Safe amount of magnesium and zinc to supplement without messing up magnesium potassium and zinc copper ratio?


Nov 27, 2016
What is a safe amount of magnesium and zinc to supplement that won’t mess up my magnesium potassium and zinc copper ratio?

Perry Staltic

Dec 14, 2020
I think the long-term upper daily limit for zinc is about 30-45 mg. I use that as the baseline and adjust others to it. I let my body adjust the ratio it wants; I just make sure it has enough, but not too much, of everything it needs to do so. Selenium is important to add to the mix when supplementing with zinc because it releases zinc from its transporter proteins so that it's biovailable in ionic form.


Feb 3, 2020
Frankfurt, Germany
I would try to get these minerals from whole foods if possible. That way you have all the co-factors, so that everything works in synergy.
Potassium sources include well-cooked potatoes, fresh-pressed OJ, carrots, spinach, zuchinni, lean ground beef.
Zinc can easily be managed by eating red meat regularly, even though oysters and beef liver would be a more peat-approved source probably. They're also excellent sources of copper!

Magnesium can be supplemented in my opinion. 200-400mg elemental Mg from magnesiumglycinat would be good in my opinion and experience.
Magnesium helps in the utilization of all the other electrolytes, so I wouldn't be that concerned of dysregulating anything with a physiological dose of Mg.
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