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SolBan - Liquid Aspirin/Caffeine/Niacinamide Mix

  1. Hi Haidut! I love the Solban so far. I have been doing the caffine for liver health & I crashed and burned the last 4 days. After reviewing everything I am doing ...I am wondering how much caffine is absorbed on average, from the Solban. I read something somewhere and can't find it again. Looks like I may have to use it in the morning like you mentioned, for sure. And then figure in the mg. In to my total caffine. My hearts crazy beating at night, I feel so burned out......and I was doing so wonderfully. Maybe a little teak figuring solban caffine will help.
  2. I think caffeine is 1% concentration, and 4-5 sprays is 1ml, so 10mg caffeine in every 4-5 sprays.
  3. Oh..that's not going to be the culprit. I must need to just back off caffine a little. Thanks !
  4. if niacin forces fat into the blood,

    wouldn't that be a better way to get rid of PUFA ?

    Niacinamide blocks fat from being burned, therefore you hold onto the PUFA for longer ?

    Could you see any use for niacin ?
  5. My understanding of Peat's approach to this is that the PUFA is likely to do more harm when it's released into circulation than when it's tucked away in storage. Some will be released into circulation anyway, and the body can dispose of a little relatively safely. Flooding the system with lots PUFAs released from storage risks more trouble. I think he said 50-100mg niacinamide a few times a day would still allow the PUFA to be slowly released, but not in such overwhelming quantities. And it would help support the detoxification processes.
  6. Hi Haidut how are you ?

    I received the package yesterday with one bottle of Solban and one of Estroban, but about half of the Solban bottle came spilled on the package =/ What now?

    Also, the same questions: Are there any bad site effects from Solban? like Sexual/libido or Gynecomastia?

    What are the recommended daily doses?

    Does Solban help hair loss? For how long can I use Solban?

    Also what time of the day is better to take Estroban and spray Solban

    Thanks in advance for your time, have a nice day =)
  7. Sorry to hear about that.
    You can file a claim with USPS for damaged package. This is the link and you use the tracking number to open a claim.

    There is no known side effect to SolBan except for possibly dryer skin at site of application. Not sure why think SolBan can give you gynecomastia...Never heard of this happen to anyone or know of a mechanism through which one of the ingredients can cause it.
    There is no recommended dose, except to keep in mind that about 5 sprays give you 1ml, so if you use 5 sprays it should last about 60 days. The effects of SolBan on hair loss are discussed in the studies at the beginning of the thread and several people in the thread have discussed their experience with SolBan on hair loss. It is highly illegal for me to discuss usage of this product for any actual conditions.
    EstroBan can be used at the same time as SolBan as the two do not interfere with each others' absorption. Some people use EstroBan in the evening since it gives it time to absorb and not make them oily during the day when they wear more clothes.

  8. Thank you for the quick reply =D But is Estroban topical or oral?
  9. We are only licensed for topical use but many people on the forum use it orally apparently. Read through the full thread for more info.
  10. This has been quite awesome for me! It cured a face sunburn I got while spending all day at the beach using 4 times per day for 2 days following; no peeling occurred and burn converted to a tan. Also, twice I burned my finger (different finger each time) on the stove, about low-severity 2nd degree burn each time, and applied the spray to the burn within 5 minutes. The pain lingered for about 15 more minutes, but the redness disappeared within a half-hour and I had no blistering both times. Pretty amazing for the kitchen. Thanks!
  11. This is amazing, thanks for sharing! If you do find other uses for SolBan please keep us posted.

  12. Hi Haidut, did this ever get answered? Curious to know your take on it, I was also under the impression that prolonged and consistent use of alcohol on the skin (i.e. as a large percentage of a skincare solution) wasn't the best but there is so much information out there it's hard to know what's real and what's not...
  13. The ethanol in SolBan is not high concentration and a good deal of it probably evaporates before having a chance to affect the skin. I have not heard a single complaint so far of people using SolBan saying their skin is somehow negatively affected, but it's good that you bring this up. Maybe it will encourage people to step forward.

