Refined Oil Vs Natural Substance

Jun 19, 2020
It seems like people in this forum (and in many other places across the internet) equate a concentrated / high does/ refined version of something to the natural version of it.


- Walnut OIL is bad for you, therefore walnuts must be bad for you. (When I do a site search in, the ONE reference to "walnuts" is about vegetable OILS, in this article: Vegetables, etc.—Who Defines Food?)

- Avocado OIL is bad for you, therefore avocados must be bad for you (The only references to "avocado" in, refer to studies done with avocado OIL, except for an African one done on the native diet of actually eating avocados, and they concluded that "From this point of view, dietary habits of Congolese mothers have to be sustained for they are more adequate than most Western-type diets."

- High-PUFA Industrial produced soy and canola oil are bad for you, therefore any and all natural ingredients (walnuts, pecans, etc) that contain PUFA must also be bad for you.

I don't just see this here, I see it in all types of forums. I take another herb, and recent studies of that herb have shown to be toxic - AT 100X THE NORMAL DOSE, so therefor people suddenly fear it.

Has it ever occurred to anybody here that natural versions of things can be quite good for you, even when the mass/industrial produced and refined versions of them are not?

I'm mainly thinking of natural foods like walnuts, pecans, avocados... but it can be applied to anything. Do you all realize that avocado oil does not equal avocado? Walnut oil does not equal walnuts...Etc, etc?

Do you also realize that almost all of the studies showing how bad PUFA is for you are using highly processed PUFA rich OILS? Not the natural substances?

It just seems like there's a disconnect in logic around here, and I'm wondering if I'm the only one who sees that.
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