Red Bull - better than Mexican Coke?


May 23, 2013
Ok, I like my Mexican Coke but I recently read a RP article where he said Taurine was good -
"In the context of the excitatory actions of estrogen, and the inhibitory action of glycine, it would be reasonable to think of glycine as one of the antiestrogenic substances. Another type of amino acid, taurine, is structurally similar to glycine (and to beta amino propanoic acid, and to GABA), and it can be thought of as antiestrogenic in this context."

Knowing it contains Taurine, I took another look at Red Bull:

Carbonated water (Swiss Alp springs)
Sodium Citrate (Preservative- Sodium citrate can be any of the salts of the citric acid. It is used as an alkalizer)
Glucuronolactone (a chemical made naturally in the body when glucose is metabolized) -Possible health benefits*
Inositol (Inositol is a vitamin-like substance. It is found in many plants and animals -WebMD)
Calcium Pantothenate (B5)
Pyroxidine HCL (B6)
Vitamin B12
Articical Flavors / colors

I wonder if the reason why these energy drinks are so popular is that Hypo kids are craving the B-Vits and Taruine? Maybe they're listening to their bodies. I had my first Red Bull since Peating and it did increase my BPM somewhat.


Jan 1, 2013
Senators demand answers for deaths linked to energy drinks; Red Bull is sued ... -gets-sued

There's every chance Red Bull contains BVO= brominated vegetable oil

Manufacturers are not mandated to fully label products listing every ingredient, so that consumers know exactly what and how much was put into their food and drink.


Jun 12, 2013
Philomath, I don't like the taste of Red Bull, but years ago I used to love NOS. It was a lifesaver at one job I had. I'd drink one large can over the day.

Now I'll admit, most days I have 4C - it's a powder that you mix with water or whatever liquid you want. I don't have it every day, but when I do, usually half of one serving. It's not Peaty, but it's one of my deviations from the "lifestyle" for my own reasons.

It has taurine, which is one of the things I like about it. Also has B-vits, baking soda, Glucuronolactone, caffeine, etc. amongst the more dubious ingredients.


Jan 22, 2013
there might be a few things questionable in it, but compared to pretty much every other energy drink its a pretty good option, its pretty pure and to the point, and nothing overly excessive


Mar 13, 2014
burtlancast said:
Senators demand answers for deaths linked to energy drinks; Red Bull is sued ... -gets-sued

There's every chance Red Bull contains BVO= brominated vegetable oil

Manufacturers are not mandated to fully label products listing every ingredient, so that consumers know exactly what and how much was put into their food and drink.

It is common among young people to mix energy drinks with vodka for a better long lasting effect. Red Bull have a disclaimer not to mix with alcohol and at the same time they deny any interaction with alcohol.

That may be the reason why people have had accidents and deaths. I have found no science to back that up.
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