Rays stand on amalgam and removal

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  1. Thomas

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    Mar 31, 2013
    Hi guys,
    I wonder if you know if Ray said something about amalgam and the need for removal.
    I am on cytomel, and cytnoplus. And I am following the diet. Sometimes I feel that I am ok and then suddenly
    I feel like I am in the ditch again. Its like living with a good cop bad cop rutine.
    I wonder if that could have to do with me having 9 amalgams in my mouth and possible food intolerances. When I talked to my MD she only said, well if there was something coming from them there is nothing now when you are 51 years old. Some of the are older than 20 years. She said removing them makes more trouble to the body than keeping them. It cost a hell of a lot Money here so, I dont want to do a stupid move.

    Has Ray said anything about the subject?

  2. Mittir

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    Feb 20, 2013
    Someone at peatarian asked RP about removing amalgams( did not mention how
    many amalgam filling he has )and RP's reply was
    The poster also added two studies showing people with mercury amalgam fillings have
    higher concentration of mercury (Hg) in blood and tissues.
    This does not really show that high concentration on that level
    is high enough to cause health issues.
    I think the best idea is to directly ask Ray Peat about it. It is an expensive procedure.
    If you get response from him please add that to email advice depository.

    I do not have any mercury fillings . But my experience with RP inspired eating
    has been a continuous improvement. These improvements happened almost every
    time i added a new recommendation. There are things that do not work for me
    and i do not force those things on me. I have tried many kind of fruits
    but it causes more problem for me. Probably because good quality well ripened fruits
    do not exist anymore. Also there is a general improvement
    with passing time. I believe that is due to reduction in tissue PUFA.
    I have spend a lot a time finding out what exactly RP recommends and
    what works for me. Try to understand the core of his recommendation and
    then it is all about experimentation.
  3. OP

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    Mar 31, 2013
    Thank you mate,
    I have two question you might help me with. Do you know why my temp can drop and I get Cold hands and get Dizzy after a meal. And do you know if there is known a back drop to symptoms after going higher with thyroid? That symptoms would turn worse or come back for a while? I am quite confused about reactions.
  4. j.

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    I think temp drop after meals could indicate that stress hormones were high before the meal, and the meal made them come down.

    When you increase your thyroid dose, you might have enhanced sensitivity to adrenaline for a while. After a few weeks the level of adrenaline should decrease, so you will feel more normal.
  5. Mittir

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    Feb 20, 2013
    How long have you been avoiding PUFA?
    Are you taking Niacinamide or Aspirin to block the release of PUFA?
    Thyroid alone can not fix problems without the help of
    nutritious diet. If you want you can post your diet description.
    Are you taking any supplement? Did you measure your TSH
    before and after supplementation? 80 grams of protein?
  6. OP

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    Mar 31, 2013
    I am following Rays diet for about 6 month. I am taking sometimes twiche a week Aspirin.

    My lablist is from Sweden I hope you can understand the info.

    TSH mU/L n I have 1.4 Swedish referens is 0,27 to 4,2 MD says I am fine.
    Free T3 pmol/L I have 4.6 referens < 6,8 MD says I am fine.
    Free T4 pmol/L I have 15 referens 12-22 MD says I am fine.

    Marked red on my list is:

    P-Kobalamin pmol/L I have 552 ref: 141 - 489 MD says nothing to worry about.
    pt-egfr mdrd rel I got 60 should be around 80 MD says nothing to worry about.
    Cholesterol: 7,5 Ref: is 3.3 to 6.9 MD says I should watch it.

    I eat: Oxtail soup, liver, scrimps, OJ, milk, sugar, coffee, stopped with egg yolks and stopped with potatos. (Somehow have a feeling i feel worse after them) was using carrot salat ala ray peat but felt a reaction too. I get Dizzy and stomach feels wirred, anxiety too. Same with cocconut oil. I had at times Everything he reccoments and it worked great then suddenly hell breaks loose and I feel so ***t that I cut out things to see if I feel better. Its not easy att all. Then I might feel better for a while until Everything turns to ***t again and I break down and eat opening up for the whole lot eating eggs, milk, even bread etc to get some stuff in me. And low and behold I feel better for some Days until the ***t hits the fan. There is no clear pattern. I eat this and feel bad or I dont eat this and feel better. I wrote down every for some month but dont see a pattern. My hope was that Thyroid would fix it but after 3 month its not fix yet.

  7. Mittir

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    Feb 20, 2013
    Your TSH is not ideal but below 2. RP mentioned that he has never seen a comfortably
    healthy person with TSH above 2.
    RP prefers total T3 number. You need reverse T3 number to interpret free T3.
    I believe there is always a pattern, some of those many not be that obvious.
    It requires some work. I will point out few things i have found very helpful.

    1. Avoid any food that causes digestion problem or stomach discomfort.
    Stomach irritation is a major source of serotonin, estrogen, cortisol and many other
    stress hormones. Milk and carrot usually require 2-3 weeks of adjustment period,
    If you are not used to these foods. carrot salad is a huge part of his recommendation.
    You can try cooked/canned bamboo shoot. It may take some time to adjust.
    If milk or OJ causes problem try other foods for now.

    2. 80 grams of protein ,preferably from dairy. Home made farmer's cheese is
    the safest source. 2nd best is gelatin. But many have digestion problem with gelatin.
    Are you getting good amount of protein from ox tail soup.
    Gelatin feeds bad bacteria if it is not digested properly.
    I feel great on gelatin but i avoid it now. May be in future i will try it again. Beef is
    quite easy on digestion but high phosphorus and high iron content can be a problem.
    If you eat muscle meat from beef, chicken or fish take some calcium with it to balance

    3. Good quality honey is an amazing food. It is not easy to find quality honey.
    Check if you can buy honey directly from beekeepers. Sugar is quite safe too.
    I have found OJ to be very problematic. It is very hard to find good quality
    fruits. RP has said that well cooked starch is better than some raw fruits.
    Cooking fruits make it easier to digest.
    Keeping your sugar/carbohydrate intake 33-50 percent of calories
    promotes good health in many ways. If you rely on sugar/honey you can
    use safe vegetable and fruit broth for vitamin and minerals missing in sugar.
    I get extra potassium, magnesium and Niacin from instant coffee
    with very little calories.

    4 Make sure you get good amount of sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium.
    High calcium intake ( 1200-2000 mg) is extremely healthy. But you also need
    vitamin K , vitamin D and low phosphorus to keep PTH in check.
    Liver provides good amount of vitamin K and other vitamin and minerals.

    5 Be very careful with using supplements. Most supplement causes health issues.
    Whenever you start a new supplement observe how your body react to it.
    Same goes for newly introduced foods. RP cured seasonal allergies of many people
    by telling them not to take any vitamin supplements.
    I have found these supplements to be quite helpful.
    200-400 IU of natural vitamin E and 100x2 mg of Niacinamide and
    2000-4000 IU of vitamin D3. Check toxinless.com for safe supplement lists.
    I think Niaicinamide has been most helpful.
    Lack of selenium can cause problem. Using selenium supplement 100-200 mcg
    daily improved my thyroid function. The one i used had yeast in it and it causes
    allergic reaction, now i take it once a week.

    6 Red light therapy is easiest way to improve metabolism.

    7 If you can afford try to follow certain labs RP recommends.

    You can use cronometer to track your nutritional intake.
    It takes a good amount of work and patience to heal a body that was
    malnourished for a long time.