Enhanced Bioavailability And Tissue Effects Of Steroids Dissolved In Dmso
    DMSO makes transdermal steroid absorption close to 100%
  2. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Here is the thread where Ray says he gives his opinion on pregnenolone in vitamin E:

    Q: Do you know if pregnenolone dissolved in vit E has the same wound healing benefits of progest-E?
    A(ray): Yes, probably better for most things.
    Q: Can women take pregnenolone oil just like progest-E and get the same benefits in regards to PMS, cramps etc?
    A(ray): Pregnenolone doesn't have the direct hormonal effects, but it's the precursor, and by stopping exaggerated stress reactions it is likely to help
  3. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Will you be selling this product? I'm going to be ready for more pregnenolone soon and would love to try this. :D
  4. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Yes, Blossom. We will have this ready by week's end. I will post on this thread when we are ready to start shipping orders. Thanks for your interest.
  5. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    price seems high - a 30 day supply of swanson (60x50mg capsules) costs $4.50 on amazon

    If someone uses the estroban then the vitamin e wouldn't be needed
  6. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Yes, the price seems a bit higher but it's still less than the $30 you pay for Progest-E. Most of the cost comes from the pregnenolone and mixed tocopherols. Neither one is cheap to find with 99% purity. Even if you take both the pregnenolone product and EstroBan, that would still be "only" 400 IU of vitamin E per day, which is within the range Peat recommends (200-400 IU).

    Btw, IMHO the Swanson product you mention has some issues with it. I loved the low price and no fillers so I ordered 10 bottles. I used it for 2 months at 10 pills a day, with no effect (and I did blood work). Also, there are some reviews on their website claiming the same lack of results as mine. Keep in mind, all of these reviewers had labs done and no changes detected. I suspect that either the pregnenolone is not in the capsule as advertised or reacted with something that makes it unabsorbable. Shame, considering their high-gamma tocopherol product did wonders for my estrogen. Incidentally, they are out of the Vitamin E product but not out of the Pregnenolone, which also tells you something. Do some digging on their website and you will see that they are out of many of the products people say worked for them. So, the ones that did not run out may have some issues with them. Don't mean to bash Swanson, I love some of their products. But their pregnenolone is not working for me and some other users as well. The one I will use for my supplement increased my pregnenolone and pregnenolone sulfate (a metabolite of pregnenolone) numbers by a factor of 4 at a dosage of only 100mg a day, which at least shows I am in fact ingesting pregnenolone.

    http://www.swansonvitamins.com/swanson- ... mg-60-caps

    Some of the reviews:

    1. "I have been taking this product for over a year. My labs actually went down, even when I added 50 mg a day. My doctor has had over 400 people have no good results with this product. I am switching to a new brand. Melanie"

    2. "In April, my pregnenalone lab value was 3 (optimal range 180-200). I started taking one of these each day from the end of April until the end of December. My labs at the beginning of April were still at 3 (optimal range 180-200). If taking 50mg of this each day for 8 months does not make a difference, I believe there may be a problem with the pills. I am going to try a different brand/manufacturer and see how that works."

    3. "After taking the Swanson's version of Pregnenolone, my blood levels of pregnenolone have actually dropped to a very low level. I take 100 mg a day. When I was on another brand, my blood levels were normal."

    So, everybody is free to make up their own mind but I am not taking their product any more and in fact that is the major reason I am launching my own pregnenolone supplement. Namely, I have made my own and used it for several months and confirmed effectiveness (on me at least) with blood work. I would not launch a supplement that I have not first tried on myself AND likes the results:):
  7. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    I bet the frequention mention of Swanson Maximum Gamma on the forum has something to do with its high demand.
  8. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    There is also a frequent mention of their pregnenolone product, but it is not out of stock. Maybe people just don't take as much pregnenolone as tocopherols, or maybe there are other reasons as well.
  9. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Regarding pregnenolone, I take LEF and Swanson. I take more of the Swanson, but I can't recall whether I noticed differences in benefits.

