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Sicker Than Ever, Finding It Hard To Research Effectively

Discussion in 'Supplements, Pharmaceutical Drugs' started by Zpol, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Zpol

    Zpol Member

    I hope someone can give me some direction. I've posted before and got many helpful suggestions, although some of them were conflicting. I've been researching myself for many years but seem to only come up with more questions, and rarely any answers. Been trying various diets and supp's, always maintaining hope that I'll figure it out. But now I'm so sick and not able to do much for myself. I just got over a 10 month battle with gastritis, was feeling pretty decent, then, three weeks ago I started getting vertigo/woozines/light-headed and migraines, then started getting stiffness/pain in my neck and shoulders, along with eye floaters and tinnitus, also lack of appetite and some dry heaves, and lots of fatigue. Interestingly, not really any fever. I took my temp a few times and it ranged from 98 to 98.8 Fahrenheit, my pulse has ranged from 80 to 95ish. The pain reminds me of when I was nearly hospitalized for a mysterious illness which was indicated by elevated liver enzymes, this was about 17 years ago. They said it wasn't meningitis but they never took a spinal tap so I don't know how they determined that. I am thinking it could have been an aseptic form of meningitis. If so, it could have been a virus which then turned into a retrovirus, popping up again due to stress...just a theory of mine. I've read RP's theory that retroviruses are really just endotoxin, this could very well be as I did have a severe autoimmune flare-up when this all started. I cannot take Charcoal due the constipating nature of it but have been eating raw carrots most days. On that note; I do have recurring Herpes Zoster which was verified via swab test, not active at the moment though since I don't feel any rashes. I have many diagnoses; Celiac, multiple food allergies, minor scoliosis, Raynauds, hemorrhoids, SIBO, IBS, gastritis, PCOS, GERD, laryngopharyngeal reflux, pulsatile tinnitus, and MTHFR polymorphism (and all the vitamin/mineral deficiencies that go with it).

    In the last few months I've added in Energin, Estroban, 3 drops Oxidal, and Kuinone (had been taking before but not regularly), I switched to trasndermal Magnesium (Magnoil). Been taking Wobenzyme N for the past year (proteolytic enzymes), Progesterone 200mg for the last 10 days of my cycle. I take Cascara or Aloe latex every evening for years. I've tried Lapodin, Mitolipin, and Difibron with no effect so I stopped. I've tried dozens of rounds of herbal antibiotics and one round of Xifaxan with no effect. I have to take Zyrtec daily, I'm sure this isn't great for my stomach but I need it for environmental allergies. I take T4 and T3, 5:1 ratio everyday, my TSH was 0.4 a couple months ago, free T3 was well within range indicating my cortisol levels are okay (also been tested for Cushings - result is negative), my temps/pulses have been consistently about 97.8 F / 80 bpm upon waking and rise to 98.1 to 98.5 / 88 bpm in the afternoon evening.

    Since this neck pain, wooziness, and frequent migraines started up, I've added in Lauricidin (low dose), Riboflavin with meals (I'm trying different dosages), I've stopped the Energin since B6 can trigger migraines, added Lysine and BCAA's (Amino Pro), stopped with gelatin because of the high arginine content, added in aspirin (alka-seltzer) 650mg 2 or 3 times per day. Also, my boyfriend has a cold so I've been taking lots of Zinc lozenges the last few days. About to start with 3 grams creatine, probably add back in Mitolipin since I have two bottles left.

    Not sure where to go from here. I feel so out of it, like my head is swimming. I would do cyproheptadine but I'm already constipated and lethargic so that probably wouldn't help... still got to get to work so I can afford all these therapies and healthy food!

    I've gathered that I've got imbalanced serotonin to dopamine and high Nitric Oxide, in addition to low CO2 (pranayama breathing is helping when I feel panic attacks coming on).

    I've got 3 angles I can start from: Can anyone help determine which angle to start with?

    A) Maximize my cellular respiration and increase synthesis of ATP, and only then attempt to wipe out infections. (perhaps using an ATP supp, high dose of B1, B2, and Niacinamide). Or would this be too much in my fragile state?

    B) Wipe out bacterial and viral infections with Lauricidin, mushrooms, Xylitol, turpentine + sugar, tetracyclines, herbal antibiotics, and only then try to increase cellular energy.

