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    How to know which project still needs transcribers ?
    - Simply check the title: if it includes "FULL", all segments are already booked, and no more volunteers are needed: if it includes "NON FULL", volunteers are still needed to transcribe some parts.

    How to appropriate yourself a part in need for transcription
    - Inside the project tagged "NON FULL" that you've found, you need to check in the headpost which parts are still available (and double check if someone hasn't booked it further down in the thread): if a download link isn't preceded by " for ...(Burt, for ex)" then it's free; claim it for yourself by posting in the thread, under the original headpost and write: " Part .. for me" .
    - We will edit the head post as soon as possible so people can visualise directly which parts are still needed for transcription.

    -IMPORTANT- What happens if i cant comprehend a word in the audio file ?
    Use this syntax: ??? word inaudible ???
    Ex: " the ???akinoderm??? world, this is..."
    The volunteer who will check your transcript will try to find the right word and complete your work: in this case, he will write: " the !!!echinoderm!!! world, this is..."

    -IMPORTANT- Do i need to check other's people's transcribed parts ?
    - Yes, each volunteer agrees to transcribe a part, and then to check the part directly further down the list. (If you have transcribed part 3, you need to check part 4).
    (Since there are no parts further down the last part, the said last part gets to check the very first part in the list..)
    - To check the file, download it, open it, correct it (if needed) and reupload it by your own means.
    Once you have spotted an area to correct, use this syntax: !!! word corrected !!!, as to enable the final piecing toegether to go smoother. (Very important)
    Ex: original transcriber: "...and thyroid gets depleeted in the...."
    verificator: "...and thyroid gets !!!depleted!!! in the..."
    This way, the ensuing final editing will be speeded up tremendously.

    (PS: for those deciding not to use cloud storage, simply paste your corrected part in your own initial post. )
    - Please first include your username under the one already put there by the original transcriber;
    Ex: "Transcribed by Charlie"
    "Verified by Burt"
    - If the file needs no corrections, just write in your post:" Part XX checked: no corrections needed"

    How accurate should be my transcription ?
    - Start the transcript by writting at the top of the page your username: ex: "Transcribed by Charlie"
    - We would like a verbatim transcription for Ray, as every word counts when he talks.
    But for the interviewer and the callers/guests, people can use their common sense and appreciate if a looser transcription fits the job or not.

    (**UPDATE**: the "uh", "yeah", and so on by Ray adding nothing to the conversation can of course be omitted; common sense prevails here too. :lol: )

    (**UPDATE**: sometimes, the resulting transcript of Ray's words isn't correct/coherent grammatically ( on rare occasions): we propose to leave it as it is, without modifications, as to allow readers to form their own personal interpretation )

    (**UPDATE**: only the direct exchanges between Ray and the host need to be transcribed; we don't need outside discussions in the audio files (beginning or end of the shows), and accordingly these have been left out of the segments to be transcribed )

    - Please don't underestimate the punctuation aspect ( you'll need to use your grammatical judgement), as it will make easier the final editing.

    Do i need to format my transcription a certain way ?
    - No, just separate Ray's words from the guest(s)'s. The final formatting will be done when all parts are assembled (loess volunteered)

    How to post your finished transcript:
    - You can use pretty much any editable format you like (txt, doc, rtf,..). Upload your file to a cloud service ( for example, MEGA ), or in attachment to your post, or any other site ( for ex. )
    - You can use a spellchecker for better results.
    - If nothing works, you can eventually paste the text in your post inside the transcription project.
    - **UPDATE** Please don't upload to google drive, as access requires a google email adress, which isn't the case for everyone, plus involves privacy issues.

    Is there a set delay for me to finish my transcript ?
    There's no real time limit, but 10 days would be a good interval: usually, a part is around 5 min, and gets transcribed in 30 min.

    What happens with this checking process when i choose to transcribe 2 adjacent parts ?
    - We feel it's always desirable when more than one mind is involved in the transcribing process ( even more so when there's multiple words that the original transcriber has flagged as inaudible)
    - We would ask volunteers to please choose non adjacent parts to transcribe, as to simplify the checking process
    - In case one still chooses to transcribe adjacent parts, we ask the original transcriber to look for other volunteers ( preferably in the same situation as him) , and ask them (by PM) to check their parts, and to post their results in their own post, as detailed above.
    (It's impossible to define strict guidelines in this situation, thus we would like to avoid it if possible)

    Please don't forget to EDIT YOUR INITIAL POST and include BOTH TRANSCRIBED and VERIFIED parts. This will keep localized inside the thread each volunteer's work.

    Each of your post should include thus at least these 3 lines:
    Once the parts have been verified, no more work is needed from anyone. The final piecing together of all parts into a full transcript will be done by Loess.