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Mar 30, 2020
Does anyone know of a way to filter out certain subforums for the "New Posts" and "Trending Topics" sections?

I think a lot of the things being talked about in some of those subforums are certainly worth discussing, but I'd rather be able to filter it out from those pages now and then. Sometimes I'm not convinced there's much, if any, engagement with Ray Peat and his work going on in those.

I could probably do it with a browser script or something, but it would never be as reliable as something native and I'd definitely be losing lots of results along the way.

Thanks for all your efforts maintaining this place!

PS: has there ever been a subforum for arthritis/joint problems? Seems a bit odd to me, it's very much linked to thyroid problems - Barnes and Peat have both mentioned it more than I think either of them have discussed hair loss or acne. I suppose it's one of those conditions you wouldn't care about until you have it. Where is the most appropriate place to discuss these?