    C) Pound the anti-serotonin, anti-nitric oxide supp's, including Metergoline, Famotidine (Pepcid), keep up the 1300mg of aspirin every day, increase Vit K supp's, add in Niacinamide and continue with Riboflavin but not the other B's since they may be increasing energy too much and the B6 maybe contributing to migraines.

    D) Since I'm almost 40 years old..."The older the person is, the more emphasis should be put on protective inhibition, rather than immediately increasing energy production. Magnesium, carbon dioxide, sleep, red light, and naloxone might be appropriate at the beginning of therapy."~ RP. In which case; how much red light?, would I do bag breathing for CO2 or is there a better way? how do I dose with Naloxone and where do I get it?

    E) Shell out $1500.00 and call Chris Masterjohn (or someone else?) and do whatever he says. I'm sure this will include at least $2000 for the lab work he will need in order to analyze my condition. I'm sure half my stress is coming from not having hundreds of hours to spend understanding biochem and formulate a protocol I can be confident in (currently, I read tonnes of info but don't know how to put it all together for me individually; contradictions, exipients, food combining, etc.).

    You know what would be awesome... a health coach that could teach how to best take advantage of all @haidut 's supp's (dosing schedules, what to use with what and vice versa, etc.) and formulate individual protocols incorporating them for people. Some one who could teach and not indoctrinate. It's daunting, if not impossible, for people who are already sick to try to do all our own research and come to our own conclusions.

    Have to do something soon... I'm almost out of vacation and got to get back to work.
    I hope you all don't mind, I'm tagging some people who I've been following for inspiration because from your posts I've read you have been in similar low states but somehow came through... @messtafarian , @thebigpeatowski , @Peatful , @tara , @Blossom , @Regina , @Elderflower j58 (I know you are still struggling but you seem to always stay strong!), and of course @GAF (especially inspired by you, I recently had to quit dance because of this illness, hope I can get back at it someday like you!).
  2. achillea

    achillea Member

    Do you use wifi, if so turn it off. Do you have a smart meter? How far from a cell tower are you? Use your cellphone as little as possible and put it on airplane mode when not In use.

    Oft times weird degeneration can be attributed to EMF especially wireless.

    What do you have to lose? Try it
  3. achillea

    achillea Member

    Don't want to believe it. It is the plague of our lifetime.

  4. Peatful

    Peatful Member

    @Zpol .

    I'm in a weird work project/deadline, but I wanted to respond with some general first thoughts.

    Yes to the cellular respiration goal. But in your state i would not go more supplements route. Your body is in chaos and is looking for balance.
    I'm not saying no to supplements for good, but for now I would pull back on all for a season.

    My friend Janice used Jeanne Rubin at East West Healing.
    Janice was oversupplemented, over lab worked, over diagnosed with no answers.
    Jeanne and her solved 90% of some quite serious issues.
    No bloodwork, no supplements i do believe.

    Lastly, for now, as I reflect back on my fragile chaotic state-honestly, eating more easily digestible foods more frequently took me to malnourished and just surviving- to hopeful and feeling in control, if that makes sense.
    But the change took time and a lot of trial and error.

    I look forward to others answers and will be watching with hope!
  5. Dolomite

    Dolomite Member

    @Zpol , I think everything at your age is related to estrogen getting too elevated for the progesterone you are producing. I would stop all supplements except maybe the vitamins and focus on nutritious food that doesn't cause too much distress. I see lots of women your age with new health or physical problems like I experienced at your age.

    I have found that many of the supplements that people on this forum seem to have no trouble with affect me in strong or undesirable ways. Trying to fit them all in would cause me stress in addition to anything else.

    I think you will be able to find things that help but like I said above, nutritious food like milk and OJ will help you in many ways better than a supplement.
  6. OP

    Zpol Member

    The nearest tower and antenna are about 3/4 mile away. I do put my cell phone on airplane mode as much as possible. Frankly, I'm extremely paranoid about EMFs and wifi. I don't know what's worse, my paranoia (and the subsequent ridicule from people) or the EMF's themselves.
    I've been thinking of getting a smart meter but I don't know what I'd do with data. Like how would I know what readings would indicate safe levels for me individually? Another weird thing, I am allergic to mold, I just got an air purifier with negative ion function (not ozone)... I haven't even plugged it in because I'm so freaking worried about EMF's... but the mold...but the EMFs... don't know what to do about that. Currently, I'm saving and investing my money so I can eventually move away from it all, but that will take years. Do you have a smart meter; have you found it beneficial?
    Thank you the link to the video, I'll check it out. Hopefully I can get some good tips.