  14. Thankyou Haidut, I’ve purchased and been using SolBan myself and love the product!! I have already seen great results during and after sun exposure, prevented burning and calmed my skin down significantly afterwards. I plan on continuing to use SolBan as I think its fantastic and I’ll be recommending it to my fam and friends, love your work :hattip I only raise the issue of ethanol as it may be a tweak in the product to consider altering in the future (or maybe not, depending on how its affect on the skin, or lack there of, is interpreted from the research). I have read a few studies pointing to the detrimental affects of ethanol when used on the skin and don’t want to be doing ongoing detriment behind the scenes, so to speak. I haven’t noticed anything negative at all when using it, quite the opposite and I'd say you're right about it evaporating before having any chance to affect the skin, but just thought I would raise it :)
    One example is this study http://www.alcoholjournal.org/article/S0741-8329(02)00198-2/abstract

    "Ethanol is commonly used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations. To test whether ethanol may cause apoptosis in skin cells, we treated A431 epidermoid skin cells and neonatal human primary skin cells with different concentrations of ethanol, for different time periods. Ethanol was toxic to cells in both a dose- and time-dependent manner and increased the percentage of cells undergoing apoptosis. Treatment of cells with 40 and 100 mM ethanol increased release of the proinflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) into culture medium and increased its expression in cells. The TNF-α was toxic to A431 epidermoid skin cells at concentrations similar to those released by cells on exposure to ethanol. Ethanol-treated cells examined by electron microscopy showed organelle damage, condensed chromatin, and apoptotic bodies. Therefore, even at low concentrations, ethanol may induce apoptosis in skin cells by enhancing the effects of TNF-α.”
  15. I like solban, and intend to keep using it. I suspect a slight drying from the ethanol, but I figure there may be need for it as a preservative as well as it's solvent propeties, and I like the product enough to keep using it. I think it has helped resolve unintentional sunburn more quickly, and I often put a couple of squirts on my face in the morning.
  16. Yep, the ethanol is there for sanitization as well. It is especially relevant in the DMSO products, since ethanol helps clear the skin keeping in mind how powerfully DMSO will drag with it everything lying on the surface.
  17. 2 questions for @haidut & all:
    - a) Experience or opinions for SolBan use when sweating and/or in water sports?
    - b) Useful/less to combine with zinc oxide based sunblocks?

    I will be surfing & hiking for 2 weeks near the equator and considering taking SolBan as my only sunscreen.

    p.s. I already SolBan but am in Britain so haven't tested it yet.
  18. If you use it about an hour before going into the sun/water it should absorb in the skin sufficiently to not be easily washed off by water or sweat. And yes, I see no issue with adding zinc oxide on top of SolBan to make the sunblock effect even stronger. However, I have not tested this myself so can't vouch for it.
  19. I'm not Haidut, but I'll stick my opinion in anyway. :)
    I would not rely on solban alone if you are going to get a lot more sun than you are used to. I like and use solban both preventively and for recovery, but I've also been burnt while wearing it if the sun was hot and long enough.
    Zinc is good for a stronger protection. My most effective brew so far was cocoa butter + coconut oil + beeswax + zinc oxide (not nano-sized). The beeswax makes it stick much better in the surf.
  20. If a person wanted to experiment with SolBan for hair loss issues, how would one go about doing it. Should it be left on all day, or is there a minimum/maximum absorption time frame after which it could be washed out?
  21. There is no need to wash off SolBan. As far as I know most people using it for hair loss apply it twice a day - morning and night - and do not purposefully wash it off.
  22. Thank you haidut. Another experiment in the making.
  23. After daily application of more than 3 months, there was no improvement. Looks like shedding continued. I don't think the product is marketed for hair regrowth, but we did want to give it a try for that just in case. Application was 1 x day, so perhaps more applications would have worked better, but I was lucky to get even that compliance from them. So, that's my update. Hope others have better luck with it if they are trying it for hair loss. I will use the rest of the bottle this spring/summer for sun exposure.
  24. Actually, I think I will use the rest of the SolBan alternately with MelaNon on those scars/places I have been treating with MelaNon for the last 7.5 weeks. To see if it speeds up the results. Does this sound like a good idea? SolBan in the a.m., MelaNon in the p.m., or vice versa.
  25. I don't see a reason why not. Naringenin and apigenin in MelaNon are GABA agonists so the make you sleepy. Thus, it is a good idea to use MelaNon at night, as you mentioned.
  26. It seems to have speeded up the process to use them in the same day like that. The skinned-knee scar seems a little lighter and smaller after a week.
  27. Good news! Thanks, and keep us posted.
  28. I was just going to report that I have been using solban 1x day in the morning instead of my usual sunscreen and it has lightened and in some instances even made my pigmentation disappear from my face. Considering that I have been using retin-A for so long and no results, I'm really impressed and only after 2 months. Now I'm tempted by the melanon for night use as well.
  29. Awesome, glad it helped! In addition to MelaNon, topical EstroBan may also have positive effect on facial skin health (and skin elsewhere on the body).
  30. Hold up, are you saying that you still had some left from a single bottle after 3 months of application? How many sprays were you using in the daily application?
  31. Would it be dangerous to mix dmso into this ?

