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SolBan - Liquid Aspirin/Caffeine/Niacinamide Mix

  1. They must be sued! They'll put all kinds of garbage in there like pufas and god knows what else... like the cheap progesterone creams. Not a bad publicity though :)
  2. Haha, that is pretty cool. But do you think this might cause you any trouble in the future?
  3. I am hoping that their patent application may get dropped since there is already "prior work" (SolBan) in the public domain. But Revlon is a huge company, so they will probably find a way around it, or will simply intimidate me or find a way to make me change the ingredients. If I am lucky they will make a buy offer but I highly doubt they will.
    What can I say, risks of the trade.
  4. Haidut, you have posted before that two of the components of Solban (aspirin and niacinamide) have antifungal effects. Would Solban be useful as a topical antifungal, or could the alcohol be an issue?
  5. I think it may help. Aspirin is currently being investigated for approval as an anti-fungal drug, both topically and orally. Specifically, a recent study found aspirin to be effective even against the cryptococcus strain, which causes often fatal fungal meningitis in humans and is very difficult to treat with common anti-fungal drugs. The alcohol is not an issue, if anything it should help suppress fungal growth even more.
  6. Great, thanks for the quick response.
  7. I think I'll go get a bottle of vodka and add some niacinamide, aspirin, and caffeine. Any comments on whether that would work or how to figure how much of each ingredient to add?

  8. Is there still a skin moisturiser/lotion in the works yet?
  9. Skin moisture depends primarily on metabolism and sebum production. I don't think the big industry of skin moisturizers actually accomplished anything positive other than a short-lived effects, which probably adds some toxins to your already high burden.
  10. What about spraying the whole body about 30 minutes before going to the sauna in order to increase sweating?
  11. I don't know if it is safe to increase thermogenesis and sweating beyond what the sauna would cause. Some people have fainted or worse by doing that with drugs like DNP and caffeine.
  12. I decided to start using this again, and just got my new order. I love the new, opaque spray bottle.

    I have some questions on layering. I am trying to get a good skincare regimen down and thought after cleaning, I would apply Solban. Then apply an oil or oil mix. What I have put together is MCT oil, EVOO, and a bit of Progest E.

    Does this sound effective to prevent skin aging and other issues?
    And do you think the oil would dilute the Solban and break it down?
  13. I would wait for the Solban to dry out before applying an oily mix. SolBan has water and it will not go well with the oily mix, so its best to wait until it dries out. But in terms of effects, I think SolBan would be synergistic with the Progest-E. I would probably do SolBan in the morning and Progest-E in the evening as the progesterone can make you sleepy. Or you can do both at the same time but wait 5min after spraying SolBan.
  14. There was talk before about being able to order Solban in a larger bottle. Did anything ever come about from that? Getting ready to reorder soon.
  15. It really makes shipping very inconvenient and expensive as it makes the package bigger than the dimensions USPS likes most. Even if you use SolBan on your entire scalp once a day it should still last you more than a month. You only need to make think misty layer on the skin to get an effect. You don't need to drench yourself in the stuff.
  16. OK, thank you.

    Also, love the fast shipping. Yay USPS and Yay Idealabs!
  17. Thanks! We do what we can and I also love USPS...on their good days :):
  18. Makes sense. I was thinking more in terms of using it as a sun screen alternative for when we go on vacation.
  19. Solban has worked well to calm down the burn/itch of poison ivy. One spray on the area stops the issue for a few hours.
  20. Perfect! What about insect bites?
  21. Pretty good on mosquito bites. Does not take the whole sensation away, but takes the edge off enough to distract.
  22. Been using this on my face for the past week and it has done wonders for my skin. Rosacea down, acne down, less oily, pores smaller, unbelievable. My skin wasn't particularly bad or anything before I started using it but now I see the contrast it is quite surprising, in the best possible way.

