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Should I Add Carbonated Juice To My Diet?

  1. If I take NDT(1 grain), sugar as carbs, get red light, B1(1g) and aspirin(1g), can I drink carbonated water, or is that overkill? Would the extra CO2 help prevent milk alkali syndrome? It seems like there're too many alkaline substances in my diet.
  2. Sometimes I drink sparkling water with my lunch/dinner and it seems to help me digest the food better. But mostly, I drink Coke as it has co2 in addition to sugar and caffeine.
  3. What do you think is the reason behind improved digestion? I plan to get the 20lb tank. But I wonder if it actually makes a significant difference in CO2 retention, assuming that I don't burp most of it.
  4. I think it has something to do with CO2 reducing serotonin exposure in the intestines/blood due to bad food.. See the video below for further explanation from the man himself.. But I am not sure if external CO2 from sparkling water/Coke is enough for that.. The digestion help from Coke is based on my personal experience.

  5. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.
  6. If a daily gallon of carbonated liquid isn't going to make improvements, then I'm not going to bother with it.

    From that thread I posted:
    "I think estimates are about 2.2 grams of CO2 in a 12 ounce can of coke. Yes, I think drinking CO2 is great, but you'd need to drink about 20 cans of coke to get one mole of CO2 (44 grams), assuming you could somehow absorb it.

    Consider that you may exhale about 44 grams of CO2 per hour, if you are healthy, and if unhealthy you may exhale half that much, or 22 grams*, and you begin to see the scope of the problem. You've got to increase your generation of CO2 somehow (without increasing lactic acid), and if you could absorb the CO2 from 10 cans of coke every hour, you could (in theory) have enough CO2 to be healthy. For me, it's a lot more practical to do that with carbon dioxide therapy.

    (Disclosure: I am working on a way of super-saturating gelatin with CO2, but it's not working yet.)

    University-trained scientists will argue with Peat's idea that CO2 levels (in a ratio to lactic acid) are what determine health, but that's something I take for granted. Because I think the physical description (by Ling), the clinical practice (by Henderson), and the biophysical description (by Peat) are well-established.

    *"half that much, or 22 grams" assuming the same respiratory volume. In fact, unhealthy people have a much higher respiratory volume, because of hyperventilating."
  7. Perhaps I might buy the carbonation DIY after all.