    I read DMSO will amplify each supplement by about 10 times.
  32. haidut said that these ingredients are better absorbed with water/ethanol. Also, DMSO probably doesn't improve caffeine absorption which is usually close to 100%.
  33. This.
    DMSO is best used for steroids since it definitely potentiates their effect and absorption. Aspirin, caffeine and niacinamide absorb just fine in ethanol/water solution. Especially caffeine, which is both water and lipid soluble.
  34. Two sprays one time per day.
  35. Good topically for eczema?
  36. Can't say anything directly about eczema since it is an FDA-designated condition. But each of the ingredients of SolBan has been studied for eczema. If you look at the studies, you will find what you need.
  37. How have some users of this formula applied it on the skin in similar cases? how many drops and how often?
  38. It's a spray suplement, so covering the area with a few sprays is enough. The ponts is to get the area just a tad moist s that it has a fine mist over it, not drench it with liquid to the point of the drops starting to drip down an fall off. This usually means just a few sprays even on a larger area like your forearm. This way the supplement will also last longer.
  39. thanks
  40. I too am noticing drier skin as I'm using Solban and then Retinil on my face.

    Should we be worried that prolonged use of the ethanol will increase free radical damage (aging)?

    "Small amounts (about 3% alcohol, but keep in mind skincare products contain amounts ranging from 5% to 60% or more) applied to skin cells in lab settings over the course of two days increased cell death by 26%." Ethanol signals for apoptosis in cultured skin cells. - PubMed - NCBI (from Alcohol in Skincare: The Facts)

    Also "The research is clear: Alcohol harms your skin’s protective barrier, triggers free-radical damage, incites inflammation, and makes oily skin and redness worse. To put it simply, it’s pro-aging."

    How can we negate these effects with Solban?

    And do you think I should stop using Retinil on my face? I was thinking to use it there as a substitute for Retin-A/retinol... but not sure if it matters where I put it. The ethanol is concerning me...
  41. The doses of ethanol you will get from applying either one of these two products topically are not likely to lead to skin aging, especially considering the active ingredients in both substances are anti-aging for the skin. The study you mention found effects after only 2 days. You must have been using the products for longer than that. Have you noticed any signs of skin aging? The drying is most likely due to the inhibition of sebum production by aspirin and caffeine, not so much the ethanol.
  42. Been using Solban on my face and scalp to treat a bad case of Seborrheic Dermatitis and so far after 5 weeks it has not returned, which is the longest I have been s.d. free in over 20 years.. Nothing has even come close to working this well, and I have tried everything. I know its the solban because I still have the flare up in the middle of my back where I can not reach with the spray bottle. I have also added taurine to a bottle and applying it to my hairline daily, with some tiny hairs returning. I will keep you updated..
  43. How much taurine did you add to the Solban bottle?

    @haidut, what dose of taurine would you suggest adding, assuming you agree it's a good idea?
  44. This is fantastic! Thanks for reporting!
    Did you make your own taurine solution or add it to the SolBan?
  45. I think taurine is not very soluble in water, and at room temp you can do like 50mg/ml solution of taurine. It's probably enough to have an effect though, especially when combined with SolBan.
  46. I used the 2 gram scoop that came with the taurine added to a full bottle of solban. Went through that whole bottle without it clogging, but I shake it quit vigorously before applying. It does make your hair a bit stiff, but that is the only side effect so far, and I have not had any white residue form on my scalp either...
  47. I use the 2 gram scoop that came with the container of taurine to a whole bottle of s.b....
  48. Just checked and it is a 1 gram scoop, the 2 gram was from another supplement container...
  49. What I noticed is if I use the Retinil too often on top of the Solban (I use Solban every morning), my face feels dry and starts to get red, like it's irritated (it looks worse than it feels).

