Severe Lactose Intolerance


Dec 28, 2016
I just turned 26, and ever since 2011, I've developed a really severe case of lactose intolerance. By lactose intolerance I'm not referring to the type that most people complain about with pathetic symptoms like a few acne spots or mild brain fog or whatever, I'm talking about a small amount of cheese gives me diarrhea within an hour, so does butter. And those are low lactose dairy products, the diarrhea I get from high lactose foods like milk is insane, really disturbing.

I was diagnosed with a parasite infection, Protozoa + pinworms in 2012 and it was treated by a NMD (but I likely had it since 2008 based off symptoms aka diarrhea) perhaps it wasn't completely removed and it is still damaging my Villi?

I also had a severe food poisoning event in 2010- perhaps the bacteria damaged my villi in my small intestine? I read an article about a woman my age in england who had food poisoning from bad chicken and became severely lactose intolerant. If you read up on sibo, you'll find out that sibo is precipated by a food poisoning event, and the bacteria creates stasis and sibo develops, maybe I have sibo from my original food poisoning event which is damaging my small intestine?

I also have LPR (silent reflux) and the acids could be damaging my SI?

I'm of Germanic/English descent, so I know I should have the ability to digest lactose effectively into old age.

I need to figure this out, milk was my favorite food and apart from the lack of satiety, the social restrictions of not being able to eat dairy as well as the social embarrassment of running to the bathroom if I accidentally do, is intolerable.

How would you go about treating this if you were me?


Oct 11, 2016
I'd go after gut repair & wiping out parasites. SIBO herbs shouldn't hurt very much if you want to try those.


Apr 19, 2016
lactose intolerance is usually pasteurization intolerance due to lack of enzymes that are destroyed during the process. Is it raw dairy?


Jan 17, 2017
I would try albendazole for treating all parasites. Usually there is more than one type of parasite in the body.
for example ascariasis:
With relatively heavy infections, impaired absorption of dietary proteins, lactose and vitamin A has been noted, and steatorrhea may occur. One review concluded that Ascaris-free or treated children showed better nutritional status in terms of growth, lactose tolerance, vitamins A and C, and albumin levels than Ascaris-infected children based upon almost 20 years of published cross-sectional and intervention studies from Africa, Asia and South America [15]. This review also found significant improvement in weight or height following therapy for ascariasis.
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