    Only wish there was a bigger bottle I could buy so I could use if for sunscreen on my whole body. I spend a lot of time in the canary islands and to be able to where a sunscreen everyday that wasn't full of toxins would be great.

    What are the recommendations for Solban as a sunscreen? Is there an estimated uv rating one could give it? How long does it last, would it still work after a swim in the ocean? Does it need to be reapplied often?

    Either way love the product!
  23. Awesome, thanks!
  24. Awesome, thanks for the feedback!
    I don't know what the exact rating would be but one study tested topical caffeine (1%) and a product with SPF of 15 and found them to be the same. Also, the ingredients in SolBan help heal the damage done to cells from excess UV light and there is no rating for that. The regular sunscreens I have seen do not provide any such benefit, so I think the combination of the protection from harm plus the reversing existing damage would make SolBan as effective as something with an SPF of more than 15. Again, it is hard to judge since no other sunscreen product aims to actually heal damage so the cumulative effects of SolBan is rather different.
    I think applying 2-3 times a day would be enough for most people. Once it absorbs in the skin the effects would be present even after swimming but dissipate with time as the ingredients diffuse through the skin and into the bloodstream. Hence the need to apply 2-3 times daily. But in terms of upper limit of applying daily, I don't think there is one.
    Just my 2c.
  25. I understand if you don't want to answer this since it's not good for business, but I was wondering what type of alcohol I could use in place of ethanol if I wanted to make this product by myself? I have excess niacinamide, caffeine powder, and aspirin lying around.
  26. Ah you found this very good for acne? Was your acne noticeably bad before using this? I may use this to see if it helps with my acne?
  27. Vodka works great if you cannot find pure 99% ethanol. Brady, whiskey, etc also work but I suspect you prefer these orally instead of topically :):
  28. I do think it help improve my acne although my acne was not very bad before hand. What i did have quite a lot of us was Rosacea and that has definitely gone down.
  29. Thanks! That works well because I have lots of Vodka lying around too that I've lost my appetite for since using your products. Reducing stress hormones no longer requires me to pay them back with interest!
  30. I ve noticed that they frequently add malic acid to cheap brands of vodka. Would that be an issue?
  31. Have not seen that in the USA unless it is a flavored vodka. They usually add malic acid to apple flavored vodka but unflavored one should contain no additives.
  32. I honestly believe aspirin and niacinamide may be suppressing hair growth in bald men.

    Perhaps a caffeine only solution would be better.
  33. Just wanted to give a small feedback: I used Solban twice per day on my face for acne/oily skin. The bottle lasted for like 2 weeks, so the treatment was possibly too short to judge. It wasnt a miracle for my skin, but it had somehow a calming and moisturizing effect.
  34. Thanks. How many sprays on each use?
  35. Around 5.
  36. OK, thanks.
  37. Hey Haidut, have you heard anything about SolBan's effectiveness in regards to vitiligo?

    Or, for that matter, have you heard of anythings effectiveness with vitiligo?
  38. If you look at the references posted in the original thread you will see studies for topical niacinamide and vitiligo.
  39. How do you make it without it being clumpy? I tried the same sunscreen recipe a few weeks ago and it was so clumpy I couldn't use it.
  40. To make it, I melted the oil and wax in a cup standing in a cup of boiling water. When all thoroughly melted, stir well, add zinc oxide, stir more. Pour into a mould. Cool till it's solid. Should make a block you can rub on skin. If i leave it in the car on a hot day it will be soft or liquid, and smear/spread easily that way too. I have had issues with the zinc oxide powder settling somewhat i it stays liquid for long, which can be remedied by stirring more. Even then, I've had some issues with the zinc being a bit unevenly spread.

