Ray peat work lunch ideas?

Jun 25, 2017
Lunches are brutal for me. When I'm home I can cook but what can I take with me to work.?!

I really don't know. The traditional working mans lunch is not conducive to health. Niether is microwave food or eating out.


Jul 23, 2019
I've recently started making protein shakes (2 cups of milk, 2 cups of frozen fruit, 2-4 scoops of great lakes collagen, 2-4 teaspoons of sugar). It can keep well in a large vacuum flask. Depending on how strict you are you can use frozen mixed berries, frozen strawberries, frozen bananas or frozen orange juice concentrate.


Jul 3, 2019
I often bring some of a cup of salty gelatinous broth, carrot salad or just a carrot, milk, oj, a tonic water, cheese, or meat. a hard boiled egg could be good too.


Sep 22, 2020
Cheese and orange juice if you are extremely lazy. I don’t particularly care for such a combination but it nails everything related to hunger. The saturated fat will also help a lot with satiety.

If I’m in a store or just rushing out the door, and I literally have no time, this is sometimes a last gasp option that never fails.


Mar 29, 2014
I'm not sure what Ray Peat eats for lunch when he's working, but I use a microwave to heat a meal, eg potatoes and other root veges with meat or other protein. Fruit for snacks. If milk and cheese agree with you, they are easy. Lightly boiled eggs as part of variation. Jelly made from fruit juice.
If you cook at home, can't you just take whatever you cook with you to work?


May 7, 2017
Fruit, milk, juice, greek yogurt, cheese, hard boiled egg, coffee for portability and no cook time.

Or just make something at home and store in a thermos to eat later.


Nov 9, 2016
I can not figure out how to eat and be satisfied without a starch. A good lunch for me would be fruit to start, then a bowl of rice with meat and veggies and sauce. If I could eat Chinese or Thai food for every meal that would make me happy (minus the vegetable oil they use).
Whenever I try to stick with the core Ray Peat recommended foods I don't feel like I had a proper meal.

Except for something like a bone broth soup. That's quite filling. But to buy bone broth it costs a fortune, and to make it takes a lot of time. But I could probably eat that for lunch every day and be happy.


Jul 9, 2020
I find Danny's "mushroom skillet" dish to be very easy to make, and you can make a bunch up ahead of time and separate the servings. Take them to work or wherever you're going. You can also make a simple porridge out of masa harina and water or milk. It's actually pretty good despite the simplicity. I usually flavor it with some salt and oxtail jelly (broth). Cheese with honey and/or fruit slices is also a great idea.


Feb 13, 2021
Aged cheese and dried fruit.


Thread starter
Jun 25, 2017
Thank you all, this actually helped a lot. I guess simplicity is key. Imma try and bring lots of fruit and cheese, meat, and soups.
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