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Ray Peat Has Grey Hair, No Facial Hair, Black Teeth And Age Pigments


Apr 15, 2015
I'm not anti Peat. I have great success with using his advices. The only thing that bothers me sometimes is that Peat himself seems to not be in as good a health as his theory predicts.

He says that copper can help against grey hair, but his hair is grey.
He says that teeth can remineralise and that antibiotics helps but many of his teeth are black.
He has many age pigments on his hand, yet he writes that this can be completely prevented by diet, and that he has seen people reverse age pigments using progesterone.
It seems like that he would know how to optimise his testosterone levels, but he seems like quite low in testosterone in the way he talks and looking at his facial hairs.

What do you guys think of that?
you can add to this list eyesight . RP has several articles about eyesight but he wears thick glasses.
He mentioned how being in elevated area improves his myopia. His father or brother got cataractas but then it self improved without treatment.

Broken man

Sep 11, 2016
maybe just maybe hes ..... no not even maybe

he knows show much cos he integrates HIS OWN health problems and physical imperfections combined with experience and research

i.e if someone doesnt have HUGE muscle does that mean they do not know how it is made in a hormonal and physiological sense

"ray peat stutters how dare he comment on how to help states of anxiety"


he wouldve noticed his hair losing its pigment and read everything their was to know about how hair produces its pigment and what the factors are in why that process is not functioning correctly

by the logic of the post if he looked like brad pitt he would be in time magazine ..have 7 nobel prizes and nobody would discredit anything he says
Hello man, Are you back? Can I ask you something?

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