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Sanpellegrino Limonata For CO2?

  1. I've been cracking out on these. Thoughts on the ingredients?

    water, lemon juice from concentrate, sugar, carbon dioxide, natural flavors, l-ascorbic acid
  2. They are yummy. The lemon juice concentrate is good for minerals but the "natural flavor" is like a MSG cousin.
    Not perfect, but better than some of the other stuff out there.
  3. MSG can hide in "natural flavors" but for flavored beverages like this it's usually some sort of fruit oil. Granted this is obtained through a decidedly unnatural process but is extremely unlikely to contain excitotoxins.
  4. Its the process that's the problem. We can't assume a product is good for us just because it's sold in a health food store. Some people are going to be more sensative than others. It's just something to be aware of so we can make good decisions.
  5. To whether the product in question contains an excitotoxin ("MSG cousin") the answer is no.
  6. For carbon dioxide Ray Peat suggests bag breathing. Sanpellegrino is now owned by Nestle.
  7. Anyone a regular consumer of Sanpellegrino Limonata, ingredients are;
    Water, Lemon Juice from Concentrate (Lemon Juice from Concentrate (11%), Lemon Juice (5%)), Sugar, Carbon Dioxide, Natural Lemon Flavouring, Stabilisers: Pectins, Sweetener: Steviol Glycosides, Natural Flavourings, Sweetener from natural origin