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Smoking and Autoimmune Diseases


Feb 11, 2013

I would like to create an article repository related to smoking and AI -- especially Hashimoto's.

Smoking and autoimmune thyroid disease: the plot thickens -- by Gerasimos E Krassas and Wilmar Wiersinga, European Journal of Endocrinology, June 1, 2006.

(lots of good references!)

Gerasimos E Krassas & Wilmar Wiersinga said:
According to the above-mentioned hypothesis, to stop smoking would decrease the risk of GH* but increase the risk of HH**. It is unknown whether ex-smokers put themselves at higher risk of autoimmune hypothyroidism by quitting smoking. In the NHANES III study there were no significant associations between a history of prior, but not current, smoking and any thyroid outcome, although there were fewer smokers among the 454 individuals taking thyroid-related medication (16.6%, 95% CI 11.7–21.5) than among the individuals not reporting thyroid-altering medications (32.2%, 95% CI 30.5–33.8) (5). Whereas hypothyroidism is easily treatable, GH and especially GO can be more difficult to treat. It follows that, particularly in view of the many other adverse health outcomes associated with smoking, the standard advice should always be to discontinue smoking.

(my highlights)

Hmm... How about checking TSH hormone levels first and then advising whether a person should quit smoking or not? And maybe conducting some studies in which to find an optimal way for all smokers to quit, while keeping a close eye on their thyroids? Is anybody doing that? I don't think so. :cry:

*Graves' hyperthyroidism
**Hashimoto's hypothyroidism

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