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Remineralising Teeth

  1. Yes I do it and it works.
  2. Would this be helpful for enamel regeneration? Why does it work?
  3. The high alkilinity of the bicarb allows the phosphorus to enter the tooth enamel apparently.
  4. Was he exposed to radiation?

    Missing teeth, skin blotches, belly-fat......looks like he was poisoned.
  5. Yeah you are right. No idea. He has some great ideas though.
  6. He mentioned morgellons.
  7. Is that a problem? Don't know a lot about it myself.
  8. I don’t either, I just noticed he mentioned it.
  9. I’ll probably try this since I’m obsessed with teeth. :)
  10. I’m going to try it as well. Got a couple cavities from my earlier days of abusing sugar and starch and not eating enough meat fat.

    I just might have to take some before and afters =P

    It’d be nice to see some more progress pics/markers here in general. Word is one thing, but seeing physical proof has always been the ultimate realization to me that someone knows what they’re doing lol.
  11. Uncle Harry's Natural Toothpaste, Life Extension Two-per-day (or AOR Ortho-Core if comfortably affordable), Life Extension D + K, and Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium. Essentially, it's vitamin K2 MK-4 (and vitamin D, vitamin A, and magnesium).

    You could also apply a drop of Kuinone 3x/day along with magnesium oil spray while keeping vitamin D serum in healing range (ie, above 80 ng/mL).
  12. At the video says - it is phosphorus that is needed.
  13. Or it's alkalinity in the mouth, as it results in minerals being shuttled from saliva into teeth rather than vice versa. And nutrient sufficiency, especially vitamin D and magnesium. And an absence of glycerine (from toothpaste), as it coats teeth.
  14. Blossom, are you still doing the Dr. Ellie protocol? One of her mouth rinses is Closys. I just noticed that Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) is one of the ingredients in Closys.
  15. Yes, it’s very helpful. I hadn’t read the label on the closys but I knew TSP was a common ingredient in various remineralizing toothpastes. It would be nice to make something myself that works just because closys gets expensive.
  16. xylitol and mk4
  17. Yes, I use those too!!!
  18. What's the tl;dr for those of us who can't watch Youtube easily at work?
  19. What kind of definite results has anyone gotten from this or any other treatment for that matter? Anyone seen any cavities get smaller?
  20. 2 teaspoons trisodium phosphate
    6 tablespoons baking soda
    32 oz water
    Rinse at least once a day 3-5 minutes, more if you want quicker results
  21. My 2 small cavities have been shrinking though I have not been doing it nearly as much as advised. Not every day anyway. The edges of my front teeth are worn but have not gotten any worse. I do not go to dentists.
  22. Hi Mary Lyn, what would be the routine exactly? What would I buy (bicarbonate, huh?), mix with water or something and swish in my mouth? For how long / how often?

    Just looking for a little routine I can try out. Others can chime in too of course. Thanks.

    EDIT - nvm I see someone answered this above.
  23. Not sure about remineralising teeth but red light has been shown to help greatly with overall oral health including the regeneration of dentin.

    This article by red light man has a good overall summary.

    Red light and oral health - Red Light Man
  24. Watch the video.
  25. Anybody try this yet? Very curious about peoples' experiences.
  26. I’m using up my remaining closys first. Probably will order the TSP early next week and will report back when I’ve had a week or so to try it out. I’m going to continue with Dr. Ellie’s other recommendation though. I feel like I’m more in a maintenance phase at this point but since I’ve experienced rapid demineralization in the past I’m not willing to take any chances!
  27. Could using TriCalcium Phosphate instead of TriSodium Phosphate maybe even work better? Or is this somehow a bad idea?
  28. It’s on the thread that he links to:
  29. Thanks for pointing that out Mossy. I know that I don't say how much water I am using for this mixture and that is because I don't have any set amount when it comes to dilution because I am still experimenting.

    But so far I would say I have been using about 300-500mg of water.
  30. No problem. I just added aspirin to my homemade mixture of baking soda, calcium carbonate, and xylitol. I think the aspirin may be a little drying. Have you had any negative effects from it?
  31. What issues are you treating and what are the results?
  32. I have some warn enamel on edges of front teeth, which are not getting any worse despite high fruit, and small spots which seem a little smaller.
  33. I just found out that there is a toothpaste called Clinpro 5000 that has tricalcium phosphate. This brand also contains fluoride though so I'm not recommending it, just suggesting that tricalcium phosphate might be good.
  34. I’m laying off the novamin for a bit trying xylitol. Teeth are definitely cleaner just don’t know if it will help with remineralization
  35. Boron, Food Grade DE , Vit D/K and oil pulling with Coconut /Wheat grass have helped me.
  36. I’d try it. As you say, not swallowing it.
  37. I think I will. Thanks.
  38. I could use some help remineralizing teeth.

