Spine Health And Hypothyroidism

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    Causes of Hypothyroidism

    The causes of hypothyroidism were varied, and appear from the readings to relate both to true hypothyroidism as well as "incoordination" of the glandular system. Commonly, a spinal imbalance was suggested as the cause. A nutritional deficiency, usually caused by dietary lack, but sometimes caused by improper assimilation, was also suggested.

    Mental excitement, acting on the sympathetic nervous system, was causative in some cases and contributory in others. Lack of normal circulation through the gland itself was also mentioned as a cause for certain individuals. This lack of circulation was often related to the aforementioned spinal imbalance.

    Finally, improper eliminations, or incoordination between assimilation and elimination, was suggested as a cause of hypothyroidism for some people.

    Medically speaking, we know only a few of the causes of hypothyroidism. Lack of dietary iodine or an excess of inorganic iodine can each cause a decrease in thyroid function. Certain anti-thyroid substances, such as the drug thiocyanate and the herb bugelweed, will decrease thyroid function. There are many other cases of hypothyroidism and subclinical hypothyroidism for which a cause cannot be identified.

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