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RAY PEAT DIET(DAY 2: “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY. FOOD JOURNAL/. My upcoming book.BOOK] is [THE SPIRIT JOURNAL : MANTRAS] The book will be available in 2020


Mar 27, 2018


View: https://youtu.be/vdjiX1VtJ8E

I am entitling this am video log on the RAY PEAT DIET. The [“WHAT I EAT IN A DAY IS THE NAME OF THIS SERIES , video documenting my everyday living the RPD LIFE. We all bout ‘dat RAY PEAT LIFE boyyyooo! Muh nigga the RPD LIFE TEAM SPIRIT AND SOUL SHINES THROURH GODS EYES.

This forum is like no other on the internet. There is a real not a fake sense of community here and there are more intelligent lekle
Definitely not Reddit which are base monrel ignoramusds SJWzS BLN protestors Antifa bill Duke purple/Red haired feminists who have enough [TESTOSTERONE] to induce spontaneous cell differention and literally begin forming a tiny penis (this is a real phenomena:

I HAD MY TESTOSTERONE LEVELS TESTED AND I ******* KNEW THEY WERE LEO. Less than 300 for ***** sake. But lately I upped my dose of DHT and noticed much stronge erections and a fatter bat. AND God sent me [GODSGIFT] in the form of a new car under $2000 dollars and car was not driveable but only $1100 in repairs.
MWHO IS god? God is not a being of just pure white incandescent fluorescent light of everything electromagnetic frequency of light and sound in equal measure penetrating each other at the center vortes inward moving spiritual, once this penetration occurs the spiral falls below the metaphorical netherworld and changes electromagnetic becoming the South Pole electromagnetically, thus becoming female. When cells are “stuck” in the South Pole their dna m, I’m combination with female hormones progesterone and estrogen (caused rapid cell division which it however estrogen original Function is to induce inflammation a literal wound in the uter
Is where the sperm can form a cyst of sorts, a primordial cave which undergoes cell differation from stem cells of sorts from which cell differention occurs at the centerex vortex spiral causing a fetus to start forming with enough cellular differentiation.
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