Sebum, Acne And Alopecia

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    Jul 25, 2020
    I'm a 24 yo male from Europe. I've been fighting with acne-rosacea and sebum since i was 15 and today though i dont have that much acne(because i do a lot of topicals) i still have rosacea and most important an insane amount of sebum, which is by far my biggest problem that along side with the redness of my rosacea destroys my face. Also i have male pattern baldness due to genetics. And here is the most incredible thing about all of this, all the treatments that truly work to nearly cure my sebum production almost make me slick bald in weeks. High dose Vit A, High dose dose B5; dose 2 are highly know to cause that but the surprise came to me, when a tried with high dose vit D along side with a high dose of Quercetin.. and boom nearly 0 sebum. The closest thing to isotretinoin that i've ever tried. I started to thinking that all my problem had to do with my inmune system. But again a horrible sheeding of small hairs started and i had to stop. Green tea, saw palmetto, Finasteride etc. all DHT blockers work but the difference is no close to the vit D and Quercetin combo, and those two have nothing to do with androgens so i think that my insane amount of sebum is something way more complicated that. I've also tried things to regulated insulin and cut down my carbs and yes it works but again is just small the difference and during a few hours. Berberine, nicotinamide, resveratrol, curcumin, Taurine etc. Also i have to say that Omega 3 in any form, source or brand it break me out but in high doses it completely stops my hairloss. Im right know with minoxidil and finasteride for my hair. Topical azelaic acid, calcipotriol(which topically doesnt stop my sebum, so i'll probably drop this one), Ecgc, Resveratrol and Taurine. I also take orally resveratrol, curcumin, nicotinamide, Silymarin and MSM. Pd: Sorry for my english it is not my first language.