    I did work with Jeanne; she's awesome. She got me back on solid food when I was really sick and really helped me in balancing blood sugar, taught me the importance of balanced meals/snacks etc., plus she helped emotionally too during a really dark time. In that matter, I did get way off track during my gastritis bout (after an extremely traumatic event), was just getting back on track when this new illness hit. That reminds me, she did suggest I get a red light desk lamp for work, I should really do that. Thanks for chiming in @Peatful !

    Thank you for your input. But for some reason, I cannot eat many nutrient rich foods. Like dairy, it gives me flesh pain and psoriasis, liver flares up GERD. I'm starting to think that there's something going on beneath the surface that is causing these issues, something that is preventing my body from digesting and utilizing healthy foods as it should.
  7. achillea

    achillea Member

    A smart meter is the electric meter on your house. It sends electrical pulses through your house anywhere from 50,000 to 114,000 times per day. I mention it because most utilities let you opt out for a small fee and they will replace it with an analogue.

    The criticism of the dangers of wi fi and EMF is done through fear of thinking that they could never live without their cell phone and truthfully these people are ignorant. It does not take much effort to find out how dangerous wifi and cell phones truly are.
    The new 5G internet is terrible beyond belief. It is the same frequency the DARPA uses for crowd control with microwaves;

    You tube Barry Trower, Dr Klinghardt to start and you will be amazed. The new research shows at least 114 neural proteins are effected by cell phone "radiation" and never return to normal.

    This is for the health of everybody.
  8. SOMO

    SOMO Member

    Try Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch, it has many of the same adsorbing properties as activated charcoal, but is partially digested unlike charcoal.

    Resistant Starch/Potato Starch is a tried and true method for having a bowel movement.
    Also studies that showed a benefit with Butyrate/Resistant Starch (RS) used a dosage of 30g of Butyrate, which = 4 tablespoons potato starch (PS)

    Potato starch is up to 80% RS. The rest is absorbed rapidly as pure glucose.
    1 TBSP PS = 10g Carbs = 8g RS

    Butyrate is healing in many ways, and is a general anti-inflammatory for the gut. It's also capable of reversing colon cancer I believe, and definitely prevents it.

    I used to get panic/anxiety attacks all the time and then one day they just stopped. Looking back, each time I got an anxiety attack I was either ingesting cannabis or my blood sugar was low and stress was high. I knew about the bag breathing/CO2 for anxiety a long time ago, but I thought CO2 would make it worse and oxygen would make it better. Have you tried simple baking soda on an empty stomach when you wake up? I would advise against baking soda later in the day because you could be neutralizing stomach acid and affecting digestion negatively, but on an empty stomach or right before bed should benefit you for several hours after.

    And I think people make too big of a deal about endotoxin here (myself included).
    RS protects against endotoxin in this study: Ingestion of resistant starch protects endotoxin influx from the intestinal tract and reduces D-galactosamine-induced liver injury in rats. - PubMed - NCBI

    Why are you trying to wipe out your microbes? Children used to be birthed in rivers or on grass, clearly we are not meant to live in a completely sterile environment. Unless you have SIBO I'm doubtful trying to wipe out your microbiome will have beneficial effects short term or long term.

    The only downside is PS should be balanced with other fiber sources (green veggies or psyllium or fruit even) because then it stops the overcrowding/overfeeding of the strains that specifically prefer starch.