    I was surprised my dentist showed me my front teeth had some signs of enamel being worn out. Since he's been my dentist for a long time, that he noticed for the first time meant that there was something I've been doing/eating that was wearing down my enamel. I thought long and hard about it. At first thought I was drinking Coke and that the phosphoric acid was causing it. But nah, even if I was drinking more Coke than usual (as it's Peaty), I wouldn't be drinking that much to cause it.

    Since I've been eating cooked greens for a while now, and eating it soaked in vinegar with chopped tomatoes and onions, the way some Filipinos from the north do (Ilocanos) do it, I think it must have been the vinegar that caused my teeth to demineralize. Other possibilities that could add to the acid exposure to my teeth - taking ascorbic acid powder mixed in water (I take 4 x 1 grams daily) and taking ACV (2 teaspoon with 2 tsp sugar in a glass of water) each morning.

    Would these cause demineralization of the enamel?
  39. Absolutely! vinegar/ACV/ascorbic acid are all very bad for the tooth surface. I don't know if rinsing after using those things is enough. You could try it if you're not already doing so. For me, I prefer to not let them touch my teeth at all. But I may be being overly cautious. I have had success remineralizing my teeth using Dr. Ellie's program: This Is A Big Piece Of The Health Puzzle
  40. @yerrag are you nose breathing all the time? Especially at night?

    In my experience, demineralization happens for mouth breathers quite a lot. Their CO2 is low, and they are not exposing their teeth to constant mineralizing saliva.

    CO2 levels, through bag breathing or Buteyko, can remineralize bone. I had it happen to me. My periodontal pockets are no longer deep because the jaw bone grew back. This isn’t directly connected with the tooth crowns, but somewhat connected.
  41. I can attest that this chart is accurate. At 8%, arginine does make my normal wash, of baking soda, calcium carbonate and xylitol, bitter. I’ll be adding more xylitol to sweeten it up.
  42. It seems I'm getting a slight NO effect, from the arginine. It negatively effects my breathing, making it more rapid. I don't rinse after using the wash, which is likely the problem. I may try adding lysine or another amino acid to counter the arginine, unless someone could show that that is counter productive to remineralizing.
  43. Closys leaves a weird residue with a chlorine-y feeling in my throat, even a day later. It does work, I suppose, maybe better product than others but I'm interested in the mineral/saliva theories.

    I'm wondering if anyone actually experimented with the baking soda/TSP method and had more to say on this.

    @Mossy I personally wouldn't mess with isolated proteins, period, let alone ones possibly converting to NO.
  44. I have sensitive eroded teeth that otherwise are very good.Recently the erosion got worse, I'm pretty sure because of fruit and probably not enough K2 because I'm not crazy about green veg but I love fruit, and I haven't yet sorted out a good k2 source. I was always rinsing with milk after fruit, but looks like that did not do enough.
    So I'm very interested in remineralizing, but hesitant to risk more erosion. I'm trying to neutralize cooked fruit and OJ with bicarb.
  45. I think you have a valid point, about not measing with those, especially the ones that are pro-NO. That study made it so appealing, with remineralizing results. Not to mention, I have the arginine on hand, from my pre-Peat days—I don’t have the TSP.

    My brother has been doing the baking soda and TSP and says he thinks it works well. A few months back he was complaining of tooth pain, so I suggested this combo. I saw him last weekend and he says he has no more pain and he likes the way it makes his mouth and teeth feel. The only caveat I have is, that he’s using the TSP that also includes sodium carbonate. My only thought is that a pure TSP may produce quicker or better results.
  46. 7-methylxanthine is also found in cocoa and was investigated and shows promise to prevent myopis by modulating sclereal Collagen and also functions associated with the adenosine receptor.

    Maybe this xanthine has general positive effects on structure/tissue
  47. I made my own concoction of xylitol. Trisodium phosphate and baking soda.

    Black stuff did come out.

    And can confirm this is an amazing rinse. Like wow. Teeth are white after a few days and interestingly enough my gums seems to have grown or something. Idk but they def seem like they recovered from very minor recession How is this not a mixture being sold on the market
  48. I’d be curious to know what TSP you’re using. I see that the hardware store variety is much cheaper than food grade, but tends to have additional ingredients, such as sodium carbonate.

