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Revisiting the wearing of electroconductive materials


Jun 22, 2021
Recently - we have been having discussions on the forum related to gold -

Refresher for those are not familiar :

I think starting this thread raised an interesting question - Is it the Gold Nanoparticles itself giving people these immense metabolic benefits/increased progesterone or is it simply that the wearing of electrical-conductive materials itself that increases metabolism and that the increase of electric conductors in the bloodstream increases metabolism ?

I have a couple of American Silver Eagles in my possession that I was experimenting with today :


I noticed as soon as I hold one of these coins - I get a very noticeable increase in metabolism and mental performance - I find it hard to believe just holding this coin would immediately get enough nanoparticles in the bloodstream to make this difference

Interestingly enough after maybe 10 or so minutes I get these histamine reactions - maybe an allergic reaction which makes me think would the wearing of a conductive, non-heavy metal material be safer and offer the same benefits when worn as jewelry ?

I think it is reasonable to be concerned with heavy metal build-up with the wearing of metal jewelry

So would it be safer to instead wear jewelry that is not a heavy metal but still electro-conductive and would it offer the same benefits ? It's some interesting stuff to think about - I am wondering if anyone has any ideas or experiences they would like to share
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