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Recommendations For Blood Test For Easy Bruising, And Red Spots Forming Under Skin

  1. I'm very concerned about petechiae I am getting...they're like red spots under skin, often pink. At first I noticed a couple on my face over the years....but now I'm starting to see them on my hands. What is weird is that they started forming over past week. I've also noticed I bruise easily now. I've had a congestion/allergy sickness over past week which is very abnormal for me. I also have two bald patches on wrist that developed over past few weeks.

    A few months ago I started experimenting with Androsterone, and six weeks ago Pansterone, vitamin a, and vitamin D. I have felt great doing so, until this mysterious sickness came on. Perhaps not relevant, but I read that aromatase inhibitors can activate autoimmune disorders. At the very least, it sounds like an infection.

    Any recommendations for blood testing for easy bruising, capillary issues?
  2. I used to bruise really easily, it got a lot better once I added t3 to my t4. Now I will get hit really hard with something and think I’m gonna get a huge bruise because of the way I was in the past, but I don’t. I think that when I had better thyroid status my vitamin a levels went up naturally. It’s really difficult to get vitamin a up when you’re hypothyroid.
  3. If you take aspirin it will affect your platelets and some people will develop petechia. I took aspirin for several days a long time ago and quit once I got petechia. Also, your liver health is important for coagulation factors. I would look at the supplements you are taking. I don’t think it is a good idea to ignore it.
  4. Full blood count, kidney & liver function.
  5. Thanks, I don't take aspirin...and I listed the supplements I take because of concern about them.
  6. Thank you
  7. It clicked for me what's actually happening here. I don't think it's bruising, rather it's some type of skin abrasion on my hands....physical labor, working with my hands....but the odd thing is that it seems there's a lot of blood that collects under the abrasion spot like as an immune response. I made the connection because a few days ago I had these two little pricks on my wrist from something I must have scuffed...but it had this unusual red blood flow patch behind it...I wondered if I had been bit by a spider...yesterday I scuffed my knuckles and I thought of it as bruising, but it's actually more of a prolonged, subsurface redness that is not something I'm used to. Even as Knicks and scuffs are healing in other places, they seem like they're receiving visible blood flow that seems excessive compared to what I'm used to.
  8. Vitamin K deficiency can result in easy bruising.
  9. With my update, I realized it's not easy bruising but some kind of overactive blood flow to even small injuries or cuts to skin. No black, blue, purple....just a sustained redness around injury...even old scars are starting to get redness around them that didn't have redness previously.
  10. If it is easy bruising that may be caused by elevated cortisol. Google for "cortisol bruising". So, I'd test cortisol when you can. Tests for prolactin, CBC, liver and kidney may also help identify the issue, as others mentioned.
  11. Thanks, it's been a month of heavy physical stress, moving, etc. The Pansterone has definitely made it manageable, but there's still limits. Now that everything's dying down, I think I will wait a week for my system to recover before testing. I also want to continue on my current dosage in a more recovered state before testing. The prolactin test would offer insight on estrogen levels too, right?
  12. Yes, and maybe even tissue cortisol as prolactin correlates well with it too.