    I can say though the LEF product,the first brand I took, most definitely works, or at least used to when I took it.
  10. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Yep, my experience as well. I took the LEF before I found Swanson. I have had good experience with every vendor's pregnenolone except Swanson's. So, there you go I said it - at least I can't be blamed much for bashing a competitor if I like other competitors:):
  11. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    :partydance :partydance Thanks haidut, I trust your supplements because estro-ban works so well and you are a great forum member who is always helping everyone. Much appreciated.
  12. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Much appreciated Blossom! I do welcome critique as well, if anybody has some for EstroBan or the other supplement once I it is available.
    As I mentioned in my previous posts, if someone is going to a regular doctor for a checkup or something similar, I'd appreciate if they share their blood work results while on EstroBan. I would be mostly interested in its effects on estrogen and prolactin but would be nice to know other metrics as well.
  13. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Hi Haidut,

    Don't you think that selling only a high purity pregnenolone powder would be more easier for you and probably much economical?
    Why do you want to use a solvent or vitamin E?
    Ray already said about pregnenolone being a lipid and the useless need for a lipid matrix/solvent.
    If it's for the topical use, it would be much easier for the customer to make it's own blend, no?
    I, once, asked RP about topical use of pregnenolone; he said that he tried it ( up to a 5 gr dose ) on skin without any noticeable effect.
    For wound healing, I think he, also, mentionned baking soda, honey and/or white sugar.
  14. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Those are good points Wilfrid, thanks for posting. I did not know about those statements of Peat's. I myself had only seen his statements that pregnenolone would actually NOT be easy to dissolve in oil and would require stirring for a long time, which is what my supplement will attempt to accomplish so people don't have to stir for hours. I have also seen his statements that the combination of pregnenolone and vitamin E as a solvent would actually be better than the progesterone solution. Look at Peat's quotes I posted at the beginning of the thread. How do you interpret his statements?
    As for the powder vs. a liquid supplement, I think the convenience in having a bottled and ready to use supplement is nice to have. I also have pregnenolone and vitamin E separately at home but I find that often I simply do not have the time to sit down and prepare a mixture of some specific dosage of pregnenolone together with vitamin E. For me it is easier to just know to take X drops of this of that bottle and not mess with powders and gels every day. I guess to each his own.
  15. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    I've been using the pregnenolone powder from ARK of Wellness and I'm very happy with the quality of the product. I will obviously make a comparison to see which product seems to works best for me. I'm mainly interested because convenience is an issue for me and let's face it the powder is a bit messy. I'll deal with the messy factor if need be but I'm always looking for ways to make my Peat inspired approach fit better with my busy life. I think it will be interesting to see how the two products compare. I'm pretty sensitive to additives so finding quality products with minimal questionable ingredients is always positive.
  16. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Thanks Blossom. The pregnenolone I'll be using is supopsedly 99.9% pure, the tocopherols are 99% pure, and the rest is organic oils. So, it should be very easy on people sensitive to allergens. I will post on Friday when we are ready to ship.
  17. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

  18. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    I mainly refer to Ray's answer on the pregnenolone section and useless need for oily matrix.

  19. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Thanks, WIlfrid. I am doing the oil "matrix" since most sources of pregnenolone sell it as powder, so if you want to apply it dermally it would be helpful to have an ointment carrier of sorts. Also, the vitamin E should help with keeping aromatase under control so that pregnenolone can get converted mostly in the beneficial hormones.
  20. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    RP has a patent on DHEA and other anesthetic steroid dissolved in oily substance.
    I did not read the whole thing. It seems this patent also includes pregnenolone
    dissolved in oily substance.
  21. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    I've not experimented with pregenolone yet, but this would definitely motivate me to give a try. Soon as you've got a batch ready, haidut, I want a bottle. Just FYI. Thanks for making this happen :)
  22. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    I just got the pregnenolone shipment from the chemical supplier today, so I should be able to add it to the online store tomorrow. I will post to the thread when ready for order.
    Thanks for your interest!
  23. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    OK, we are ready with the new supplement. The online store link is the same:

    I will add a PayPal item tomorrow so people outside of US can order as well.
    Thanks again for the interest and support!
  24. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    hi Haidut