    I used to get panic/anxiety attacks all the time and then one day they just stopped. Looking back, each time I got an anxiety attack I was either ingesting cannabis or my blood sugar was low and stress was high.
  9. Dolomite

    Dolomite Member

    Thank you for your input. But for some reason, I cannot eat many nutrient rich foods. Like dairy, it gives me flesh pain and psoriasis, liver flares up GERD. I'm starting to think that there's something going on beneath the surface that is causing these issues, something that is preventing my body from digesting and utilizing healthy foods as it should.[/QUOTE]

    I just told you that stopping supplements would be a good idea and now I want to tell you about the supplement I take besides vitamins so this is a little ironic. I never had GERD or hemorrhoids until I hit "perimenopause" so I understand your digestive problems. I have been taking bromelain and the first thing I noticed was my GERD symptoms were gone. This is the first thing that has made a difference for me. Haidut posted a thread that GERD is caused by inflammation and not stomach acid. The fact that the bromelain has helped would support that because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

    I would say that what is preventing your body from good digestion is the fact that you may be getting hypothyroid due to your age. It is a catch-22 because the low thyroid makes digestion difficult but if you don't eat you can't support your thyroid.

    There are studies that show the bromelain molecule crosses the gut barrier and I believe I experienced that, too. So it might also give relief from your skin pain and psoriasis.

    This may be just more to confuse the issue but you need some relief and to not feel panicked. I wish you well.
  10. OP

    Zpol Member

    Oh heh! I was thinking of one of those 'Smart Sensors' handheld EMF detectors. Thank you for clarifying what a smart meter is. I'm not sure if we have one, I'll have to check. I understand the dangers of EMF and wifi to some extent, not enough to debate it with family and friends yet apparently though. I will search youtube for the vids you suggested. Getting educated helps to take away the paranoia for me, as long as there are methods to protect myself that I can apply.

    I do have low butyrate. I'm trying to up it with B2 at the moment. I've researched RS but there wasn't much research out there at that time.

    I'm only trying to wipe out the gram negative microbes. I do have SIBO unfortunately.

    Same here. Cannabis was easy to give up IMO, it's harder to keep blood sugar stable in my life but I do my best. My doc said breathing in a paper bag would make the panic attack worse, I rarely have one on hand when i need it anyway. Pranayama breathing does seem to help. Not sure what to think about Baking soda. I have to take a calcium supplement and worry about becoming too alkaline.

    Thanks! I do take bromelain, 135 mg 2x per day, it's in my Wobenzyme N supp. Haven't noticed a difference though, going to keep taking it regardless, I think it's helping in some way.
  11. Too . Many. Supplements. ( liver is prob way overloaded. )
  12. lisaferraro

    lisaferraro Member

    I think this is FANTASTIC advice @Zpol

    I also agree getting off of all supplements to let your liver rest like @danishispsychic mentioned above and eat easy digestible foods like @Peatful suggested.
  13. OP

    Zpol Member

    Yes, and thanks for your replies, I've been doing this easy digestible diet for about 5 years now. I've got it down pretty well as to which foods are easy to digest for me. Basically, I find I do well diet-wise on a very simple diet of grass-fed meat, free-range chicken and eggs, lots of salt, Uncle Matt's OJ (i've tried others but this one is best), extremely ripe fruit (mango goes down best, and ripe oranges, red bananas, ripe apples or sauce, and cantaloupe), ghee, coconut oil, MCT oil, Jennies organic macaroons, mexican coke, or vegan caramel apples for a treat, Enjoy life allergen free chocolate, chilled dandelion tea, honey, baked cod and haddock, scallops, fat free tuna, raw carrot, green onion, cooked spinach, cilantro (either cooked or smoothified), cooked baby bok choi, pumpkin, ACV, coconut vinegar, parsley and chives mainly as spices, organic mold-free coffee with collegen, Evian and Perrier for water.
    Things I have eliminated due to digestive problems or causing flare ups; grains, dairy (both A1 and A2, ghee is okay though), berries, nuts, seeds, liver (gives me GERD), squashes (pumpkin seems okay though), pineapple, watermelon, honeydew (allergic to these 3 fruits), all gum additives, all food and drink from a can, pretty much all processed and restaurant foods (if I do go out I get baked haddock). Recently, I've had to eliminate tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes as well.
    So, I've been fine tuning this for a total of about 8 years, for a while in there I couldn't eat any solid food, before that I was vegan, so I have to be very careful with all foods. Making sure to get enough but not to much, getting a good balance of macros, avoiding cross-contamination etc.

