Research Questionnaire For Premature Balding Guys. Please Get Involved 04.2020

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  1. Dannywharton

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    May 29, 2013
    Hi guys, I'm embarking on a small research project on the psychological origins of MPB. There are plenty of well-informed guys tackling the biological cascade involved in balding, so I just want to do my bit by looking elsewhere with a different focus. It may turn up with nothing, but it's worth a shot.

    1. When did you start balding?
    2. What age are you now and how advanced is your hairloss?
    3. Do you feel socially secure? Do you have a good group of friends, or single close friend, that you feel you belong to? Or, in contrast, do you feel like an outsider?
    4. Deep down, do you feel as though you're truly and unconditionally liked by others? Or do you feel as though your relationships are tenuous and you could easily have people turn against you if you make the wrong move?
    5. Do you feel as though you have to make a very constant effort to be liked or fit in? Do you feel as though you can act normally as you're feeling, or put on a forced personality?
    6. Do you care if you upset or offend someone who you perhaps think might deserve it?
    7. Do you have a strong and open relationship with family, feeling connected, heard, and loved?
    8. Do you, or have you ever, been neurotic about your own self-image, and how you come across to others? Are you often very self-aware?
    9. How long do you spend thinking in relation to doing? Are you a do-er or a thinker?
    10. Do you consider yourself as analytical with your approach to problem solving?
    11. How often, and how preoccupied are you, with the future? The consequences of your actions?
    12. When you get stressed, how long does it take you to calm down again?
    13. When you get stressed, either long term or momentarily, do you experience any physical effects such as shaking hands or a tight chest?
  2. OP

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    May 29, 2013
    Bump. I'll answer my own questions...

    1. 19
    2. 31, pretty much NW7.
    3. I have some great friends now but I don't really feel like I belong. Had very few friends growing up, always felt like an outsider.
    4. No, I feel as though the friends I have are because of my conscious effort to put myself forward in a particular way, not because of who I am naturally.
    5. Yes, I'm always quite eager to please, as much as I hate to say it. I was the same when I was younger, most probably because I was an outsider.
    6. Yes, even if I dislike the person or feel like they deserve to be told the truth, I hate the thought of offending anyone. It plays on my mind.
    7. I have a good relationship with parents, but it's not really open and honest. It's like a mututal understanding that we care for one another, but not closeness. It's quite distant and broken in that respect.
    8. Always, when I'm out and about I never stop thinking about what others are thinking about me, their first impressions of me, whether they think I look stupid or unattractive. Felt the same way even when I had loads of hair, probably because I was still insecure back then.
    9. Can spend days thinking about something before doing it, and thinking about it hasnt helped at all.
    10. Terrible at over analysing everything. From looks people give me to my work to my sex life.
    11. Similarly to over analysisng, I spend most time thinking about the consequences of choices I'm facing in life.
    12. Depends, when I have an encounter with someone, like road rage perhaps, it takes me a while to cool off. I'll feel uptight for a while, and need to take deep breaths.
    13. Sometimes, when faced with a sudden scary scenario, like an altercation or when an attractive girl speaks to me randomly (;) ) my legs can go a bit weak lol.
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    Mar 12, 2017
    1. Started balding in my teens.
    2. I'm 29 now. Pretty advanced hair loss. Hairline has receded and what's left on top is thin.
    3. I don't have many friends. Definitely don't have any close friends. I generally feel like an outsider.
    4. My relationships aren't close enough for me to even worry about stuff like this. These people are replaceable to me, as sad as that sounds.
    5. I make no effort to fit in and, as a result, I usually don't. I've learned to embrace this as I've gotten older.
    6. I don't care if I upset anyone most of the time. If my health deteriorates for some reason, this tends to reverse.
    7. I have basically no real connection with my family. To me, it feels like they only pretend to care because it's what they "should" do.
    8. I used to be very neurotic about my self image. In recent years, I've just stopped caring. Not sure which is better.
    9. Definitely a thinker.
    10. Yes, I am analytical in problem solving.
    11. I generally live in the moment, unless I'm dealing with depression, where I live in the past. I don't worry about the future most of the time.
    12. I calm down pretty quickly.
    13. Only in extreme cases.