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Ray Peat Reading List

Discussion in 'Book Recommendations' started by kettlebell, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. kettlebell

    kettlebell Member

    Here are just some books that give a greater understanding of where Ray Peat is coming from in regards to his knowledge and recommendations.

    Feel free to add.

    Life at the cell and below - cell level - The hidden history of a fundamental revolution in biology : Gilbert Ling

    Can be ordered from here: http://pacificpressnewyork.com/Merchant ... _Code=PPNY

    Stress without distress: Hans Seyle

    The Thyroid: Thomas Hodge McGavack

    Bioenergetics: Albert L. Lehninger

    The Mitochondrion: Albert L. Lehninger

    Inventing the Aids Virus: Peter H. Duesberg (Thanks to Peatarian for this one)
  2. peatarian

    peatarian Member

    Katharina Dalton: Once A Month

    Carl. C. Lindegren: Cold War in Biology

    Ivan Illich:
    Celebration of Awareness. 1971. ISBN 0-7145-0837-3
    Deschooling Society. 1971. ISBN 0-06-012139-4
    Medical Nemesis. 1975. ISBN 0-394-71245-5, ISBN 0-7145-1095-5, ISBN 0-7145-1096-3

    William Blake:
  3. charlie

    charlie Administrator

  4. burtlancast

    burtlancast Member

    Do you mean Ray himself recommands these books ?

    I've already found all of Gilbert Ling's books online, free in pdf format.
  5. kettlebell

    kettlebell Member

    All of these books are books that Ray has at some point mentioned in interviews or articles.
  6. koganmj

    koganmj Member

    Book recommendation

    Hi all, does anyone have a book recommendation for all things cellular energy production - krebs cycle, glycolysis, electron transport chain, glucose/fatty acid oxidation, CO2 production, etc etc
  7. Parsifal

    Parsifal Member

    Great idea!

    What about Broda Barnes books and Pollack?
  8. Parsifal

    Parsifal Member


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