    If I don't have to worry about aging or damaging my skin, then I'll continue using them. Maybe I just need to put a cream on top... I was worried I'd interfere with the absorption.
  50. I have a three lipomas that I have not yet had surgically removed. I'll order and give this a try and see what happens.
  51. Solban definitely is helping with dry skin on face and hairline. Also my hair looks fuller on the temple hairline and skin looks younger on my face.

    No change in moles so far. Overall this is one of my favorite products because of the overall energy boost it also gives without jittery effects of caffeine.
  52. Do you spray it directly on your face? Ever get it in your eyes by accident?
  53. Excellent! How often are you using it?
  54. Yes directly to face and scalp. So far not in my eyes but iv never felt burning even rubbing it around the eyes.
  55. A lot, 2-3 times a day on face and scalp, maybe 5-7 sprays each time. Also put it on my stomach and chest and back which have a good amount of moles that I'm keeping an eye on.
  56. Good to know, thanks again. If there is any change in mole status please keep us posted.
  57. For sure.

    Also haidut, I don't think you saw my question in the aspirin treating cancer thread. Would the amount of aspirin in this supplement be enough of a low dose for cancer prevention or does it have to be taken orally for the same effect?
  58. If you use 5 sprays 2-3 times a day you may get blood concentrations of aspirin and caffeine that may make a difference systemically. Just eating citrus and other ripe fruit daily gives you enough salicylic acid to get the anti-cancer benefit of aspirin.
  59. Hi Haidut,
    I purchased SolBan and I love it! Wanted to know if I can use it as a sunscreen when I go to the beach ? All over my body . And why can't you make a bigger bottle also?
  60. Yes, that is the primary purposes really - i.e. to be used as sunscreen and over large body areas. We can make bigger bottles but our current bottle supplier has not been able to supply bigger bottles and we are close to dumping them and going with a different vendor. If we make a bigger bottle I will post in this thread and probably provide an option for people to select various sizes from the website.
  61. Ok good . Thank you!
  62. I've been snowboarding regularly with only SolBan on my face instead of sunscreen with GREAT success. No sunburn but a very nice tan..
    It's spring conditions right now, so with clear skies and bright sun, the reflections off the snow can really burn the ***t out of your face if you don't wear sunscreen.
    Feels great to not have to slather a bunch of mystery chemicals on my face- thanks Haidut you da man.
    Also would like to mention, that my face has a tendency to break out if I'm not careful what I put on it. No issues with this.
  63. It say it come in glass bottle, I get plastic bottle. Why you do this
  64. Just reading up here, as I'm using the SolBan, love feedback on efficacy as sunscreen, and now the taurine effects. Would you mind giving an update on how your seb derm is doing? As to the mention of hair regrowth, what do you have to report there? I'm interested in having my husband try this combo on his scalp for hair loss.

  65. Still S.D. free for the most part with only a flake or two on scalp and none on my face for the last 3 months, which is amazing for me... As far as hair regrowth, as before only some very fine hairs, no head carpet yet! But definitely has reduced hair loss significantly, which I have observed by keeping a close check of hair content in my brush which is noticeably less.. Still trying to get the taurine ratio optimal to obtain maximum results without gumming spray bottle tube and scalp, so far 1-2 grams per SolBan bottle shaken before use.. The only negative so far is stiff hair that feels like it has 3 coats of aquanet sprayed on it, which for me is a small price to pay.. Oh and I go through a bottle of SolBan in about 10 days..
  66. Perfect! Always glad to hear about success using our products! How often do use SolBan daily when snowboarding?
  67. Solban is my favorite product from haidut. I use a lot so I'd love a bigger bottle option with maybe a slightly reduced price. It's definitely thickening up my hair and making my skin look younger on my face.
  68. Would also like to give this product a review as summer has arrived here as well. Perfect as sun screen and definitely tightens up the skin as well - really loving this product so just ordered two more bottles the other day. A larger option or multi-discount would be very welcome :D
  69. Noted, working on getting a bigger spray bottle from the vendor.
  70. Thanks for the feedback! As I mentioned in the other response above, we are working on getting a bigger spray bottle from the vendor.
  71. Three sprays in the morning and then three sprays about halfway through the day! Still having great success with it.
  72. @haidut Would adding taurine to the formula be an option? For its effect on hair loss. not sure if you thought about that
  73. Wow, what a report! Consider the Aquanet effect an insurance policy against losing any more hair! :oldman Besides, if you're old enough to know the name Aquanet, you don't need to stress about your hair, do you? :???: Only kidding. I stress about my husband's hair-- just wish he would!