    Will you ship to South Africa as well ?
    Cost ?
  25. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Sure, I would ship to any country as soon as I setup the PayPal for international orders tomorrow. Shipping will be around $7 and the supplement is $24.99 for a month's supply.
  26. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Great. Is the shipping cost linear, ie how many bottles can you ship for the $7 cost ?
  27. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    AFAIK there is a range of prices by weight. For $7 we can send 1-4 bottles, and then I think the next range is $9 and that should be enough for 5-8 bottles, etc. However, for everybody's convenience I have made the shipping rate flat so the charge is $7 even if one orders 10 bottles. The difference in cost is not that much to justify me fighting with the complexity of setting up multiple shipping options in PayPal, which is not an easy task.
    So, fee free to order as many as you want and the shipping will still be $7.
  28. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    OK, the PayPal for international order has been set up and is available from the same link as EstroBan:

    If you live in a country that you know frowns upon importation of pregnenolone, then after you place an order send me a PM so we can discuss the shipment process.
    Thanks again for everybody's interest and feedback.
  29. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    haidut sent me the COA of the pregnenolone so I thought it would be a good idea to post it up for people who might be interested.
  30. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Glad to see you're expanding the product line, Haidut, I will add this as a recommendation on Toxinless this weekend. I'd actually buy some too, except I've already bought enough pregnenolone to put a yam farmer's kids through college.
  31. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Lol, thanks Dan. No problem, I understand the priority of putting children through college:):
  32. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

  33. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    [​IMG] :P
  34. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Ordered a bottle and received it last week. Thank you for the quick turnaround haidut! The relief from intense anxiety and worry that I have been experiencing as a result of taking several small doses (about 3-4 drops) spread out through day is incredible. Especially at night in combination with niacinamide. It feels like my whole body has been a super tight rubber band and then when the pregnenolone takes effect the rubber band slackens and goes limp, it's a really lovely feeling and it sort of temporarily frees me from the cage of my thoughts running wild and stressing me out.
  35. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Thanks for the great feedback! Try also combining with magnesium at night for a great session of sleep, or with caffeine during the day for a great energy boost without the jitters.
  36. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    haidut, the link for international orders is not working. I tried yesterday and also a friend I've recommended your supplements to who also lives in Canada could not open the link.

    Will PM you as well but wanted to also post to see if others are having similar problems.
    I want to reorder Estroban and also this new one.

    Thanks again for your many contributions.
  37. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Hello everyone. My family and I will be out of town until June 11, so we won't be able to process and ship orders. Thus, I have "closed" the online store until June 11. If people are willing to place orders now but have them shipped on June 12, please let me know and I will leave the store open while we are out. Otherwise, I am looking forward to restarting the order processing in about 3 weeks. I will still try to post on the forum even while we are out, depending on availability of Internet connection. Thank you for your understanding!
  38. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Hello everyone! I am back and the store is online again. So feel free to order whatever you need, or contact me with questions/comments.
    Thanks for your patience.
  39. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Yay! We missed you. :partydance
  40. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Ditto, Blossom and the gang:): It's good to be back online and reading/writing after a long break.
  41. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    I'd be interested in knowing the difference between taking pregnenolone with vitamin E orally and taking micronized pregnenolone drops orally, if there is one, and someone has experience with it.

    In reviews of the micronized drops, many mention it tastes bad.
  42. Re: Custom supplement - "Pregnenolone in vitamin E w/ olive

    Hi Haidut,

    What kind of magnesium do you recommend?