    Not sure what you mean by clumpy. Could it be that the wax, which has a higher melt point, was not fully melted and mixed with the other oils? Or did the zinc oxide powder not mix in evenly?
  41. Yea, maybe the wax just didn't mix up enough with the oil. It's like little harder pieces that are a pain to pick out (or off the skin). Thanks for the response
  42. I made a batch once that was kind of grainy - I suspect it may have been the same problem. Next time I made sure to heat and melt a bit longer to make sure they were well mixed.
  43. My skin just glows on this stuff. It looks so healthy now, even when I haven't slept well
  44. Wow, thats great to hear. So you dont you get any dryness from it? Do you use anything else on your skin?

    I can't tell if its doing anything beneficial to my skin because it feels so dry after application.
  45. That's interesting that you get dryness, Christina. I tend towards dry skin (and don't use any other skin products), but SolBan feels pretty neutral after application.

    I think I've noticed similar (but mild) improvements in skin quality.
  46. Oh the ethanol will be drying for sure for most people. So it does feel a bit dry for me too, but in a rather good way, like tighter. I use a heavy moisturizer at night (CeraVe), so my skin is overall very well hydrated.
  47. Are you concerned that CeraVe contains parabens and dimethicone and other industrial chemicals that have been proven to have negative health affects?
  48. Can SolBan and Treninoin 0.04% be used together on face? SolBan in the morning everyday and Treninoin at night 3x a week?
  49. Stay away from all synthetic retinoids including Tretinoin. (Ray Peat Email Advice Depository). Im not sure if Tretinoin is bioidentical with physiological Retinoic Acid, but i would go directly for topical Retinolserum or Retinal(dehyd)- your skin will convert those anyway. (Retinaldehyde: Skin benefits of retinoids with less irritation )

    Anyway if Solban is used in combination especially with vitamin a, i would use it during the day as it is actually a sunblocker while vitamin a could increase the risk for sunburn (This is even known and recommended by dermatologists for all topical retinoids). It wouldnt make any sense the other way around.
  50. Yes I am, even though it's worked quite well for my face for a few years now. I am looking out for other options with less potentially dangerous substances. Anyone have a recommendation for a facial moisturizers?

  51. Yes I know of a really great facial moisturizer that is entirely organic and natural, and even promotes growth and life and the cellular life.

    It has a slimy viscosity and feels so good anywhere it is applied, it can also be used to lessen the amount of friction that my irritate a bodypart during bouts of physicality or repeated movement. It has a creamy white appearance but will absorb into the skin after a couple minutes of massage.

    Google Express - Kirkland Signature Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 84 oz
  52. @haidut

    I'm considering purchasing SolBan; do you think it would be helpful with hair loss associated with MPB as opposed to alopecia areata?

    If so, do you think it would improve the efficacy of vigorous massaging exercises (pinching the scalp)?
  53. Some people in this thread reported it helping for MPB. Topical caffeine for MBP is very hot topic. I posted a second study a few months ago that validated the original study results from a decade ago for using caffeine (0.001% - 0.01%) topically for MPB. Niaincamide and aspirin have also been studied for that. Topical antiserotonin blocking 5-HT2B receptor can also help as hair loss is a fibrosis issue to a degree. But caffeine, aspirin and thyroid are also strong anti-fibrotics.
  54. All interesting info, haidut, thanks. I'll place an order and leave a review.
  55. Hello,

