RP Email Advice Comment: Red Light To Repair Damage From Radiation


Jul 22, 2012
j. said:
Q: Does red light repair damage done just by U.V. light, or maybe also by X-rays?

Ray Peat said:
By any irradiation, but it's most effective within the first hour.

Interesting, j.
So, just to make sure I'm understanding what he said correctly:
Peat is saying that red light repairs damage done by any kind of radiation.
And he's saying that using red lights for that purpose is most effective within the first hour.

Is that how you're understanding it?

Peat has said elsewhere that blasting oneself with many hundreds of watts of red light
for a short period
may be more effective than having like say 200 watts shining on one all the time.
The quote above would reinforce that notion.

So...maybe the most effective way, according to Peat, of using red light
would be to blast oneself with like 1000 watts for a half-hour to an hour,
then turn them off.
Then repeat a couple or several times per day...?

(And maybe a blast right before bed.
Somewhere I remember Peat saying something to the effect
that some red light right before bed might alleviate some of the normal stresses
triggered by darkness.)
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Narouz, he didn't mean that. He meant if you exposed yourself to radiation, if you expose yourself up to an hour after that to red light, you fix the damage more effectively. I asked Peat about the two interpretations to remove any doubt, and he responded with:

Ray Peat said:
The harm from the radiation can be interrupted most effectively right away, before the changes have been amplified and integrated with the system.
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