Ray Peat Right Again, This Time On Blood Pressure & HTN


Dec 18, 2013
The new blood pressure advice says that up to 150 over 90 is now considered OK for people over 60, more in line than past conventional wisdom with what Ray Peat said about blood pressure and hypertension on a radio show I heard.

How To Make Sense Of Confusing, New Blood Pressure Advice
December 19, 2013 2:36 PM ET
http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/12 ... ure-advice


Jan 3, 2014
Thanks for raising the topic. I'd really like to understand blood pressure better because it's like cholesterol - big business hence big scaremongering, pressure to take statins. Is it really dangerous? What raises it? mine tends to be high. I don't want a drug for it. It wouldn't matter if I didn't need to go to the doc occasionally for thyroid prescriptions. Then I'm likely to get the heat.


Jul 22, 2012
I heard Peat discuss blood pressure too
on an interview I listened to not long ago.
I believe there is a show with "blood pressure" in the title.

In the interview I listened to,
as I recall,
Peat didn't argue to standardize an ideal blood pressure
at those higher levels--like 150/90.

What I recall him saying was more along the lines
that a temporary elevation in blood pressure
was not necessarily a sign of disease,
and not cause to start intervening with blood pressure medications.

I can't remember the context,
whether he was talking about the elderly
or a certain kind of situation...

But it is an interesting topic.
I'll have to listen to the interview again.
Doesn't seem like Peat talks about blood pressure a whole lot.


Thread starter
Dec 18, 2013
Yeah, and Ray said in the interview I heard that drug companies push the idea of giving people drugs to lower blood pressure below a level that provides any benefit, just like statins/cholesterol, and the article suggests that Ray is correct, particularly in people >60.

I think Ray also mentioned that a number of stressors (such as white coat syndrome) can temporarily raise blood pressure, causing misleading readings, which is a well-known factor that I find physicians and technicians tend to be aware of and not get too concerned about. They tend to be more concerned about repeated high measures even after someone has sat around awhile. It's better to take blood pressure near the end of a doctor visit, rather than at the start, or to arrive early and try to meditate/relax a while, maybe even bring a blood pressure monitor with you and see if you can get it down before the visit, if you're prone to white coat syndrome.

Truly high blood pressure is of course a serious problem, and I hope nothing I've written gives any hint that Ray doesn't take that seriously. Here's an article with his views on high blood pressure that I haven't had a chance to read yet:

http://www.functionalps.com/blog/2012/0 ... -pressure/


Oct 21, 2013
A long time ago the standard for blood pressure after the age of 40 was 100+ your age. Surprisingly, I learned that from my allopathic doctor who is rather hopelessly conventional. Blood pressure is one area he doesn't get very stressed about ;-)
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