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RoundUp (Glyphosate) Finally Proven Toxic - It Depletes Glycine

  1. For more than 2 decades Monsanto has been denying that RoundUp has a provable adverse effects on living organisms. The official reason cited was that there was no known mechanism through which glyphosate (active ingredient in RoundUp) can exert detrimental effects on the cell. Sounds suspiciously similar to the argument given for EMF radiation, except that a mechanism for EMF was recently found. Now, it looks like a mechanism of action for glyphosate has also been found - i.e. it acts like a fake glycine mimetic and blocks cellular uptake of glycine. The result is intracellular depletion of glycine and as a result all hell breaks looose includin cancer, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer, colitis, etc. For anybody doubting Ray's writing on the importance of glycine for cellular health, this discovery about Monsanto should give them a good pause. It would be a bit premature to state it with certainty, but I will make the conjecture that ingesting extra glycine may protect from some of the bad effects of glyphosate due to glycine displaicing the poisonous chemical by competition for entry into the cell. Whether glycine consuptiom can also reverse the various diseases caused by glyphosate I don't know, but Ray has certainly hinted at that possibility by writing about the protective effects of glycine on all of the conditions listed above. I also posted a study recently showing that 96-year old cells can be restored to youthful metabolism by simply providing them with extra glycine. So, I think I am going to have some oxtail soup now given that even the leading scientist behind the study does not expect FDA to act any time soon or maybe at all.

    Scientists Seek Ban On Monsanto's RoundUp

    "...On Tuesday, a delegation of independent scientists urged the EPA to ban RoundUp, Monsanto’s flagship herbicide at the O’Neill House Office Building in Washington D.C. Providing testimony that it poses an unreasonable risk to humans, animals, and the environment, scientists spoke at a closed meeting with EPA scientists and host Ted Lieu, (CA-33). The scientists explained the physiological reasons why exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, is linked to autism, Alzheimer’s, cancer, birth defects, obesity, gluten intolerance, among other health issues."

    "...Dr. Stephen Frantz, Pathobiologist Research Scientist led the team. “When a cell is trying to form proteins, it may grab glyphosate instead of glycine to form a damaged, mis-folded protein. After that it’s medical chaos. Where glyphosate replaces glycine, the cell can no longer conduct business as usual causing unpredicted consequences with many diseases and disorders as a result.”

    "...RoundUp also harms crops’ ability to capture carbon from the air, an important factor in fighting climate change. “Glyphosate negatively affects the soil microbiome,” said Frantz. “It is destroying the ability of soil to be a nutritive medium for producing crops. Organic or biological regenerative agriculture is the solution for the sustainable agricultural sector and will conserve soil, air and water quality, and sequester carbon that helps to mitigate the climate crisis. We call for a ban on glyphosate.”

    "...Frantz wants to see immediate action because he sees the use of glyphosate as outright poisoning of our food and soil. “By the end of 2016, the EPA will have something done and then comment periods, and then there’s another step, and there’s more comment periods, and this is like business as usual. The evidence we presented about this chemical being a glycine analog, that really should excite people. And I didn’t see any excitement. It should upset people.”
  2. Thanks for this.

    Reminds me of this video of a lobbyist claiming Glyphosate is safe to drink being challenged to drink some and declining, lol.

  3. Nothing will ever beat that video
  4. I'm certain that a large majority of people having reactions to wheat are actually having the reaction due to the roundup. i wonder when the practice of spraying wheat crops to kill the wheat for processing first started taking place.
  5. Thanks for posting this! I wonder if aspirin can "deplete" glyphosate similar to glycine like you posted awhile back: Negative effects of aspirin may be due to glycine depletion
    Or maybe it would make the situation worse by decreasing available glycine?

    It seems that salicylic acid is a common adjunct to herbacide in agriculture as it protects from some of the negative effects:

    "SA enhanced growth of Vigna mungo not only in combination with pendimethalin but also in treatment with SA alone as compared to control. Thus the results reveal, the role of SA in protection of Vigna mungo against herbicidal stress is apparent"
    "Protein and sugar
    contents decreased gradually with increased concentration of herbicide. It might be due to impaired photosynthetic machinery as result of herbicidal stress. Protein, sugar and pigment contents were enhanced in plants under SA treatment. Our results are in agreement with El-Tayeb et al . (2006) who reported promotary effect of SA on pigment, protein and sugar contents of sunflower"
    Mitigating effects of salicylic acid against herbicidal stress

  6. Not Peat friendly but usefull

    Great interview with Dr. Don Huber.
    He mentioned humic acid or bentonite clay to be usefull in removing glyphosate.
  7. Man how can one even avoid this stuff...
  8. Were you bullied for being the only author from the United of Kingdoms?
    Have you read about molybdenum's involvement in sulfate metabolism, and perhaps glyphosate's (or the whole RoundUp as the review mentioned) interaction?
    And what's up with this? Mineral (nutrient) - Wikipedia
    I don't get why it's not molybden.. ium, in accordance with the others.
  9. I chanced to talk to Dr. Stephen Frantz at a party the other day and he said to eat organic only. Another symptom of glyphosate poisoning he mentioned was poor digestion as a result of mal-formed proteins. I would buy organic gelatin if I could find it.
  10. Maybe Molybedenum is involved, just didn't find much evidence to prove it. Also seem to recall reading studies which suggested an excess build-up of Molybednum potentially being the cause of Gout.

