Strange Feeling I Get - Like I Am Taking On Other's Pain ?


Aug 6, 2015
Maybe I am being delusional but when I hear some terrible story in the news it is like it is becoming me and really affecting me and I become the person who is affected by it.


Sep 6, 2018
I know a person who seems also to be heavily affected by everything bad she hears for decades, to the point that has affected her health, it is better to not hear or see negative things.
I wouldn't be surprised some would say estradiol is high and low DHT.

Do you also start to cry thinking o the pain of others? Do you put yourself in their position, the more you know about the story the more you can put yourself into their place?
Dec 18, 2018
Was there a sudden onset to this,or do you see it as a fairly stable trait of yours?
If youre peating,then bcomplex, high sugar can be quickly dangerous.


May 10, 2017
I have read low cortisol can cause this, I am unsure if it is the causitive factor or if strong empathy causes low cortisol. Either way I would eat more sugar, protein.... if you workout alot slow down.
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