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Rice Cooker Safe Inner Pot

  1. Hi

    Anyone here has the simply aroma stainless rice cooker? Does the magnet stick inside the inner pot?

    Im looking for a safe rice cooker but almost all are aluminum and some non-magnetic stainless.

    Or are there no issue cooking rice regardless of the inner pot?
  2. Vita clay pot is ceramic, not metal. It takes some getting used to for cooking, but once you get it down it is as convenient.
  3. @Jenn

    Hi im talking about simply aroma.

    I think i saw that vita clay and recommended at toxinless. But too expensive... i think around 160 to 180 dollars?
  4. the instant pot electric pressure cooker has a stainless steel insert, and it makes a fantastic rice cooker. Makes incredible bone broth as well, very gelatinous in only a few hours.