Selenium Questions

A. squamosa

Sep 27, 2016
a few questions:

  1. how long does the body retain selenium once ingested?
  2. is there such a thing as excess selenium?
  3. if you have excess selenium, does it just turn into waste?



Oct 22, 2016
a few questions:

  1. how long does the body retain selenium once ingested?
  2. is there such a thing as excess selenium?
  3. if you have excess selenium, does it just turn into waste?

I’m wondering the same. I was eating too many Brazil nuts at one point and my blood tests showed higher than reference range levels of selenium. I read up on selenosis and apparently it can cause fatigue, weight loss, and hair loss. Perhaps it displaces other minerals?


Oct 8, 2018
100 days per the book
Selenium in Food and Health
By Conor Reilly

on google books

2) not unless someone is eating paradise nuts which have 200 times as much selenium in them as brazil nuts. Even then the people who ate over 1 gram of selenium from them just got sick for a few days.
3) yes it will be peed out quickly.


Jul 23, 2019
Just buy a liquid selenomethionine supplement and take a few drops in juice. Much cheaper.
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