    And have you ever heard of a pregnenolone made from anything other than yam?
    I read somewhere on here (and now I can't find it) that that kind isn't good. But I honestly can't find the post and don't even know what other kind there is......
  43. I make my own magnesium bicarbonate. Just search the forum for it or Google it and you can find the recipe.
    Also, there are liquid products containing magnesium acetate + chloride. Search Google for "CR liquid magnesium".
    Synthetic pregnenolone is rare and expensive, and the one from yam is good enough as long as it is an actual pregnenolone and not just the unprocessed yam extract.
  44. As I mentioned a couple of days ago on another thread, we are changing the formulation of the steroid supplements in order to improve absorption and efficacy.
    So, instead of olive oil, coconut oil and tocopherol we will be using a DMSO and ethanol for the pregnenolone supplement StressNon and the few other supplements that I am about to launch. Given that pregnenolone is notoriously hard to dissolve in anything, the amount per dose will decrease from 100mg to 20mg. Note that pregnenolone's solubility is only about 22mg/ml for ethanol or DMSO, so you are getting almost the maximum amount possible to pack up in the DMSO + ethanol mixture. Here is some info showing pregnenolone solubility in various solvents like DMSO and ethanol.
    On the positive side, the absorption will increase from 25% (using oil and tocopherol as solvents) to almost 100% (using DMSO and ethanol as solvents) so at the end you will be getting about the same dose in the blood, which is what matters for health purposes. In addition, the solution of DMSO / ethanol is not oily so it won't make stains on your clothes and absorbs fully within a minute or so.
    Since the amount of pregnenolone dissolved in the supplement is now less then before, I am lowering the price of StressNon from $24.95 to $19.99. In addition, the bottle size will increase from 0.5oz to 1oz to compensate for the lower amount of pregnenolone in a dose.
    If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks in advance for your understanding. We are pretty certain that this change results in much higher bioavailability of the supplement. On this note, we urge the users of StressNon, if interested, to get blood tests to confirm this fact.
  45. Haircut is the pregnenolone in dmso available now to order? Your site still says vit e vs dmso.
  46. Yes, it is. I will change the site right now. Thanks for letting me know.
  47. Haidut, do you have an ETA on the DHEA/preg and progesterone supps?
  48. I am posting it on the forum right now:): It may take me an hour or two to post all the studies behind it but it will be there tonight.
    Thanks for the interest.
  49. How do you take the stressnon with DMSO?

    I know that you can only recommend external use, but was wondering how you personally take it.

  50. I have taken it orally but with steroids I prefer topical due to reason listed below. Several drops on the tongue with food to avoid the somewhat garlicky taste of DMSO and the burning sensation it may cause to some people when ingested. Sometimes I place the drops on a cookie or bread so they absorb the drops and then I eat the cookie/bread. Kind of like I take liquid vitamin A when I use it. However, specifically for steroids like pregnenolone and DHEA there may be a benefit to taking them topically IF you are a male. It has been shown that topical application of DHEA favors much more strongly the conversions into androgens. Topical pregnenolone seems to increase conversion into progesterone and lower cortisol more so than oral. So, there are benefits to each method.
  51. Any particular ratio of pregnenolone to caffeine you recommend? I know you mention that you take 500 mg niacinamide with 200 mg caffeine.
  52. I feel best on 100mg pregnenolone daily, regardless of how much caffeine I ingest. The caffeine gives me a more of a dopaminergic effect, while the pregnenolone gives me temp and metabolic boost. I don't know why, it's just how it works in me. Not sure there is an optimal ratio of pregnenolone to caffeine, but you can experiment. Just keep in mind that for some people pregnenolone seems to convert into pregnenolone sulfate, which is a GABA antagonist. Combined with caffeine, which is also a GABA antagonist, may give some people the shakes. It's rare but it has been known to happen in some people.
  53. Do you take the 100 mg pregnenolone in one dose?
  54. If I take only pregnenolone, yes, since I have 100mg capsules. If I take with DHEA, I take 30mg x 3 daily since I have 30mg capsules as well.
  55. !
  56. That sounds like a great improvment sir...^
    Ive been mixing powder Preg in Warm Coconut Oil. Just for the heck of it, in hopes it might work a little more like Vit-E. No Facts on the matter. (Aprox 250mg per/wk. in tsp of CO)
  57. Just want to confirm and my apologies if I misinterpreted....so 100-200 IUs = 24 drops of vitamin E as that = 1 serving?
  58. The formula has changed and since this is an old thread I cannot edit the original post. StressNon in its current formulation has no vitamin E in it.
  59. Thanks for the update!
  60. That wasn't sarcasm by the way. Appreciate everything you contribute!
  61. Hi Haidut. I'm having trouble deciding what to get. I'm pretty sure about getting Estroban and perhaps Energin, however, I'm having trouble deciding between Stressnon (pregnenolone) and Pansterone (pregnenolone and DHEA). Since pregnenolone can convert into DHEA I wonder if it could be redundant to get Pansterone. In addition, I believe Ray Peat said that excess DHEA would convert into estrogen, whereas excess pregnenolone would have no effect. Is there any chance that the pregnenolone wouldn't be able to convert into DHEA? I believe I probably could use some DHEA but I don't want to take too much and I'm not sure it would be necessary if some of the pregnenolone will convert into it. Furthermore, it might be possible that I need more pregnenolone than DHEA but if they came in a mixture I might have to take too little pregnenolone for fear of taking too much DHEA. I'm mostly trying to get rid of my premature grey hair which I know is silly but it's important to me lol. I read that Ray said DHEA could help with grey hair (whether topically or orally I don't remember). Oh, I'm a male by the way. Anyway, can you help me sort this out? Should I just get the Stressnon and forget about the Pansterone? Thanks.
  62. I think for males, Pansterone would be more appropriate since it tends to have both an anti-stress and androgenic effect. If you stick to 1 dose or less of Pansterone daily, the 5mg of DHEA that provides is highly unlikely to convert into estrogen. And many people using Pansterone find that they get best effects from taking even less daily. Given that the supplement is liquid you can control how much DHEA you get but if you stay under 5mg per dose you should be safe. StressNon is more or less a neutral supplement and can be used in pretty much any dose by both sexes.
    I hope that answers your questions.
  63. Ok. Thank you haidut.
  64. I couldn't find a Stressnon thread, so I decided to post this here since the products are similar?