    Maybe it was another conversation about SolBan, but isn't that enough on its own to spur hair growth, maybe along with red light therapy? My husband's been doing that combo, not for a terribly long time-- and not sure how long it might take to see results. But with the SB and light, I have noticed some slight improvement, like you, probably more so reduced hair loss than hair regrowth. I'll consider the larger bottle as well, now that I'm using it to as a sunscreen and finish to my make-up each morning.

    Wonderful to hear your success on seb derm. It's no fun having skin issues-- I can relate. But we are truly blessed to have access to such great products such as Haidut's, as well as many people, like you, who help others by sharing their Peat-inspired experiences and ideas.

  74. Yes its true, knowing what Aquanet is proves I have an incurable case of old.. I will keep this thread updated with any improvements I have with my Peat-cedure's and haiduts awesome product.. Cheers!
  75. I may make a separate supplement for that. SolBan is pretty solid as a formulation and does not leave much of a residue when applied. Also, it is still primarily a sunscreen replacement and taurine adds nothing to that AFAIK. It won't hurt either but there is not much evidence for skin health and this is what SolBan tries to be primarily - sunscreen and skin anti-aging. The other benefits are more of side effects.
    I have tried topical taurine and it absorbs but it leaves a white coating on the skin for a few hours and it looks like dried out sweat after a run. So, I will have to figure something out when it comes to topical taurine.
  76. Why are not more people with acne trying this?

    4% nicotinamide gel is of comparable efficacy to 1% clindamycin gel in the treatment of acne vulgaris. Because topical clindamycin, like other antimicrobials, is associated with emergence of resistant microorganisms, nicotinamide gel is a desirable alternative treatment for acne vulgaris.“
    (Shalita AR1, Smith JG, Parish LC, Sofman MS, Chalker DK. (1995). Topical nicotinamide compared with clindamycin gel in the treatment of inflammatory acne vulgaris. Int J Dermatol.)

    „Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) has been implicated in the inflammatory phase of acne vulgaris. It has been
    shown to activate interleukin-8 (IL-8) secretion by interacting with Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR-2) on the surface of keratinocytes. Nicotinamide has been shown to be an effective treatment for skin inflammation in various conditions, including acne vulgaris.
    Our results indicate that nicotinamide inhibits IL-8 production through the NF-kappaB and MAPK pathways
    in an in vitro keratinocytes/P. acnes model of inflammation. Keratinocytes involved in the innate immune response may be a
    suitable target for treatment during the early phase of inflammation.“
    (Grange PA1, Raingeaud J, Calvez V, Dupin N. 2009. Nicotinamide inhibits Propionibacterium acnes-induced IL-8 production in keratinocytes through the NF-kappaB and MAPK pathways. J Dermatol Sci. Nov;56(2):106-12)

    It also seems to help againts PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) which are long lasting red marks that follow inflamed pimples:

    „Niacinamide is the physiologically active derivative of vitamin B3 or niacin. In-vitro studies show that
    niacinamide significantly decreases melanosome transfer to keratinocytes without inhibiting tyrosinase activity or cell
    proliferation, and niacinamide may also interfere with the cell-signaling pathway between keratinocytes and melanocytes to
    decrease melanogenesis.66 One of the advantages of niacinamide is its stability being unaffected by light, moisture, acids, alkalis, or oxidizers.23 The safety and efficacy of niacinamide for PIH in darker skinned individuals has not been studied; however, topical 2 to 5% niacinamide has shown some efficacy when used alone or in combination with N-acetyl glucosamine for the treatment of melasma and UV-induced hyperpigmentation in fair-skinned patients and Asians.66–68“
    (Davis, E. C., & Callender, V. D. (2010). Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation: A Review of the Epidemiology,
    Clinical Features, and Treatment Options in Skin of Color. The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, 3(7), 20–31.)
  77. Thanks for posting these. I fully agree, I think people benefit and it may be just due to not many people knowing about these effects until you pointed them out :):
  78. Just thought I'd post my Solban experience.
    3 full days dawn till dusk Disney World vacation in the sun.
    Just got a nice tan.
    Surrounded by sunburn tragedies. I was skeptical I must admit at first.
    I'm sold now.
    Thanks Haidut for another quality product
  79. @haidut Say you go to the beach and want to protect your whole body. How many of those beach days could I do with one bottle?
  80. Why do you think so? There is actually no available data on topical caffeine and acne. I also couldnt find any anecdotal evidence from acne boards. It is added to a few so called "beauty products" but not in context of acne.
  81. Acne, if hormonal, is driven by the excessive conversion of DHEA into androgens like DHT in peripheral tissues. The culprit behind the elevated DHEA is often estrogen as it irritates the adrenals and turns off the negative feedback mechanism. So, blocking estrogen and opposing local tissue androgens often helps. Caffeine has progesterone and anti-estrogen effects and both of these have been found helpful against acne.
    Caffeine Increases Pregnenolone & Progesterone In The Brain
    Caffeine is a potent anti-estrogen; can block estrogen "receptor" completely