  49. I bought
    TriSodium Phosphate Anhydrous (TSP) - US Food Grade Granular, 12 oz from Amazon.
  50. Ok, thanks. That is the same one I have in mind.
  51. that tony pantallersco used the one you can buy from home depot...

    edit**it looked like the one you can buy at home depot. I think to be on the safe side just buy food grade.

    also, whoever mentioned the salt making the teeth more porous... maybe that enables the phosphate to enter the teeth more effectively. I want to try this but am wondering if i should stick to my xylitol, cocoa, sea salt mixture for now to see what happens.

    more then one way to skin a cat?
  52. You could just add the TSP to that mixture. The benefit of all ingredients.
  53. So is tsp phosphoric acid essentially...?? I guess it’s the basic form of it?

    Just looked up the msds sheet for the recochem brand of TSP and it’s purity is 100%.

    Bought some at Home Depot for like 5 bucks. Same brand as the one used by Tony in his video.
  54. Due to budget reasons, I would be very tempted to go with the cheaper hardware store version, if I could find it locally. I don’t see the recochem brand on Home Depot’s website. Maybe it’s in-store only.
  55. I doesn’t say recochem anywhere in the images shown on the website but when I flipped it around I found the brand. If it’s the Green/Blue milk carton looking brand, that’s the one
  56. Ok. Thanks.
  57. I'm wondering if the sodium bicarbonate is what is improving calcium ions in the saliva, not the phosphate. Seems phosphate in most cases oppose calcium's correct role and co2.

    Phosphate, activation, and aging.

    At any rate, I doubt many people have a phosphate deficiency eating an American diet. TSP has been phased out as a cleaner because it would kill water ecosystems IIRC.

    @GorillaHead I'd be curious if xylitol/baking soda rinse would be just as effective? At any rate, if any phosphate is absorbed, it seems bicarbonate would be directly increasing in excretion somewhere along the way. Maybe you're just spitting most of it out. But since baking soda will react and increase ph and maybe increase serum calcium if its absorbed. The theory about xylitol was it had similar effects on raising ph.

    The effect of sodium bicarbonate oral rinse on salivary pH and oral microflora: A prospective cohort study

    They focus on it's role in ph but it's role in increasing calcium might be just as significant. @ecstatichamster 's point about mouth breathing is relevant as well.
  58. Mossy any whitening results from your mixture. I am wondering if calcium makes a big difference And or the aspirin
  59. I can’t report any whitening from this mixture. It seems to be a good mouth wash, for homemade, for general cleaning. I only used aspirin for about a week, but it was too drying and did not leave my mouth feeling well. I will likely add TSP soon.
  60. I’ve been using tsp/bs mouth rinses for about 4 days now. Nothing to report aside from teeth feeling less sensitive to cold and certain foods. So far so good
  61. Been using it for about 4 days also. Seems like it isn’t bad. Not noticing any benefits yet.
  62. I am starting to think the mix with TSP is making my teeth more yellow. And the fact that you said tsp displaces calcium it makes absolutely no sense to use it
  63. Made me think @GorillaHead ...

    It did make my teeth feel less sensitive though. That’s a plus ... I just realized that I had some dicalcium phosphate kicking around.

    I feel it’s safer to test out at the moment... baking soda/sea salt/dcp and xylitol for brushing. Probably just going to use the salts for a tooth soak and the xylitol for the brushing
  64. This is simply an alkalinity rinse. I think you would get better results simply by rinsing with baking soda a couple times a day, or particularly after sugary/acidic meals.

  65. Okay I am redoing the solution.

    I have baking soda. Calcium carbonate. Theobromine and arganine in my solution. I believe this will be the real deal. Rinsing 2-3 times a day. I took photos will document. Photos taken everyday. 2 weeks I expect to see something noticeable
  66. I’ve added some bentonite clay to my mouth rinse mixture by way of @danishispsychic’s suggestion. I’ll test it out. Teeth definitely feel clean. Oh yea, I also brush teeth with xylitol after a parsley drink. The bits of parsley are in my teeth so maybe it’s helpful too....
  67. Okay argarine maybe making my teeth super sensitive any ideas why?
  68. this is better

    Purified deionized microfiltered water and ten parts per million of silver mineral (99.000% pure), calcium carbonate (natural chalk), sea salt, mustard seed powder, magnetic earth, purified ocean water, alkalizing ionic minerals, essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, wintergreen, and oregano

  69. most alternative mouthwashes use calcium carbonate and it works too
  70. this is just thinking out loud, but perhaps the arginine is increasing the bacteria colonization of your gut. The nitric oxide increase from arginine may have that effect. Peat claims that tooth decay is largely connected to the status of the gut.
  71. Thanks. As some others here, I don't really trust the whole phosphate thing. I use another self-mixed mouthwash now with a bit calcium carbonate. Mixed it 2 days ago and it seems the calcium carbonate doesn't fully disolve (or maybe it's some of the other powders). It is ok if I shake it before using though. Btw: I haven't even looked deeper into tri-calcium phosphate, since I read somewhere it doesn't disolve well in water neither...

