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Resveratrol Stimulates Cortisol Synthesis

  1. Yet another reason to avoid resveratrol. The mechanism of action is suppression of cytochrome P450, which is known as the "master detox" enzyme. I wonder if other estrogenic substances, including estrogen itself stimulate cortisol synthesis through the same mechanism. If yes, substances that boost cytochrome P450 activity should be able to inhibit cortisol synthesis. One such substance is pregnenolone and to a lesser degree DHEA. It is well known that DHEA lowers cortisol levels, and Ray has written that pregnenolone "restrains the stress reaction" which probably involves cortisol as well.

  2. "The mechanism of action is suppression of cytochrome P450, which is known as the "master detox" enzyme"

    Cytochrome p450's are actually a large number of enzymes. Some of them play a role in detoxification, some even do the opposite (like cyp2e1), and some are involved in hormone production.

    The first paper you linked suggests is that resvertrol might cortisol by increasing the activity of two cytochrome p450's: p450scc (which makes pregnenolone from cholesterol) and cyp11b (which forms cortisol from a precursor molecule).

    So it's not as simple as boosting cyp450 activity. Excessive activation of cyp11b, by resvertrol for example, might lead to high cortisol levels. But modulating p450's unrelated to cortisol may have essentially no effect.
  3. Soo does P450 help the get rid of excess estrogen that is mobilizied but not excreted ?
    St johns wort also stimulates P450 btw ;)
  4. St. John's Wort is contraindicated with HIV medication because supposedly it makes the patient excrete the HIV meds too quick.