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Dec 8, 2016
Ray Peat: I think much of the outrage concerning Trump’s election is driven by his clear opposition to war with Russia, and his protectionist opposition to “globalization.” Those issues are essential for the ruling class, so everything will be done to interfere with any attempt Trump makes to change the empire’s course.
I dont see any evidence that Trump is anything but a Globablist masquerading as a populist. He gives us the illusion of electoral diversity. So far all he has done is made a lot of speeches and promises and has failed to carry out any of them.
- We still have Obamacare even though the Republicans control both houses
- We still have open borders and catch and release. no wall. conceded on DACA and got nothing in return
- Border agents are still running inland immigration checks far from the border that are worthless as opposed to actually trying to stop aliens crossing at the border
- We still have Common Core
- We are still in NAFTA and every other trade deal trump complained about, and recently Trump said he may rejoin TPP
- We are still very much involved in the Middle East and arming the Jihadis while trying to destabilize more regime
-signed a record breaking budget that is loaded with more Government spending

Trump is just a temporary distraction from years of Obama and Bush moving us towards more socialism. I think he is purposely acting the fool and an object of derision so that the next couple of elections will sweep in a more openly Socialist/Globalist movement.

Its all a show.
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Feb 4, 2015
I found the above quote from him pretty genius- not surprised.

I found it to be the typical soft bigotry of low expectations. He says nothing of fatherless kids. It's quite racist of him to view black people as hopeless unintelligent victims. But this is why Candace Owens is a rising star. Peat needs to read Thomas Sowell, who is black.

"No US president has ever opposed capital punishment or nuclear weapons"

Maybe him being almost 82 years old is why he might not care if a crazy person in Iran or NK gets and uses nukes but I do care.

I wonder what Peat thinks about the extremely high homicide rate in Mexico, a country he loves and frequents..

Tijuana: 549 Homicides in Three Months

DT won't be around forever and at some point there will be another election. When that time comes, if the democratic platform is white privilege, male bashing, intersectionality and antifa then they will lose again. How they don't see this shows how dumb they are. If they want a chance of winning they have to go to more of a "Reagan democrat" type of view. I hope the democrats run Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. It would be hilarious.


Mar 7, 2017
For anyone interested in how corrupt our congress is in the US, just check out one of today's panels with Pro-Trump Diamond and Silk:

The Rep. is attempting to word the question in a confusing way to get D&S to lie under oath, even though she has the correct facts in front of her.

However, it should also be noted that D&S are speaking to them because a private company wanted to censor its own content.:eek:
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Pablo Cruise

Jan 7, 2018
This is as big a bunch of gobbledy-gook from *anyone* as I've read in a long time. Really disappointing from someone as discerning as Peat can be.

There was NO ELECTORAL SHOCK. Almost 100% of Hilary's "popular vote" came from the huge population centers on the coast, that are geographically in the huge minority. Trump won something like over 2000 counties nationwide...Hilary won like 481. Is that a "minority" of the country? I think not.

The electoral college was designed to prevent large population centers that are geographically compact from tyrannizing and forcing their views on the rest of the country. Large population centers being particularly tone deaf when it comes to the needs and concerns of those who actually produce the things that are parasitized by the city dwellers. Also, large population centers are particularly vulnerable to the machinations of demogogues. Take a look at the history of ancient Rome for examples.

Bottom line: electoral college worked *perfectly*. It's a check and a balance against tyranny.

And just cuz you don't like the outcome this time, be very, very wary of changing it. It may work in your favor some day. Electoral college as a construct is an objective balance, not a tool for any given ideology.

Someone as ostensibly smart as Peat should know that.

But I guess that's his Marxist leanings showing. I mostly overlook them because of his other valuable contributions, but dumb remarks and thinking like this should not be given a pass without commenting on them.

Ray Peat has a much better handle on reality than some....hardly gobbled y-gook. Some do not like confront the unknown, it is much easier to deny reality than defend it or admit it in my view of human nature.


Jan 14, 2020
The liar in chief is the highest hypocrite with all his spouting about a GOD...the evangelicals love him.
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