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Sea Cucumber Extract Frondoside A Inhibits Prostaglandin Formation


Jul 6, 2014

Sea cucumbers are squishy, boneless saltwater creatures found on the bottom of oceans worldwide, whose bodies are shaped like cucumbers and wrapped in a soft, leather-like casing. A study shows that one of the many anti-cancer substances found in the sea cucumber works by antagonizing the EP2 and EP4 receptors.

"We now show that Frondoside A antagonizes the prostaglandin E receptors EP2 and EP4. These studies identify a new function for an agent with known antitumor activity, and show that the antimetastatic activity may be due in part to a novel mechanism of action. These studies add to the growing body of evidence that Frondoside A may be a promising new agent with potential to treat cancer and may also represent a potential new modality to antagonize EP4."

Date: 2012 | Location: University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center, Baltimore, MD, USA
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