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Seborrheic Dermatitis Problem

  1. Hey, I have had a serious seborrheic dermatitis problem on my face. Thus I have dandruff in my beard and beard loss.

    Some information about my person: I am 23 years old. I am lean. My diet is very low PUFA, I count calories, track my vitamin and mineral intake through food to make sure that I have no deficiencies, regularly exercise.

    Could anyone direct me to the right direction?

    I have no idea what to do.

    Thank you.
  2. its a yeast problem and im suffering from the same thing. im using a 2% zinc pyrithione shampoo, plus some baking soda with cold water and apple cider vinegar with mother. so 3 different treatments in the same session. it sucks.
  3. Any progress yet?
  4. i just started yesterday, but months ago i was using a cvs brand shampoo with selenium sulfide and it was working for a while and there was a bit of hair regrowth but i just stopped completely because the bottle was finished. now im trying this protocol and hopefully it works. i have massive scalp pain, hair loss and itching and its a horrible thing to deal with.
  5. I used to have it pretty bad. I don't know what exactly made it get better, but it did get better. I think that the condition is gut based. Do you take the carrot salad that Ray Peat recommends?

    Apply ACV to problem areas daily.
    Eat carrot+vinegar daily to help cleanse and heal the gut.
  6. My beard is so thick, I can't apply any topicals on the problem area.

    I will try the carrot salad though and eating vinegar. Is that what you did or have been doing?
  7. Also suffering with this. Would be extremely useful if anyone could chime in with things that have helped them! Thanks guys.
  8. Riboflavin deficiency.
  9. I've been doing a lot of things so it's difficult to say what ended up helping. Applying vitamin D & E topically to flare ups helped as well, but you can't do that because of your beard. At one point I believed the condition was probably just a vitamin D deficiency.
  10. In my experience I am almost sure my similar issues are caused by inability to digest fats properly. Working on it and the condition improves with better digestion. Seem to be quite stuck on what causes weak fat digestion though.
  11. train correctly , fix your gut and eat liver and don't use any hair restoration products or creams for dandruff and apply olive oil slowly in the scalp and wait for 10 minutes then wash .
    don't touch it when it starts itching .
  12. No problems on my scalp, just my beard.
  13. -How does one fix the gut?
    -Any ways to test for deficient vitD without getting bloods? Fastest way to correct a deficiency?
  14. My husband solved dry skin in his beard by using beard oil.
  15. When I used beard oil, it caused my dandruff problem to flare up significantly. I got huge yellow crusts on my skin and ended up shaving it off completely. Things went to the better since I have been sticking to no beard oil. I have been using only a beard shampoo so far.
  16. yes same thing applied to beard .
  17. and stay away from stress and hot temperature .
  18. Can't apply any oils on my beard. It worsens the problem.
  19. no problem , most important thing is don't touch it when it starts itching and wash it smoothly 3 times a day with warm water .
  20. Not so sure. I’m taking a few hundred percent b2 RDI and it’s still there. Even when taking 500mg r5p didn’t see any halt.
  21. From my observations, it is from systemic acidosis.
  22. Very interesting. Any ways in which to address this? What made you convinced it was this? Thanks mate.
  23. Bring the body back to a more alkaline state. Fruits and some veggies, and lower vitamin A fruits/veggies might be in order if someone is dealing with vitamin A overload.
    When I eat alkalanizing low vitamin A fruits, dermatitis gone. When I eat acidic foods, and mucus forming foods, comes back.
  24. Can you explain this to me? You say your dermatitis is gone when you eat low-vitamin A fruits, but that it comes back when you eat acidic food. What are those non-acidic fruits? I haven't come across a fruit that is not accidic.