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Ray Peat Cancer Protocol?


Oct 10, 2012
Charlie said:
This was just sent to me as an anonymous submission to this thread. Names have been "xxxxxx" out:

anonymous said:
xxxxxx was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma almost 3 years ago at age 28. She chose to go to Cologne, to the Centre for Maligne Lymphoma. .......the most powerful chemo therapy BEACOPP was developed there by a doctor called Volker Diehl. Xxxxxxx was treated by his number one student and the chief of the clinic, Prof. Dr. Engert and his collegs Prof. Dr. Borchmann and Dr. Elter. During the first chemotherapies (with ABVD) she studied Ray Peat and was in constant contact with him.

Xxxx started to use progesterone (progest-e-complex) even before the chemo therapy to make up for the estrogen dominance which lead to the cancer in the first place. She used one bottle per week during the chemo and never lost her hair or her white blood cells.

She started using thyroid hormones to balance the hypothyroidism that had been a part of her life since puberty but not noticed by other doctors.

She ate a very strict diet without any PUFA since there are no cancers without PUFA. She ate carrots and coconut oil and fruit and cheese and sugar and salt and drank milk and orange juice and gelatine.

She supplemented vitamins E, A, D3, niacinamid.

She used 3g of aspirin a day for 2 years and uses 1g a day now because aspirin alone fights cancer and prevents every kind of cancer known except lung cancer.

She used heat bulbs for many hours a day during winter and had baths with epsom salt and baking soda and used baking soda a few times a day.

She read every article by Ray Peat and still reads them and his newsletter and listens to his interviews.

After three months of studying she asked Ray Peat for information about radiation "therapy". He sent studies about the abscopal and the bystander effect she read. After that she quit the chemotherapy (after 3 cycles) and never went back for radiation or any other reason, nor to this hospital nor to any other doctor.
During the last 3 years (as soon as the chemo problems had worn off, about 3 months it took) she has been healthier than ever before in her life. She will never get cancer or any other diseases again.

I like it ? Combination therapy.

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