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Ray Peat Newsletter and Books

Discussion in 'Newsletters, Articles' started by charlie, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    I am posting the link below on how to get Ray Peat's newsletters and books. Some people have trouble finding out how to purchase it, so hopefully this makes it easier.


    From the link above:

    Subscription Information


    Subscription for 12 issues - $28 (USA). $38 for Canadian and Mexican addresses; $48 elsewhere. It will be mailed bimonthly. Send check or money order (along with name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address) to:

    Raymond Peat
    P.O. Box 5764
    Eugene, OR 97405
  2. Edle

    Edle Member

    Has anyone managed to get Ray Peat´s newsletters by email?

    I ordered his books and a 1 year subscription to his newsletter in February 2012. The books were shipped immediately. No newsletter has arrived so far, but I asked him by email to kindly send the newsletter by email if possible when I ordered. But so far nothing (by mail or email).

  3. peatarian

    peatarian Member

    He sent me some old newsletter via e-mail but I seriously doubt he will mail you the new ones.
    As far as I know this is the only way he makes any money - as little as it is - and if he e-mails it, it can easily be forwarded to other people.
    I have been getting his newsletter for 2,5 years now and it arrives every second month as a letter.
    You have sent him your post-address?
  4. Edle

    Edle Member

    Thank you peatarian :) Only saw your response now.

    Yes, I can see why he would not want to send the Newsletter by email. Yes, gave him the postal address. He has used it for books successfully. I think I will email him, as I really would like to read the Newsletters.
  5. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Making this topic a sticky.

    Get your Ray Peat newsletters! Buy his books! Also, if you feel inclined to do so, donate to Ray Peat!

    You can always make a small mention of the forum if you like in your correspondence. :ugeek:
  6. AnnB

    AnnB Member

    http://raypeat.com/bookstore/ To the .com site It shows that the book Generative Energy is currently Out Of Stock.

    Or if you forget, just go to the raypeat.com and search for books and the page for books and subscription will result
  7. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Thank you Ann! I am going to update the first post with this info.
  8. Wilfrid

    Wilfrid Member

    You can get Generative energy if you email Ray directly.
    I bought mine on october and he still do have some copy of the book.
  9. Dizzryda

    Dizzryda Member

    What is his email?
  10. Wilfrid

    Wilfrid Member

    Hi Dizzryda,

    Ray's email is ********.
  11. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    I am going to let Wilfrids post with Ray Peats email address stay because I have decided to try and not moderate peoples posts any more then I have to. That way, you can post and not feel that you have to watch what you say for fear of a Admin or moderator edit.

    With that being said. If you do email Ray Peat and you are able, send him money. From what I hear, he gets an incredible amount of emails and takes the time to answer them. So please return the favor to him.
  12. Wilfrid

    Wilfrid Member

    You are right, Charlie.
    I must add those comments to my previous post.
    When I made the post I didn't realize that such post could sometimes makes more harm than good.
    The only reason why I gave the email address is because when I tried to get a copy of generative energy I looked over the web and the price for the book was really high...and on ray's website it's says out of stock but when I emailed him directly he said that he still have some copies of the book.
    If I didn't do that I would probably have to pay like 200-300 dollars for the book.....
    But again I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Charlie.
  13. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Wilfrid, I am getting requests to delete the email from other members. I honestly do not want to delete anyones post, but if you request me to edit out the info then I can do it for you.

    I will leave it up to you and the rest of the community.
  14. j.

    j. Member

    For those who want to contact Ray Peat, you don't need his e-mail. Just google "contact ray peat", without the quotes, and you'll be able to do it.
  15. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    J, thank you for posting because I was about to email you about this.

    I understand the protection aspect of not putting out his email. And, if Ray Peat asked me to make sure the email was not posted I would absolutely honor that. But, if people can simply google his contact, and then what that does is basically email him, then what is the difference?
  16. j.

    j. Member

    That Ray has control over whether his contact page is online. I personally only communicate with him on a new topic through his contact page.
  17. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Good point.

    I have emailed a request to Ray Peat to see what his wishes are. This is the only way we will know for sure.
  18. Wilfrid

    Wilfrid Member


    For sure I don't want to make the problem worth.
    Again the only thing I had in mind was to help people get some Ray's book directly from him and not from sellers who make easy huge profit from people whom, in the first place, don't know how to get his books even if it's say sold out on his website.
    Again to you and all the members I deeply apologize.
  19. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Wilfrid, there is no problem. Only a challenge that needs to be figured out. I put in an email to Ray and am waiting his response.

    This issue needs to be addressed that way I know how to handle it the future.
  20. j.

    j. Member

    Another disadvantage of posting his e-mail is that crawlers might find his e-mail and spam him.
  21. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Now that, is a very valid concern and I have went ahead and deleted the email.
  22. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    J, thanks for bringing that up. So, on that revelation I would say we should not post Ray Peats email address. If anything, the contact page should be used.
  23. j.

    j. Member

    I feel pretty dumb for not thinking about it sooner. Must improve that thyroid function.
  24. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Ditto that.
  25. David

    David Member

    Is there any way for someone who has not yet subscribed to get the previously released newsletters with a new subscription or additional payment ?
  26. Ray-Z

    Ray-Z Member

    East-West Healing sells what I assume are photocopies of old newsletters (with notes in the margins). Proceeds go to Ray Peat.