    My current mouthwash contains:
    - distilled water
    - baking soda
    - xylitol
    - Birkengold tooth powder (contains as per label: calcium carbonate, xylitol, mentha piperita leaf powder, zingiber officinale root powder, eugenia caryophyllus flower bud powder, eugenol, limonene)

    The latter is an Austrian product. Don't know it yet, currently trying it for the first time. It is meant for brushing, but I just put a bit into my mouthwash...
    Zahnkreide (Zahnpulver) mit Xylit 100 g - Birkengold - Birkengold - Natürlich ohne Zucker

    I want to add that I actually don't have big problems with demineralisation. Just trying around for a good mouthwash to keep my teeth healthy, since I recently increased my fruit juice intake.
  72. uncle harrys mouthwash seems very good
  73. TSP dissolves in water well. I tried putting some of it on my tongue while having baking soda solution in my mouth, it dissolved instantly.

    nvm you were talking about TCP
  74. Guys guys! Hollyshit.

    So I was doing tons of research on how to remineralize enamel. Ultimately goal was to make my teeth whiter without hydrogen peroxide. I did have some white spots on my teeth.

    I came upon a thread on longecity and this guy talked about recaldent and only one toothpaste has it. And then I saw some published research with photos that showed it’s effects.

    I kid u not. After one brush session the white spots on my teeth were gone instantly like wow!

    Called MI paste. Bought it on eBay. Apparently it’s professional use only.

    But wow. Can’t wait to document photos by the end of this week. Hoping it makes my teeth white for sure.

    Those white spots were there all until I brushed with Mi paste plus.
  75. That has fluoride in it, yes?
  76. Yes why?
  77. I imagine there is systemic absorption. A very big no no for me.

  78. There is fluoride in water. Way way worse.

    Using toothpaste and the spitting out will have very little affect on the system absorption you worry about. Not to mention periodic iodine use can displace that systemic absorption.
  79. I filter it out of my water.

    I disagree with the harmlessness. Painting my teeth very occasionally with fluoride I would consider but rinsing with it is a really bad idea.

    Iodine isn’t something I mess with either on a regular basis.
  80. Mi toothpaste isn’t a rinse.
  81. I would paint my teeth with a fluoride solution very occasionally if I felt it was a good idea to use fluoride, which I do not. But the emphasis would be on contact with teeth.

    Sorry, I didn’t really read up on it, just saw they make a paste with fluoride. I don’t use regular toothpaste, and especially avoid fluoride-containing ones, because of systemic absorption concerns.

    If I had bad tooth surfaces, I would use fluoride.

    For regular routine use, I would not, and I don’t have bad teeth surfaces. I have strong teeth. Just looking to keep them that way and resist the effects of acids in the diet.
  82. I made a new batch

    Trisodium phosphate
    Calcium carbonate
    Sodium bicarbonate

    I shall see how this does for a week or so.

    It’s hard to say how the last batch performed. This time I expect less hot and cold sensitivity and will gauge it that way. My teeth are pretty good on the surface.
  83. i have a question.... since calcium phosphate is insoluble in water, what does one think about dissolving it it in a little vinegar, then adding a little baking soda to neutralize any remaining acidity, then diluting it in water for a mouth rinse to help remineralize the teeth? just did a brief google search on how farmers make calcium phosphate soluble for agricultural application and thought it might be worth asking the smart people round these parts....?
  84. Anyone have any idea where to get nano hydroxyapatite powder?
  85. I found this doing a search but have no experience with it:
    Hydroxyapatite Powder High Purity Less Price Fast Delivery - Nanoshel

    I do see that amazon sells several toothpastes with it included.

    With regard to nano particles, I’ve heard there is a potential for concern, in how your body absorbs the particles when consumed and also working with the powders and breathing them in.
  86. ——-
  87. Thank you, this is good to know. I'm thinking I'll mix some powder with distilled water and use that. I found some sellers on Alibaba. One told me they would sell me 1kg of powder for $250 USD (shipping included). They offer different particle sizes. I've seen sizes of 20nm, 40nm, and 60nm suggested for tooth remineralization. I'm still looking for info on that.