    To all those using SolBan for rosacea, or at least have rosacea and are using SolBan, have you noticed a difference in the rosacea, and if so how long until you started noticing it?
    I just received SolBan and have used it once so far, just wondering!
  56. Haidut, where is the Solban on your IdeaLabs site? Are you discontinuing certain items? I've been using the Solban on my scalp prior to using a laser helmet.
  57. It's still showing up for me at least on the home page. Perhaps you're on the lab page?
  58. The only supplement that we are currently considering discontinuing is TyroMax. As Dan said, the SolBan is still available from the main page below.
  59. When I had niacin before (ages ago in vitamin form) if I had a hot drink afterwards (could be hours afterwards) I would get a red rash all over (itchy too). I thought niacinamide was different. But when I apply SolBan in the morning (never more than 5 sprays, just on my face) if I have a hot shower at night I am getting a red flushing on my shoulder blades, upper part of my chest and lower part of my neck, and my inner thighs all the way to my knees. It gets itchy on my thighs. It doesn't last very long. I know it's the SolBan, and I know it's not the caffeine or the aspirin or the ethanol (all of which I never have any reaction to).
    Can anyone explain this reaction to me?
    It's not enough to stop me using the SolBan, but I just want to know what's going on and if I should be worried?
  60. Niacinamide is supposed to NOT cause flushing. At least I have never heard of such a case. It could be an allergic reaction. Are you sure you are not allergic to caffeine or aspirin, or even niacinamide?
  61. Anyone using solban for hair purposes (or even skin and I guess you could say) try adding a gram of taurine to the bottle. It dissolves easily, and I noticed a better effect on the hair side with it added in.

    I'm also toying with the idea of increasing the caffeine content i
    With my own caffeine powder along with a microdose of dhea. I apply it before bed so too much could be an issue
  62. have been using Solban for a while and am happy with it, using it as a daily spf protection from the sun. @haidut do you know if this would protect me from developing hyper pigmentation on my upper lip if I was to irritate the area fairly often by waxing? I have been applying this all over my face but not specifically on the upper lip area. Btw. my skin is prone to pigmentation. Melanon is not an option for me as I find it to irritate my skin too much.
  63. If you look at the studies in the section for Niacinamide in the original thread you will see studies for hyperpigmentation. I can't comment on effectiveness, you will have to read the abstracts and decide for yourself.
  64. Thank you, Haidut. the results of the studies are impressive indeed.
  65. Yup, not allergic to caffeine or aspirin, have both all the time sans niacinamide. It's just strange because the flushing will only occur during/after a hot shower, which can be up to 12 hours later.
  66. Updated review: still using solban daily for sun protection. I spend 7-10 hours in the sun daily between work (commercial fishing) and other activities. Not a single sunburn in the past year.
  67. Amazing!
  68. Impressive @tyler
  69. what would be an appropriate dosage of taurine to add to a bottle of solban to achieve the effects of the taurine on hair growth study? @haidut
  70. Wow a commercial fisher. Do you ever get depression? Strange question I know but my theory is that those who work outside rarely if ever get depressive symptoms. The traditional modern day job is a recipe for emotional disaster and deteriorating health. I assume your health is quite good due to your life style.
  71. yo man!
    I am definitely not prone to depression. The most content part of my day is the 6-10 hour period I spend working on the water. I will of course have periods of doubt or problems, but nothing serious that I can't bounce out of. I see it more as a challenge to be accepted, they give me a direction to move.
    I moved away from the ocean and my line of work for a period of a few years to reside in Oregon (very rainy, cloudy). My first time spending the majority of my day and working indoors. My health crashed full on in that time period. That was the first and only time in my life I experienced serious depressive symptoms. Something I never even considered a possibility for me.
    Through that experience I found Ray. So for that I'm grateful. Since rewiring my diet and lifestyle around Peats idea, moving back to Rhode Island and taking on commercial fishing again, I've been in the best health (mentally/physically) I've ever personally experienced.
    I agree that light and being in natural settings is very important. I couldn't imagine living differently, especially if it meant sitting down all day, under fluorescent lights. Working intensely with my hands, body, and mind, in the sun and on the ocean, brings me an immense sense of confidence and satisfaction.