    You might also try asking Ray when you send him the check for your subscription.
  27. jyb

    jyb Member

  28. burtlancast

    burtlancast Member

    Does anyone know the chronology of Ray's books ?
    Which book came first ?
  29. onioneyedox

    onioneyedox Member

    I would like to subscribe to his newsletter, but I don't know how to pay internationally the way he wants. Check and money order seem bit old fashioned, but I guess they have their benefits.

    Does he accept Western Union payments? That is apparently somewhat similar to moneyorder, but I would need to send him a control number (MTCN), if i understood correctly.

    Check seems to be expensive option to both sender and receiver, to what I could gather from my banks website. I guess he has calculated that in the international fee and isn't expecting any extra. I'd hate to send a check, just the fees are probably doubling the cost. I have never sent a check, so I'm not really sure, but it seems to cost 14/22+€ debending on who pays the fees, also registered mail and insurance are required when sending checks)

    Anyone know any good options? I have only used electric payments and internet banking, so I'm bit clueless. I have used a ebay -sold service on some stuff in the past and maybe could use it here also as a last option.
  30. 4peatssake

    4peatssake Member

    The easiest option is to have your bank issue you a bank draft in US funds that you can mail to Ray Peat. You don't want to send him a personal check drawn from your account as the fees will be killer. But a bank draft is usually inexpensive and sometimes a free service with certain bank accounts. (At least where I live.)

    I don't think RP gives out any information to allow money to be wired directly into is account. That would be an especially helpful option for folks outside North America.

    I also don't think he does Western Union but you could ask. I think I'd ask first about the wire option to his account.

    Hope that helps.
  31. onioneyedox

    onioneyedox Member

    Thanks, I contact dr peat about the western union or other options. I think he may want to keep it simple though; maybe he just prefers cashing checks (I guess this is main reason why these are used nowdays), or maybe he just isn't yet expecting many international subscribers and would even be willing to take paypal or something.

    I also messaged my bank about options, I'm really not even that familiar with banking terminology.
  32. onioneyedox

    onioneyedox Member

    Hmm, no luck. My bank said they would need bank contact also. Maybe the customer servant was just not familiar with all options. She also told Western Union might be able to help.

    Alas, Ray didn't answer to my inquiry, so I assume he is not interested in making other options available. To what I have read he usually responds rather quickly if at all. I used the contact form on his site, I hope it worked.

    I could send him western union track number via mail, but it's probably bad idea without his aproval.

    Not that it matters much, just would have been nice read and maybe support his work a little what I can.
  33. montmorency

    montmorency Member


    (New to the forum, but not to Ray Peat):

    When I had this problem (sending funds from the UK), he suggested simply getting some dollar bills and putting them in a secure envelope. I was a bit wary about this, but did it anyway (disguising the contents as well as I can), and it seemed to work ok. I was a bit unsure of the legality, but I checked, and it was ok, at least from this country. Might be different elsewhere.

  34. Jenn

    Jenn Member

    It's legal to mail currency, just risky. Avoid giving it the appearance of a birthday or christmas card (where grandma might be sending junior money for a gift) and you'll probably be ok.
  35. fyo

    fyo Member

    What is everyone's opinion on each book? Especially in relation to what's already been posted online..?
  36. j.

    j. Member

    I lean towards the view that anything ever written by Ray Peat is worth reading.
  37. lazz

    lazz Member


    so if I send 28 bucks to the address above i'll get the monthly newsletters??
  38. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    They are sent out every 2 months, so that would be a 2 year subscription.
  39. lazz

    lazz Member

    alright , just wanna make sure this deal still on.

    let me have a copy of yours, sucka.. :mrgreen: .lol..just kidding..i'll send him a money order..lol
  40. charlie

    charlie Administrator


  41. jaakkima

    jaakkima Member

    Out of curiosity, does anyone have recent experience orderin books? The website says the wait can be "very long." Ray didn't respond when I said I'd mailed him a check and asked about the wait (not directly, I was referring to something else at the same time). Any experience on what the wait is like lately? I think I sent the check a month and a half ago.
  42. Superwag

    Superwag New Member

    Hi all, I just wanted to check Ray is still doing his newsletters?

    I live in Australia and haven't done a money transfer or mailed cash overseas before. Would need to ensure I have his full address and that his address is still valid before trying this. Thanks!
  43. Lilac

    Lilac Member

    FYI, in the middle of last year, I sent two checks--one for the newsletter and one for a copy of each book. I received the books about six weeks later. I have received two newsletters so far. I'm wondering how many newsletters I should expect in a year.
  44. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Superwag, yes. nwo2012 is in Australia and he gets newsletters.

    Lilac, a newsletter comes every 2 months.

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