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Seborrheic Dermatitis And Acne

  1. I always thought that my skin issue was simply acne but I have discovered that it is seborrheic dermatitis. The dead skin that forms on my face from this if not washed turns yellow and crusty and if I run a fingernail along it a lot of dead skin comes off. The dead skin also causes acne in places. I have tried not showering and it does help improve my skin but the dead skin still seems to form not matter what I do.

    I have tried vitamin A from liver and supplementation and this does not help at all, it actually seems to make my condition slightly worse. The only thing that has seemed to work is sulfur soap used in the shower, but it still does not eliminate the dead skin from my face that causes the acne 100%.

    I am looking for advice on what may work, I appreciate all advice. Thanks
  2. have you tried vitamin b6?
  3. I used to run my fingers up the bridge of my nose onto my forehead and gets flakes of skin come off but ok now and I have dermatitis but its slowly getting better and after a lot of experimentation using liver and vitamin a supplementation and it not clearing it up. I think its because I was having too much liquid and coffee and white sugar and not enough solid meals and minerals from food sources and not enough sun.
  4. Ah, so vitamin A has not cleared yours either? I think vitamin A is good for acne and oily skin but not conditions such as ours. Out of curiosity have you used topical stuff on your skin?
  5. Yes, I have. I usually take a capsule a day I must look at the bottle when I get home but it is well over the RDA%. Maybe I should take more of it and more regularly?
  6. I ate liver once a month then increased it to once every 5 days and had eggs every day and milk and cheese then I got the retinol and didn't notice anything.

    occasionally I put olive oil with a few drops of protest e on my face but I haven't tried anything else.

    I used the sunsen blue for hair and it did clear up the dermatitis on the top of the head and stop itching but mainly focusing on food and whats going on with organs and hormones.
  7. One of Ray's emails says:

    "Topical sulfur's germicidal effect can help, and topical aspirin and caffeine are antiseptic as well as antiinflammatory"

    Have you tried Haidut's solban on your skin? It helped with mine. Also, what sulfur soap are you using? I'd like to try this
  8. Did the sunsen blue clear the facial issues?
  9. Thanks, I will try solban. I had that recommendation before but its the expense. I wonder could I make something similar myself?

    It was a sulfur soap from amazon, I will get the name of it for you when I get home and let you know in a private message. Did vitamin B6 work for you?
  10. I'm guessing you've seen me post this before, but topical vitamin D gets rid of my seb derm. I can't remember if you've tried it. Using anti-dandruff shampoo used to help too. The vit D probably won't help with the acne though...
  11. Sunlight.
  12. I dont have seborrheic dermatitis (at least I dont think i do) but b6 seems to help with skin health slightly for me. There was a post that said if you're pufa deficient it might not be a lack of vitamin A causing skin issues but a deficiency in vitamin b6
  13. No because I just used it as a shampoo, it does run down the face a bit so not sure if it was affecting it.
  14. I had it behind my earlobe and had tried everything. The only thing that worked was topical niacinamide. A suggestion I got from the forum.
  15. How did you apply it? I have some niacinamide in powder form.
  16. I put about 1/4 tspn of powdered niacinamide in a shotglass and added maybe a 1/4 tspn of water. I dab a little on maybe 3x per day adding a little more water if dried up.
  17. Thank you I will try this.
  18. This sounds good. Somebody on the forum suggested cetirizine dissolved and used the same way. I've been using that with aspirin also dissolved in it.
    It's relieving the itch. I also used Selsun Blue very diluted, just on the scalp, and that seemed to help. Then, didn't want to use it again as it dried out my hair some. So, went on to the other. It seems the combo of the Selsun Blue once to start helped.

    I'd tried sulfur soap but the relief was fleeting in my case. However it has helped my husband with an armpit rash...

    Fixed to cetirizine. And a thought that maybe other antihistamines could work. Oh, yes, I used my Benedryl stick a few times successfully.
  19. i went to the doctor for my seborrheic darmatitis. He described me ketaconazol. it helped a little bit
  20. I got another shampoo to try. Can't remember the name but it helps so far. From Romania but made in France. Amazon. Starts with an H. Will try to get the name but I've got a lot going on.

    Dabbing the Cetirizine solution helping too. We shall see if the SD resolves.
  21. This ***t is unbeatable
  22. No it is not. It can be turned around quite quickly.
  23. Trying for 10+ years now with no real success
  24. What do you think is the most important factor in curing seb derm?
  25. Get the kidneys filtering and reverse the acidosis which is causing the dermatitis.

  26. And this means only eating fruits and few veggies and getting skinny as f...?