    With this clean diet, I really thought I would have some improvement, but kept getting sicker and developing more food allergies and intolerances. I only started the B-vit's and fat soluables about 2 yrs ago, the cascara and aloe I have to take or I cannot poo at all, notta, nothing.
    I would really like to get off them but not sure which..
    - Vit. A, D, E, K? (I thought these were beneficial for the liver, my Vit D particularly is dangerously low without the supp)
    - B1, B2? my body doesn't make from food due to genetic polymorphism
    - Magesium? (would my liver function without it?)
    - Wobenzyme (i'm taking for help with my liver, do you think it's making things worse? my labs show insufficient proteolytic enzymes needed for digestion)
    - T4 or T3 , I take synthetic forms, natural was giving me hyper symptoms.
    - Zyrtec (i am trying to get off it but I'm not sure I can, I have severe allergies to dust, pollen, mold, dander, ragweed, which are pretty much inescapable)
    - Cascara and aloe (I'll probably be on these for life due to a congenital defect called megacolon)
    - BCAA's are temporary, since I'm finding hard to digest a lot of meat protein at this time.
    - Aspirin is only when I get a headache, not long term

    My dream would be to continue on this easy digestible high nutrient diet and titrate down on the supplements, but when I reduce the dosage too much then the deficiency symptoms creep back in.

    It seems I have to get my body to a point where it will work enough to assimilate and utilize nutrients from food. As it stands, all the healthy food that I'm eating isn't getting where it needs to go. I don't know if it's infections that are preventing it, or that it's just seeping out through my guts, or the EMFs, or what, but for whatever reason, healthy eating alone isn't doing the trick.
  14. observer1961

    observer1961 New Member

    Hi Zpol, I have been a long time lurker at this forum. Your post actually prompted me to sign up as I think I might be able to help you. You mentioned you had a herpes zoster infection. There is an very effective treatment for this that falls into the cracks between regular medicine and the naturopathic world. The medication is cimetedine (tagamet). It is extremely effective against all herpes viruses. take 1 every 4 hours until the infection is gone, then continue for a week to be sure it is fully cleared. Available on amazon for a minimal price. No drug company sponsorship as it is off patent, and it is not a natural compound so the granola community is not interested. But it works.
  15. Peatful

    Peatful Member

  16. Peatful

    Peatful Member

    Welcome @observer1961
  17. Baltazar

    Baltazar Member

    Well donno for sure

    But if I were you

    I will take lots of magnesium
    I take mg citrate 200mg with every cup of strong coffee

    Put lemon or acv on every meal

    Working out is amazing
    If you have time

    Baking soda in water before bed

    Mg works in an amazing way

    Did you do any blood test ?
  18. Baltazar

    Baltazar Member

    You're somehow copy of my wife situation

    Maybe ur her just kidding

    But mg and b6 at night makes her feel amazing

    And mg alone before lunch
    Make her happier and motivated all day long

    Women usually because of their hormonal status have higher stress hormones
    Which Burns minerals so fast

    Plz let us know how is it going

    Wish you the best
  19. Broken man

    Broken man Member

    I had same problem, I was peating and trying alot of things and nothing helped until I tried what @Travis wrote me. I would recommend taking notes. I am doing it too. Ideally, you should feel increased temperature and heartbeat after every food. I found that I can eat only potatoes and bananas without problems.

    - finding foods which are good for you

    - Taking digestive enzymes, really important for me, no phlegm build up from milk, glycine.... but only one brand did this, its Enzymedica - basic, I am using 1 pill with every food.
    - activated coconut charcoal powder 1-3 times a week. I had problems with constipation from start but I found that cascara could help with this.
    - apple cider vinegar diluted with mineral water before every meal
    - you can try higher fat intake, I am always eating more fat when I feel that something isnt good. Fat is better for bad digestion.
    - Mct oil/ caprylic acid, I cant describe how mct oil changed me. I got so much benefits that I know, I will be using this thing until end of my life.
    - Glycine and magnesium chloride, some taurine.
    - tyrosine
    - high dose of thiamine because its good chelator

    I dont know why but Ray doesnt care much about candida but member Travis had truth that its really big problem especially when you had bad gut barrier (celiac disease), I improved my health alot by reading his posts.
  20. lisaferraro

    lisaferraro Member

    Great post and suggestions for @Zpol. FWIW, I also use this exact enzyme product. It is truly the best I have found.

    It might be worth taking a blood sensitivity test (not allergy test) to get an idea about the offending food sources.