Scalp-Itch Possibly Caused By High Levels Of Histamine


Apr 5, 2016
Many people with male pattern baldness complain of scalp itch, there is some evidence that shows that treatment with anti-histamine drugs revers MPB in some individuals. This study found that those with scalp-itch had twice the levels of histamine in the scalp then those without. The Itchy scalp - scratching for an explanation. The study does focus on those with seborrheic dermatitis as they are usually the ones who have scalp itch. So the assumption is that the dermatitis is the cause of the high histamine levels, but I think it could be the case that other stress factors could lead the one to have high levels of histamine which in turn make one susceptible to dermatitis.

"They reported also that the scalp histamine level in subjects with seborrheic dermatitis was more than twice that in those without it."

They also noted the benefits of Zinc pyrithione (a common anti-dandruff ingredient) in the reduction of histamine levels in the scalp
"Treatment with a commercial potentiated zinc pyrithione shampoo led to a reduction in histamine in subjects with dandruff to a level that was statistically indistinguishable from those who did not have dandruff. This reduction in histamine was accompanied by a highly significant reduction in the perception of itch intensity."

Would love to hear peoples thoughts and experiences.
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Oct 15, 2016
It sounds like a possibility, I know sometimes I'll get a strong itch after a meal, sometimes none at all. I have not been able to pin down which foods create the itch. I'm also pretty sure some people lose their hair even without the itch.


Oct 18, 2016
I'm thinking of trying Benadryl a few times a week, Zyrtec, famotidine (histamine type 2-receptor antagonist), and some organic zinc shampoo. There's something I'm eating or doing that's causing my itch but I cannot pinpoint it.


Aug 10, 2012
Thanks Soren. Not a male but have itch and sore spots.

I just found an old bottle of "head & shoulders" shampoo and it has zinc pyrithione 1%.
Think I'll try a little mixed with lots of water. Seem to recall it was drying,
but mine has really flared up. Desperate.

Just ordered some Hegor Shampoo from eBay to try too.
This idea was from the Forum too.

James b

May 10, 2018
Can anyone comment on this product, looks potentially quite good for those of us that suffer fungal skin issues
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