    Sorry to hijack your thread haidut. (Solban rulez)
  72. If you read the thread on taurine and hair growth you wil
    No problem, I rather enjoy these conversations :):
  73. Wow I might need to rethink my life lol. I typically work in doors but I hate being indoors as it really does bring your mood crashing down. That's great to hear mate.
  74. I wanted to report some experiences with SolBan. I have used two bottles over the past few months. In the past, I would use a Nivea shaving balm on my face and some lip balm each morning, because of dry flaky skin (not severe, mostly above eyebrows and crease near the nose). Since using just a couple of SolBan sprays in the morning (and no more nasty balm stuff), my skin looks great. The dryness is basically gone. In the past, the moments after showering or shaving would be worst (needing something like a wet towel for a mild scrub), but now generally I am fine without any topicals. Though the general appearance of the skin on my face was never really bad (hardly any pimples, acne the last few years), I have had people remark that the overall tone/color was much better and actually quite good on an absolute scale. Granted, during this time I also did improve my diet (i.e. I discovered Ray Peat's work), so it's no well-controlled experiment. Still, I would attribute these improvements for a large part to SolBan since my back (mild acne) has not really improved (and didn't receive any SolBan) while my face did.

    Regarding hair loss, I have not seen improvements after SolBan. I did not use a strict protocol (one or two sprays on the temples - mildly moist - in the morning and evening for about 1.5 month), but I'm guessing that that department requires a much more thorough approach (probably a combination of red light, proper nutrition, scalp massages, and supplements?) and a robustly high metabolism.

    A relative of mine developed a case of mild rosacea (diagnosed by a doctor) and got a prescription for some antibiotics to be taken for 3 (!) months. After a month without progress and an upset digestive system, the person reduced the antibiotics dose. I suggested to try to add some SolBan. Now, 2 months later, the skin is clear. Again, no proof that it's solely due to SolBan, but I was told that the person really liked the instant relief/calming effect (probably the stingy caffeine effect) that it gave on application and that the person used it throughout the day whenever itching was bad.

    So, I not trying to attribute miracles to the stuff, just trying to give an honest review and report some good experiences that have made me a big fan.
  75. Thanks, this is great! I am so glad it helped!
  76. did you experience hair regrowth with taurine added in?
  77. Is the solban a mist or is it a cream/serum? I'd like something I can just spray on and not lather in etc.
  78. It's a spray-on mist.
  79. seems weird but anybody ever try spraying solban on the testicles?
  80. .
  81. I will try this and report back
  82. I've been applying this to the front center of my hairline and while the rest of my hair has gotten thicker, the area i've been applying the Solban to has thinned out. Can this cause shedding before thicker hair grows back?

    Other than that, Solban has been working great on my skin and I thank you for the awesome product.
  83. This sounds good.

    I've used just coconut oil as sunscreen for many weeks at a time in 100 degree weather on the beach (eg Thailand, Mexico) and never been burnt. It's super effective on its own.

