September 2013 Newsletter "The Dark Side Of Stress"


Oct 10, 2012


Oct 10, 2012
Charlie said:

I sent him a check in early august, so I am hoping to receive a newsletter.


Sep 10, 2014
Not Uganda
I don't think this article does justice when it comes to provide adequate rationalization for sustaining a hopeless state. It's conflicting and we're not left with something concrete to hold on to. Example:

"After learned helplessness has been created in rats, supplementing with T3 reverses it (Massol, et al., 1987, 1988)."​

How are we supposed to reinforce the state with this kind of sentence?

Therefore, I want to supplement this instead:
The problem of Alzheimer's disease as a clue to immortality Part 2

"When the body temperature is very much below normal, mental functioning is seriously limited. I think the first question that should be asked about a demented person is "is this the cold brain syndrome, or is something else involved?" When it is known that the brain has shrunken drastically, and filled up with plaques and developed gliosis, we know that something more than a "cold brain" is involved, but we don't know how much function could be regained if the hormones were normalized. Every moment of malfunction probably leaves its structural mark. Early or late, it is good to prevent the functional errors that lead to further damage, and to give the regenerative systems an opportunity to work. Before the final "calcium death" described (above) by Fujita, there are many opportunities for intervening to stop or reverse the process. The older the person is, the more emphasis should be put on protective inhibition, rather than immediately increasing energy production. Magnesium, carbon dioxide, sleep, red light, and naloxone might be appropriate at the beginning of therapy."​
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