Something Different For The Forum


Nov 29, 2017

I recently stumbled on to these videos randomly and developed a very profound interest in Ghost Towns.... Some of you may or may not appreciate this kind of stuff but it’s easy viewing for me. It’s nice to disconnect mentally sometimes....

Feel free to share other random things here. As much as there’s a ton of junk on the net these days, there’s some real gems we’d never know about without it....


Jun 20, 2015
I am fascinated by landscape restoration projects and related topics. Nature has an incredible ability to heal herself if you let her and work with her (and not against). It can take takes a huge effort to reverse vast destruction. However there are also lots of examples of people who singlehandedly have reversed desertification. There are villages that made themselves drought-prove by installing simple water harvesting structures (like swales and ponds). Some areas only need to be protected from being overgrazed. Yellowstone National Park completely changed after the wolves were reintroduced (linked here).

If you search "water harvesting" or "reforestation" or "regreening" you'll find many amazing videos. I am only going to link this one:



Apr 30, 2015
I watched a couple of this guy's videos on the Ghost town. They are very enjoyable. Love the scenery. I don't think he is getting enough calories given the elevation and amount of work he is putting in though.
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