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Soy protein detrimental for muscles strength in older people

  1. A humans study, which once again confirms the detrimental effect of soy on muscles. According to the authors, the effect is likely due to the estrogenic properties of soy.
    Btw, the high dairy protein group had the biggest increase in strength gain.

    http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/ar ... 1415000400

    "...Increased soy protein intake attenuated gains in muscle strength during resistance training in older adults compared with increased intake of dairy protein or usual protein intake."
  2. Intresting I was under the impression that soy was estrogenic because of the phytoestrogens that are present in its fat, not its protein. I thought soy protein was relatively free from anything besides the amino acids...
  3. I think it is very hard to find soy protein without the estrogenic isoflavones. In fact, most soy protein is sold with them since they are considered beneficial and acting like a type of SERM.
  4. The whole concept of SERM is confusing to me.... I have trouble believing certain estrogens are more harmful than others when estrogen as a chemical compound is well-defined and specific. So if it's role is to turn off certain receptors I suppose that could be beneficial, albeit not at the cost of consuming further estrogen...
  5. It's designed to be confusing. Ray predicted this would happen back in 1999.
    Estrogen Article just published (from 1999) | Ray Peat Forum