Smoked meat, liquid smoke and smoke aroma-is it bad?


Jun 18, 2013
Has Ray Peat ever said anything about smoked meat or different ingredients in meat like smoke aroma?


Aug 9, 2012
I don't know if it's bad, but personally I can't really tolerate liquid smoke.


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
freal said:
Has Ray Peat ever said anything about smoked meat or different ingredients in meat like smoke aroma?

I don't remember in which article but Ray did say that smoked meat is bad. I think it had to something to do with cross-linking of proteins and forming aromatic hydrocarbons, or something along those lines.


Jan 22, 2013
probably more to do with the fact that the meat or whatever is smoked is dry cooked...possibly charred or burnt, moreso than the ashes from the smoke. Most charcoals and ligher fluids and stuff have carcinogenic chemicals, but with a pure log fire I don't think the ash itself would pose a might actually have some benefits in small amounts. But the method of cooking, temperature...probably make a difference, that the food can expand in water rather than shrivel or get burnt in the heat...and that the smoke is not coming from a carcinogenic, chemical laden source

as far as liquid thinking since such a small amount is being used it might go unnoticed...but probably 99.9% of it is made from or with or in an impure way. Take home message...if youre gonna grill or smoke food, marinate it or get it really saturated moist first, wrap it in a corn husk or banana leaf or something to keep it moist and from burning, and only use real wood or wood chips. Other methods could have potential, but not clearly defined or understood, being that there are many variables included, irritations
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