    A 4-5mo old Stressnon bottle I have that's almost emptied has a weird solid crystal formation inside it. Is this from a reaction between ingredients? Can I safely consume it. The air temperature in my home is usually 10-15C.
  65. It's just the pregnenolone that has crystalized. Pregnenolone is not very soluble in any solvent really and even in DMSO. So, at lower temps it may crystalize. You can put the bottle in a warmer environment where the temps are 20C degrees, wait for the bottle to warm up and them just shake it. Even if the liquid is still cloudy it will still absorb.
  66. Thanks!
  67. Haidut, Am I reading the label wrong on the bottle?

    The post says that one serving contains 100mg of pregnenolone per serving and 100IU - 200IU of vitamin E.

    But the bottle says that one serving contains just 20mg of pregnenolone and nothing about vitamin E.
  68. The supplement changed. The original one had 100mg pregnenolone per dose and it was dissolved in olive oil and tocopherol. But it did not dissolve well and was clogging the bottle. After doing research on DMSO and how effective it is in increasing steroid absorption, we changed it to DMSO and 20mg pregnenolone per dose. The studied show that transdermal route of applying steroids dissolved in DMSO is equivalent to about 10 times higher dose oral.
    Enhanced Bioavailability And Tissue Effects Of Steroids Dissolved In Dmso
    DMSO makes transdermal steroid absorption close to 100%

