Ray Peats Human Design Chart

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    You can find a picture of his chart at the bottom.

    Human Design is incredibly complicated and I really tried to do my best to touch on the important parts of his chart. Normally I do a reading over the phone or in person and they last about 2 hours. If I had his exact time of birth I could also talk about his profile which is a very important part of the way in which we operate. For now though I decided to give three main aspects of the way his energy operates.

    Also please understand that all of this is purely for fun and not to be interpreted as a science or something true. Please keep all comments of disbelief to another thread and keep this thread open for more information about Ray Peats Human Design Chart. I can answer any questions about his chart if anyone has them. Also if people want more information about his chart I can add more and more pieces at my earliest convenience.

    Thank you for being patient with me and having fun with this….

    Human Design classifies people into four groups.

    Generators-Which are here to stay busy, work, and basically express there infinite creative energy. The trick for generators is that they have to be patient and wait for projects to come to them so that they can be successful in working. They are the reason that life as we know it exists.
    Projectors- These are the managers in life. They have the ability to recognize the gifts in other people and have to wait to be formally invited so that they do not become bitter when their wisdom and advice has gone unheard.
    Manifestors - Are the ones here to initiate.
    Reflectors - Are here to give feed back by reflecting others peoples energy.

    Anyway just so you have an idea of the four types of people in this world Ray Peat is a Generator which gives him an infinite amount of energy to work, research, or follow through with any project that life puts his way. He also has an emotional authority which means he can always trust his emotions and how he feels emotionally about a particular relationship or project.
    He also has two channels in his crown chakras which are basically his brain or mind centers. This is slightly rare and basically means he has incredible intellect.

    His emotions are expressed in the following way through the channel 12-22 and here is a copy of what that channels means.

    “You are someone who can find yourself at the mercy of your emotions. There is a
    depth and openness to you that makes you empowering, vulnerable, and unpredictable all
    at the same time. You arrive in situations armed with an intensity that fuels a passion to
    make great things happen. In many regards, you tend to take the path less traveled,
    opening doorways — for yourself and others — with innovative interactions that most
    would consider off-limits.
    En route to your achievements, you may appear calm and assured. But under the
    surface, there are all manner of emotional waves pulling on you. Man or woman, you
    have no difficulty expressing emotions, from exuberance to rage. Indeed, this is an outlet
    that brings relief. But be wary of who shares your emotions, because they can arrive with
    an impact some people struggle to understand, let alone handle. You can be extremely
    passionate about what you do, but also hot-tempered. Indeed, others may wonder,
    ―Where on Earth is all this emotion coming from?‖
    I always tell people with the 12-22 to be clear with themselves and others before
    expressing emotions. This helps foster understanding. Emotions that are dismissed
    become pent up and block your manifesting abilities. Emotions that are recognized allow
    you to maintain a balance and chase the stars. En route to outer orbit, you just need to
    keep checking in with your feelings and honoring them. That way, you remain open to
    whatever life throws at you and can empower others with the social and business links
    you forge and the accomplishments you attain.
    Always know that you‘ll forever lurch between emotions, experiencing huge
    swings, but you will be driven to succeed and be passionate about all you do. Also be
    aware that even if you‘re not expressing emotions, your auric field is so intense that it can
    affect everyone around you, without your saying a word! If you‘re feeling up, others are
    up. If you‘re down, everyone else is down. So knowing when to socialize and when to
    retreat is important. And emotional clarity will always guide you — wherever your
    feelings take you. “

    His channels in the crown, or mind, are expressed in the following way. The following is a copy of what having channel 24-61 in the crown means.

    The French would call you Le Penseur, a person carved out of bronze and marble
    and captured in deep thought in the Musée Rodin in Paris. And just like that famous
    sculpture, you seem to be frozen in time in intense contemplation, mentally refining
    everything and anything to find truth. Auguste Rodin‘s stunning work was intended to
    depict a man in sober concentration with an internal mental struggle, just like people with
    this channel. You are a deep, intellectual thinker who can exhaust yourself, and others, by
    trying to rationalize everything in life.
    The antennae of the Crown are always detecting new inspirations and you want to
    work it all out in a tireless pursuit of knowledge. I get exhausted just thinking about what
    goes around your head, over and over in constant review. You think so hard that people
    can almost hear the wheels turning! There is a pressure to capture an inner truth, but this
    mental exertion can send you into a maddening whirl. Yet you find it impossible to
    release your thoughts from the revolving door that traps them inside your head. You have
    glimpses of truth and knowing, but these rarely become absolute realizations because you
    insist on returning to the start to review it all over again. It‘s why you find it hard to
    switch off at night.
    The first thing you must realize is that this is your nature. That acceptance by
    itself can ease frustration. The second is to practice not becoming a slave to your mind.
    Enjoy times of silence and quiet reverie. Immerse yourself in soothing music. When the
    Crown‘s wheels start spinning, step back from racing thoughts, allowing the Mind to
    chatter away without your direct participation. This is the first step toward meditation and
    it‘s where you‘ll find great refuge and solace. There is no point believing that the more
    you think about something, the sooner ―the ultimate answer‖ will dawn. Instead, divert
    your attention onto the challenges in the lives of other people, or society itself. Your
    constant reviewing and rationalizing are a great gift when they inspire other minds to join
    you in thinking outside the box. “

    And the following is a copy of his other channel in the crown, or mind. 47-64

    “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a
    sound? Many would say, ―Who really cares?‖ Well, you do, because it‘s a question that can give your abstract mind hours of fun.
    Your mind loves wrestling with the abstract to try to make sense of everything in
    life. You consider shapes, colors, textures, and intangible concepts. You immerse
    yourself in a great pondering of history and philosophy. You become absorbed by
    theories and past cultures. You want to work out what it all means in order to help mold
    and update systems and beliefs in the modern world. Life is one great mystery that you
    are determined to solve.
    If the 24-61 is about rationalizing and tracking down reason, the 47-64 is about
    making sense of the sometimes incomprehensibly profound, with questions such as
    ―What is the meaning of life?‖ You could quite happily lock yourself away with great
    texts or tomes and devour every page to find nuggets of truth that bring about meaning,
    but this can lead to either crystal clarity or tying yourself in knots.
    The ideas you emerge with may risk being incoherent to others and can sound
    ideological, but you are driven by the belief that a mental realization could transcend
    everyday understanding and turn on a giant light bulb for humanity. And yet you also
    derive pleasure and solace from the thought or theory itself, whether or not it comes to
    Abstract thinking, by its very nature, tends to happen during moments of quiet
    solitude. Sometimes realizations happen just before bed or in the middle of the night
    when the bulb turns on inside your head and you suddenly comprehend something you‘d
    been pondering for weeks.
    Often you are able to resolve issues for others but less able to solve your own. But
    always know that you are a great thinker with the potential at least to inspire — and that‘s
    what keeps you going! “

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    Did you ever find where he was born ?
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    Yes I did. mmartian posted on my other thread and found a article about him and said he was born in Santee CA