Apr 16, 2013
Okay, sorry for the gross topic, but I have a question...!

I have a long history of IBS (both C and D) which is strongly affected by what I eat. When I was low carb I couldnt 'go' for sometimes five days. I've been leaning Peat for quite a while, but in the last month made even more of a shift. For about three weeks I had the runs every day, til I backed off on the fruit. Now I'm going a few times a day, but I never drop a... heavy load. It's always a reasonably small amount. Mine have also gotten very dark (almost black), which I'm assuming is from the coffee, but it's weird because I'm not necessarily drinking more coffee than before...

I'm generally eating a lot less food, because I'm never hungry on this woe. I mostly eat dairy, gelatine, shellfish and fruit (particularly melon and cherries).

Sorry to be so gross, but I'm wondering if other people's BMs changed when they went Peat, and if so, how?

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