    PubMed does not have much info on caffeine/acne but there are Russian studies from the 1960s showing good effects on acne from 8 weeks usage of topical caffeine solution.
  82. Should this have p5p in it ?
  83. Do you apply it to the skin and scalp?
  84. There is P5P in Energin. I try to keep the products more or less "orthogonal" do there is not much overlap in ingredients. This way a few products cane be combined if need to get a mix the person is looking after. I don't see a problem mixing Energin and SolBan and then spraying that mixture on the skin. It will stain, but other than that it should have good effects.
  85. @haidut given the niacinamide and aspirin, could it be effective against skin fungus?
  86. I can't answer directly but if you look at the studies posted in the original thread you will see that there are some dealing with skin fungus.
  87. Thought I'd add this product has helped my skin in appearance and texture I use it once a day on my forehead and under my eyes my skin feels great and have had no acne
  88. Perfect, keep these feedbacks coming please (honest of course)!
  89. It has been effective on insect bits as well. After receiving 5 mosquito bites I applied SolBan to each bite, and more whenever I felt a little itch, and it has lessened swelling, redness, itching and healing time by about 70% for me, and I usually have a fairly severe reaction to mosq bites.. Not as good as say 2% cortisone cream but far less toxic. One more tool to become toxin less, I love it! On a side note, as bad as mosuito bites are for me I rarely used to get bit, even while my friends would get eaten alive, but after a couple of years of "P-ting" I now get swarmed. Could this be due to producing more co2?? Thanks for the mosquito bites Dr. Peat..
  90. Awesome, thanks for sharing! How much do you spray on each bite?
  91. A little dab on a finger taken directly from bottle, then lightly rub enough to prevent dripping off bite ..
  92. OK, thanks. I guess roughly equivalent to 1-2 sprays.
  93. Sounds about right..
  94. Haidut, I have been using SolBan for quite some time now, to help to lighten the dark pigmentation on my upper lip caused by melasma. I also just recently ordered the EstroBan to attempt at night instead of the SolBan. I'm wondering if you think a crushed aspirin and coffee ground mixture would work topically if I put it on the darkened area, for about 10 minutes per day, to help lighten it? It's 100% a vanity thing, but I do have olive skin, and I feel it's quite noticeable. I do feel self-conscious about it, and I would like to lighten it more if possible.
    Thanks in advance!
  95. Recently I posted that estrogen and progesterone control skin pigmentation - estrogen darkens it and progesterone lightens it.
    Estrogen Darkens Skin Color, Progesterone Lightens It
    So, I would apply some pregnenolone or progesterone. But given caffeine's progesteronic qualities that may work as well. I just have not tried it for lightening so I don't know for sure.
  96. Thanks Haidut! I will try the progesterone first for a few months. If that doesn't seem to help, I will then try the progesterone. I appreciate your help :)
  97. Interesting supplement, but I'm wondering... I read in another thread that aspirin could be hard on the stomach lining as the aspirin binds with the glycine there. Could topical aspirin in the face bind with glycine in the skin of the face and thereby weaken the skin?
  98. Never seen anything to indicate that topical aspirin causes that. In fact, aspirin is sometimes used in anti-aging facial masks and has some remarkable effects, which have led Revlon to file a patent application for what is essentially my SolBan :):