    Maybe will add some dissolved aspirin, caffeine etc next time too.
  84. It should make hair thicker. How are your cholesterol levels? How much are you applying? It needs to make the skin only slightly misty. No need to drench it in the stuff. The studies showed that using too much caffeine may inhibit hair growth. The lower concnetrations (0.001%) stimulated hair growth while the higher ones (0.05% - 0.1%) inhibited it. These concentrations are intracellular, so the 1% caffeine on SolBan should not be confused with the intracellular ones. Applying a little SolBan but not making the skin wet should get achieve the 0.001% intracellular concentrations.
  85. Does anyone have any more updates relating to using this for lipomas or sebaceous cysts?
  86. My cholesterol levels were very low last time I checked in October. My total was 100, hdl and ldl were both very low too. But that was right before I started eating R. Peat friendly. Does cholesterol affect hair? I admit I probably have been spraying a lot on my scalp allowing too much caffeine to get absorbed.
  87. Wondering how one would recommend applying it? I am currently using it on my scalp--as soon as I finish showering I part my wet hair working my way from one side to the other in about 1 inch segments spraying twice to cover all thinning areas. Do you think applying to wet hair might dilute it? I really want this to work in my daily routine. I was surprised and pleased it doesnt leave my hair feeling crispy--I blow dry my hair and it feel normal. I am so hesitant to say but I do believe it is helping to regrow hair in my temple region. Full disclosure I have been using my red light consistently as well but perhaps the two together is making the difference. Either way I am crossing my fingers and hope to continue with progress...
  88. Well, with low cholesterol steroidogenesis will be negatively affected. If the local metabolism of the cell is stimulated by SolBan and there is no cholesterol available this can cause a stress reaction. Low cholesterol also correlates with hair loss.
  89. SolBan is supposed to be applied on skin. People applying it on head usually have hair loss issues and apply it to the bald spots. Not sure why you would be applying it to hair, but if hair is wet it could dilute it. So, I would try to do it on dry hair at least.
  90. Thanks @haidut I do have hairloss but I am not completely bald so I part the hair I have to spray it on my scalp. Thanks for the reply
  91. I only use the oily zinc mix for extra protection when I expect to be out for longer in hot sun than usual. I use caffeine/aspirin/niacinamide in water solution much more often. They don't mix, so if I want to use both, I spray the water solution first, then the oily one a little later after the wet one has had a chance to absorb. And then if I got burnt anyway, I use more of the water solution later after washing off the oil.
  92. Thanks for taking your time to respond @haidut . I'm holding off on the Solban until I can get my cholesterol levels back up.
  93. I use this and a physical sunscreen (zinc oxide) over the top (Australian summer + very pale skin = need as much protection as possible!), they wouldn't react negatively together would they?
  94. I am not aware of any intercations. In fact, some sunscreen products have started to add caffeine or even aspirin to their core zinc oxide formula.
  95. haidut, would you mind making an exception and accepting paypal from me, like you used to?
  96. @haidut

    Love Solban, usually go through a bottle a month (two doses of 5 sprays per day abouts).

    I would like to be able to add some Kuinone, Lapodin, and possibly some T3 to Solban to help with skin health. Would this be OK, or do the DMSO preparations conflict with the Solban in any way?
    I was thinking maybe 30 drops Kuinone (so 1 drop per day of Kuinone over 10 sprays total), 60 drops of Lapodin, and 30mcg T3 to a full bottle of Solban.

    Any issues with this or better guidance on dosages?
  97. I think you can add all of these as the water, ethanol and DMSO usually mix well. The ones that do not mix well are tocopherol/MCT based supplements and ethanol/water/DMSO based ones. The doses of additional supplements you want to add depend on what you are trying to achieve, but the doses you mentioned should have a positive synergistic effect with the SolBan ingredients.
  98. Haidut, thank you so much for helping create these great products and pouring out all this research so we truly know the ingredients you use, work.

    I am actually one of the unfortunate sufferers of Post-Finasteride Syndrome, and through my activity in another forum, I came across one of your products, 5a-DHP, and I have definitely seen some interesting effects take place after taking it.

    With that being said, I wanted to let you know, I've finally had time to look more into these forums and read about this product in particular, which I am definitely planning on buying. It was brought to my attention after I told someone in another forum that after developing PFS, I received a lot of bad skin issues (wrinkling, eye bags, saggy facial skin).

    Gonna go ahead and buy one or two bottles, and I'll be sure to keep you, as well as the others in this thread posted. I'll also try using it on my hair (full head, kind of long hair at the moment) and keep you guys posted on that as well :)
  99. Thanks for the nice words! And please do keeps us posted on results with SolBan and 5a-DHP.
  100. A few sprays of SolBan gave me instant pain relief on a mild (1st degree?) burn I got on my finger from touching a very hot cast iron pan.

    I'm not sure if this was the placebo effect or not, and I'm not sure why it worked, but it seemed to give me instant local pain relief and prevented blistering — which may or may not have occurred without the SolBan application, but it seemed like the kind of burn that has caused blistering in the past. Instead of the skin turning white and blistering, it got saturated in SolBan and just stayed red until it healed.

    When the dull "after burn" pain was about to set in, I just remember thinking, SolBan is supposed to help with sunburn, right? Maybe it'll help with this.

    Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there. Another potential use for SolBan. Many thanks @haidut !