Resistant starch in potatoes


Nov 21, 2012
Yes,I've acually heard this various times. And from what I've gathered resistant starch is supposed to be good,as beneficial gutbacteria feed on it and produce butyrate from it?

When I was little,my grandma used to keep leftover boiled potatos in the fridge and then the next day when they became more firm from the nigth in the fridge,she'd sautee them in butter with onions,carrots&peas and lots of slices of cheese thrown in. That was always one of my favorite dishes,loved that throwtogether with all the melted cheese which made everything stick together.


Jan 22, 2013
indeed, I read a study done on various starches....after first boiling, they found about 6-8% undigested byproducts, when left to cool it went up to about 16% (doubled), and if reheated after an initial cooking then cooling, it went down to about 13%. So basically, fresh cooked is most digestible, eating cold is least digestible, and reheating is somewhere in the middle
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