So Is The Absolute Amount Of PUFA Important Or The Proportion Of SFA To PUFA?


Feb 13, 2016
I think I've seen Peat argue both ways... in some articles he says the proportion of SFA to PUFA is more important, but in others he says he keeps fat intake low because even high sources of SFA have PUFA in them, which suggests that the absolute amount of PUFA is more important.

Intuitively, I think keeping overall fat low would be more important, but does Peat ever decisively say one is better than the other/does anyone have any studies examining this?
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Jan 6, 2015
In peat view in overall you need to keep fat intake relatively low,probably because of co2, so there is not much room for SFA to balance the pufa.

You also have lipid peroxidation with high pufa intake.

So absolute pufa intake is important I believe.


Jun 19, 2016
Is 48g of fat considered low on a 2300 kcal diet? About 4g of that is PUFA,
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