RP Approach To Stomach Virus?


Sep 11, 2017
I think there's been a handful of times over my life where I get a headache (and I rarely get them) and I have that feeling in my stomach that digestion is slow. Headache seems to pass with better motility. Sometimes I'll even notice a slight fever. I've since concluded that I can get symptoms similar to an oncoming cold from digestion problems. So first time in a year I have a very painful headache and body tension and a mild nausea feeling. Aspirin does nothing. I finally throw up and headache disappears. But I still have this feeling of my body heating up and a mild lethargy. Doesn't this sound like a stomach virus or excess endotoxin? Do you think aspirin could make this particular situation worse? I tried Theanine last night and I could breathe pristinely (though I haven't had nasal/respiratory symptoms). The mild heating sensation that comes and goes past 4 days is concerning.


May 19, 2017
Yeah sounds very much like endotoxin.

Have you tried carrot salad? Cascara sagrada? Increasing stomach acid by thiamine?

Raw ginger is non-peaty but great for nausea, poor motility and bacterial overgrowth.
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