    Thanks for bringing it up, I need to change the original post.
  69. Ok great. Thank you for clarifying
  70. Haidut what's the overall consensus on dosing the Stressnon so far? Is most everyone doing 1 or 2 drops per day or dose like Pansterone and Tyromax, because of the DMSO potentiation?
  71. I don't know what the consensus is since there is really no established optimal dose for everybody. But the equivalence should be roughly 1 : 10, so 10mg topical StressNon should be equivalent to 100mg oral pregnenolone.
    [Edited to show ratio instead of smiley - tara]
  72. Thanks, much appreciated
  73. I just wanted to post this for everybody using or thinking of ordering StressNon.
    We are now using an odor-free DMSO as a solvent for the steroids and this type of DMSO also seems dramatically lower the incidence of skin irritation as well.
  74. Haidut,
    Thank you for all your hard work and sharing your knowledge, suggestions, ideas so freely, it is much appreciated.
    I know a 14 yo, pre-puberty boy with brain damage and slow metabolism whom Dr Peat has suggested try pregnenolone and thyroid. I am fairly familiar now with results and combinations of such approaches, how to monitor etc.
    However, i am not sure whether StressNon or Pansterone would be best to start with, do you have a preference? Risk remains with me, merely please if you have a view.
    Many thanks
  75. Probably a higher dose oral pregnenolone, maybe 100mg daily, combined with topical Pansterone in doses of no more than 8 drops daily. At least that's what I would try.
  76. Dear Haidut
    Many thanks, I appreciate your thoughts.
  77. Make sure the boy is well fed (lots of carbs) and watch out for possible conversion of pregnenolone to stress hormones. In my personal experience if I take PREG when I'm angry/stressed/serotonergic it can easily convert to more stress hormones. If I take it when I'm ok and relaxed or some hours before I know some stress is gonna hit me, then it does all the good that plus it lasts to the next day. Also, sometimes PREG can give irritability (some had hypothesized it's because allopregnenolone) and I found it depends a lot on the dosage and the beforementioned stuff. So watch out for this kind of things. My personal experience, strictly. Good luck!
  78. Thank you Makrosky, I appreciate your input. Best regards, Sheila
  79. I just ordered from idealabs. FYI, it took quite some searching to find a link to the online store. For example searching "buy pansterone" on this site does not produce a direct link to the store. Looking forward to trying out these terrific looking products, thanks!
  80. The link to the store is in my signature and thus in every single one of my posts. Googling "buy pansterone" should get you to the right place as well. The forum is not just a venue for my supplements, and I would not expect it to be completely focused on making it too easy to find my supplements :):
  81. So to be clear, a woman supplementing Stressnon topically is more likely to have conversion into progesterone? I was confused because you said benefits to each method, but only mentioned topical for both androgens and progesterone.
  82. I have seen more cortisol-lowering with topical pregnenolone than with oral and also more sedation. Both of these are symptoms of more progesterone, so this is my explanation.
  83. Do you think a single dose of stressnon daily would be adequate to recover from being "a product of a few very stressed generations" as you worded it?

    Thank you!
  84. It should definitely help improve the condition. Depending on how stressed you are it make take months, but adding things like thyroid and anti-serotonin should make the situation much much better and not different from a non-stressed person.
  85. What happened to the bottles of pregnenelone in oil ?

    Do you have any leftovers ? I would be very interested, I have ordered roughly 20 products from you previously.
  86. It's been more than a year since we stopped doing that formulation. Pregnenolone does not dissolve well in oil unfortunately. It also does not dissolve well in vitamin E, so not many choices left for solvents. Peat wrote about the poor solubility of pregnenolone.
    Sorry we can't be of much help here.
  87. Wow - incredible product. I have been taking about 20 drops a day for the past week. Here's some thoughts,

    For the first time in about 3 years, I have energy from morning until midnight. No afternoon slump, stable energy throughout.
    Now previously, I had taken pansterone, only 4 drops a day, and I never felt this. If anything, I felt slightly worse, maybe there was too much DHEA in my system.
    I have much less brain fog, thoughts seem clearer, I am calmer and think normally. It's quite sedating, but doesn't make me tired.
  88. Awesome, thanks for sharing! How much and when do you take it?
  89. I took about 20 drops a day, 10 in the morning, 10 later on in the day.
  90. Sorry if this sounds dumb .. but how do you recommend we consume the drops of stress non? on the tongue? insides of cheeks? Thanks!
  91. Topically, on the skin. Some people choose to rub them on the gums but I cannot endorse such use.
  92. Wow interesting. I'm excited to give this a try. Sometimes I experience really stressful situations at work and at home (roommates) and I find myself experiencing a lot of anxiety and trying to keep the stress manageable through deep breathing doesn't help. Thanks a ton!!
  93. 20 drops ? of dmso ?

    that's a bit much isn't it
  94. Any recommendations on dosing to start out for a 200 lb 28 year old male? Suffering from sore joints, moderately low temps and pulse etc.
  95. No, the 20 drops is the amount of liquid containing 20mg pregnenolone. The DMSO is a lot less than that but even at 20 drops it would be 1g DMSO, which should not even have a systemic effect.
  96. I think starting at 10 drops (half the daily dose) would be good for a week and then changing the dose as needed.
  97. will this be sold in oil ?
  98. I am considering it, but so far the interest in tocopherol/oil based steroids has been very weak and especially after we improved the DMSO formulation so it does not cause much/any skin irritation. So, I will give it another month to see if interests in the tocopherol versions picks up and then decide.
  99. Thanks @haidut. How many doses do you typically recommend spreading throughout the day? I saw in an earlier post you mentioned it is probably favorable from an androgenic standpoint in several different small doses.