    I have wondered myself about MolyB but couldn't find a clean source of supplementation to test it.
  11. Glyphosate kills Cytochrome P450 enzyme which eventually allows the toxic molecule to pass into the bloodstream from where all number of other problems occur.
    I cured Gout by avoiding all vegetables, then later discovered that I could eat organic vegetables without any problem but non-organic caused Gout.
  12. I think there is a lot more research regarding toxicity of these ultratrace minerals than deficiency due to occupational exposure..
  13. paymanz's work was republished 2x on a single page, that's how good it is. And the other link 1x, so it's almost as good.
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  15. Wondering if a good fulvic/humic acid supplement would be a good way to counter some of these effects? Didn't search it, but what is the consensus on the forum of these substances (also, what is Ray's opinion)? They look 'good on paper', but so do a lot of things that aren't. I have no experience using them, nor do I know too much about them, other than what I find on internet searches.
  16. One does not need clinical experience or a PhD to realize that anything which interferes with plant physiology the way glyphosate does. cannot be good to ingest on a chronic basis. I look at the epa max. permitted glyphosate residues on foods, and that gives me an idea of what to avoid most, for example, oats I believe are "permitted" to have 6 ppm, so, commercial oats are off my dietary list. Same for any conventional wheat products such as bread, crackers, pasta, etc. Not eating at all is far healthier than eating tainted food. One thing I've done is to ensure I ingest a hefty amount of normal glycine, the chicken and beef broths I make take 3 days to make but I make alot of them and freeze for future use so its an easy routine. Wheat isn't all that great, its relatively new on the dietary scene. I much prefer rye and millet, the latter for its nitriloside content as a bonus
  17. Activated Charcoal, Sulphur & Borax all help to detox Glyphosate.
  18. I have also seen correlations in data indicating that Alzheimers is caused by Glyphosate. Unfortunately finding the time to finish that paper is probably still a couple of years away.
  19. But there are only 12 foods to worry about pesticides contamination.
  20. If you google Rope Worm and Roundup it started to get super interesting-
  21. Why only 12 foods???
  22. Dirty dozen list!
  23. But almost all non-organic vegetables contain Glyphosate. This can be seen from the publically available pesticide usage surveys.
  24. I think the 12 foods represents the worst, not that the others do not have glyphosate.
  25. If only 12 are dirty but 15 are clean, what are the others?
  26. The unmentionables. :hungover:
  27. I posted links to these studies on a FB Celiac Support and Awareness group I'm a member of; my post got deleted within 15mins. The moderator claimed I was trying to influence people to not eat foods treated with Round-up and that there is no evidence linking it to Celiac (despite the evidence in the peer reviewed studies which apparently she didn't read).

    Why wouldn't people want to know!? Sadly, I don't think she was a Monsonto representative or anything. I think she's a mom who doesn't think she can afford organic food and doesn't want to think all non-organic foods she's been giving to her kids has been contributing to this horrendous autoimmune disease.

    I should be sleeping right now but I'm so sad for all the people in her position.
  28. Perhaps she would like to download and process the data from the various Pesticide usage surveys that are all publically available, thats what I have done and what I discovered was frightening. Thats how the above paper on Gout came about.
  29. @NickC , thank you for posting the Pesticides in Produce document here. It's a great resource.
    I can't , at this time, have a rational conversation with this woman, she is reacting emotionally, I think because of some cognitive dissonance or guilt. I would like to tell her that I fully understand how awful it feels to have documented proof that toxic glyphosate is on the foods we've bee innocently eating and feeding to our families, but that with knowledge and education there's hope, and all this a good thing! And with the pesticides in Produce document we can make better choices when buy food.
  30. Is there any way to test intracellular levels of glycine?
  31. Cognitive dissonance is a terrible thing, I find it unbelievable the number of supposedly intelligent people suffering from this.
  32. It is a most curious psychological phenomenon. Intelligence and critical thinking are of great value but so many other elements come into play as well. There should be a class called 'How to spot your own cognitive dissonance' in schools. LOL! I kid, but I'm half serious.
  33. Iodie, coconut oil, honey, and apples (boron) are all effective anti parasitic agents.
  34. "Syllogisms ['when two or more propositions are used in order to generate a conclusion'] can help in deductive reasoning, but they can also be used to form incorrect conclusions, which are known as syllogism fallacies. Thus, to ensure that syllogisms are used in a constructive rather than a misleading manner, it is necessary to ensure that the two propositions that lead to the conclusion are firmly evidence-based and make biological sense. Frequently quoted trivial but informative examples used to illustrate these points are “All men are mortal, Socrates is a man, therefore Socrates is mortal,” constitutes a meaningful syllogism whereas “All cats are mortal, Socrates is mortal, therefore Socrates is a cat” is clearly a syllogism fallacy! The syllogisms employed by Samsel and Seneff do not appear to have a solid evidential basis and thus could be considered misleading."

    "We found that their conclusions are not supported by the available scientific evidence. Thus, the mechanisms and vast range of conditions proposed to result from glyphosate toxicity presented by Samsel and Seneff in their commentaries are at best unsubstantiated theories, speculations, or simply incorrect. This misrepresentation of glyphosate’s toxicity misleads the public, the scientific community, and regulators. Although evidence exists that glyphosate-based herbicides are toxic below regulatory set safety limits, the arguments of Samsel and Seneff largely serve to distract rather than to give a rational direction to much needed future research investigating the toxicity of these pesticides, especially at levels of ingestion that are typical for human populations."​