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Raw Primal Dieter converting....


Nov 2, 2012
Hello everyone,

For the last 3 years I've been eating the Primal diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, which is lots of raw dairy, raw eggs, raw meat, raw honey, and raw vegetable juices.

It's been pretty low carb with just the lactose and maybe 3 tbsp of raw honey everyday.

This diet cured my Ulcerative Colitis/Crohns, which was a living Hell before I went raw primal. So, it definitely helped me, and I think it's going to make my new guidelines seem like a piece of cake!

I felt that there were some things still wrong with it, and after reading and listening to Ray Peat, I think I found out what the problems were.

I was eating a lot of eggs (PUFAs) and not enough honey/sugar. Also the vegetable juices were not good, although I think the carrot juice did help get my liver functioning well again. There was too much muscle meat and no gelatin, but you get the idea. I'm changing all of that right now.

Anyway, I'm excited to start using Peat's guidelines because it's going to make my life a LOT easier, and more socially acceptable.

I can't wait to go to a restaurant and have some lobster or crab legs with some melted butter, and have a Coke while I'm doing it!

This is going to be so freaking good. I'm already eating more honey and I feel better already.

I'm not going to eat eggs for a while. I was eating a lot of them.

Honestly, I don't understand why Ray and some of you seem to eat a lot of eggs. I know he says it's okay to eat one every other day or so, but they get mentioned here so often it seems.

Why eat eggs when you can use other foods with more saturated fats? Cream? Butter? Coconut? Beef fat? Lamb fat? You get the idea.

My skin is looking better after not having eggs for a week, and upping my coconut oil and honey. My mood is great. I feel as though I am more emotionally available too. I know that sounds funny, but some people have referred to me as a cold-hearted bastard on numerous occasions.

So, we will see how this goes.

I look forward to conversing with you all on here.


Jul 26, 2012
Los Angeles
One egg a day is good because it is very high in nutrients.


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
Primal2Peat, welcome to the forum! :yellohello

I hear you about the egg thing. If I remember correctly, Peat has said a couple eggs a week is OK. Please someone correct me if I am wrong. Thats a big difference from what a lot of people around here do. Myself, I have been trying to cut back on them. I think the less PUFA during healing the better. Once your metabolism is screaming, then more eggs might be OK. Cliff is right though, they do have a ton of good nutrients, especially if you get pastured chicken eggs.

Oh and make sure that coke you are drinking is Mexican coke! Not sure you can get Mexican coke in a restaurant.


Oct 1, 2012
Welcome Primal2Peat,

On the egg thing, we get from a co-op, so pasture fed. Some people were remarking about the strong sulfur smell after cooking, but you could not taste it. Then someone else suggested that the chickens were being also fed flax seed, which can cause that strong sulfur smell. So, back to square one. I guess the only way to really know what the chickens eat, is if you have your own. Our metropolitan city just got approved to have backyard chickens, within guidelines.


Oct 14, 2012
Hi and Welcome.

Low carb Primal/Paleo did not serve me well. This stuff serves everyone well regardless of age, sex, ethnicity. Eating with an approach using cell level biology and endocrinology is the way to go!

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